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Gaspra is one of the most beautiful corners of the Crimea. It has long been known as a beautiful place to relax, so during the 19 th century and early 20-th in the resort and in its surroundings were built several luxurious summer palaces. These and other attractions Gaspra (Crimea) are of great interest, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of tourists.

sightseeings of Gaspra Crimea

"Swallow's Nest"

A photo of this unique building locatedon top of Aurorina rock, is familiar to millions of people around the world. The palace "Swallow's Nest" is a visiting card not only of Gaspra, but also of the Crimea, and is recognized as an object of culture of federal significance. About it romantic legends are composed, and everyone who comes to the resort, necessarily seeks to enjoy the view of the sea opening from his balcony. Although you can get to the Swallow's Nest by public transport, many tourists prefer a boat trip on a boat departing from the quay of the Yalta embankment named after Lenin.

For several years, the palace has a museum withconstantly changing exposition, and various cultural events are regularly held there (the price of tickets is 100 rubles for children and 200 rubles for adults).

Gaspra Attractions

Countess Panina's Palace

Since the 1830s Crimea has become a place where for summerAll the higher Russian aristocracy tried to come to rest. At the same time, many nobles were especially attracted by Gaspra. The sights of the resort, built during this period, were later turned into sanatoriums for workers. Among them is Yasnaya Polyana. Initially, the palace was called Gaspra and was built for Alexander Nikolayevich Golitsyn, who dreamed after his retirement to spend the last years of life in the Crimea. The construction was carried out by the architect Williamo Gunt, who gave the building the features inherent in European romanticism. He decorated the palace with towers with ivy-twined teeth, and later a splendid park was built around it. In the late 19th century, the estate of Gaspra was run by the Countess Sofya Panina, who began to rent it for the summer. One of her famous guests was Lev Tolstoy, who spent almost a year in Gaspra working on Hadji Murat. Later in the palace, a sanatorium was opened, which was called "Yasnaya Polyana" (address: Sevastopol highway, 52).

The Yusupov Palace

Those who are interested in the attractions of Gaspraand the surrounding area, be sure to visit the neighboring village of Koreiz. There is the Yusupov Palace, which at the beginning of the last century belonged to the Governor-General of Moscow. The structure in the form of a powerful fortress was built in neo-Romanesque style with features of Italian baroque. The palace is decorated with sculptures of heroes of Roman and Greek myths, as well as lions installed at entrances and on stairs. The estate is also known for the fact that in 1945 there was placed a Soviet government delegation headed by Stalin, who took part in the Yalta conference.

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Dulber Palace

Gaspra, whose attractions are knownfar beyond the Crimea, is an excellent starting point for visiting interesting sites located on the southern coast of the Crimea. For example, it is worth to visit the palace Dyulber, which is located in the neighboring village Koreiz (Alupkinskoye highway, 19). It is a luxury complex consisting of several buildings in the Moorish style. It was built in 1895-1897, according to sketches, brought from travels along the Maghreb by Prince Peter Nikolaevich Romanov. During the Soviet period, the sanatorium was opened in the palace and another building was built in the same architectural style as the main structures of Dulber.

The Roman fortress of Harax

What events have happened in antiquityterritory, which today is occupied by Gaspra! The sights of the resort show that this part of the Crimean coast was once of great interest to the Romans. In particular, under the emperor Vespasian, the soldiers of the 9th Claudian Legion built on the territory of modern Gaspra fortress Kharaks with two rows of inaccessible walls and several towers. According to historians, the permanent Roman garrison stationed there consisted of 500 soldiers. In addition, the fortress had a beacon serving as a reference point for military and merchant ships, the thermae, the altarpiece of Jupiter and the nymphaea - a sanctuary dedicated to water deities.

In 1865, in place of the Roman lighthouse built a new one, which exists to this day.

Park and the palace of Harax

Next to the ruins of a Roman fortress in the early 20thcentury Grand Duke GM Romanov built a dacha. So Gaspra, whose attractions had already attracted guests from St. Petersburg and Moscow, received another decoration. The dacha-palace Kharaks was badly damaged during the war years, however it was restored, however, with great changes. Fortunately, the park is beautifully preserved, the ornamentation of which is a juniper grove and a gazebo consisting of twelve marble columns surrounding the fountain. It is believed that it was built in 1882 and was part of a non-preserved palace-copy of the atrium of the house unearthed in Pompeii.

The sunny path

It has long been known that a holiday in Gaspra,whose attractions are described above, is especially indicated for people with lung diseases. The fact is that at the beginning of the 19th century, by order of Nicholas II, a 7 km long road was built and equipped, connecting the village with the Livadia Palace. It was intended for walks of members of the royal family and was decorated with sculptures and signs. Due to the absence of a difference in altitude, the solar path is of medical importance, therefore, after the revolution, a sanatorium was opened next to it, where various diseases, including respiratory diseases, are treated today.

Livadia Palace

This significant attraction is inseven kilometers from the resort of Gaspra, on the territory of the same village (address: 44 Baturina St.). The palace is known as the venue for the Yalta Conference, which determined the structure of post-war Europe. Livadia estate became the summer residence of the Russian tsars in 1861. After half a century a magnificent palace was built there.

Gaspra attractions and attractions

Today, in addition to him in Livadia, you can see the Svitsky Corps, the palace of the Cross Exaltation Church, the residence of Baron Frederiks, as well as a picturesque park with gazebos and fountains.

Taurus necropolises

Dolmens and ancient burials are in manycorners of the Crimean peninsula. These include the Taurus necropolis near Gaspra. Researchers believe that they belong to the 5-1th centuries BC. They consist of 4 plates, dug in the ground, and form the walls of the tomb with an earthen floor. On the top of the crypts with an area of ​​1 x 1 m and a height of 1.5 m are covered with another slab. 3 repository can be seen in the vicinity of the Tsar (Solar) trail. Another necropolis is located on the territory of Gaspra itself.

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Gaspra: attractions and entertainment on the beach

Everyone who comes to the resort, be sure toseeks to see the main natural monument of these places - the rock of Parus. Precise information about when she appeared, no. However, it can be seen on one of the paintings by Carlo Bossoli, which dates back to the middle of the 19th century. The rock is located on Cape Ai-Todor, has a height of 20 meters and shapes resembling the sail of a huge ship.

In addition to sightseeing, onCoast Gaspra tourists can relax on the municipal beach and beach sanatorium "Marat". For a certain amount you can go to the fenced area of ​​the sanatorium "Parus". In this case, the fee will include the use of sun beds and toilets, as well as a special elevator.

Among the entertainment that Gaspra offers(attractions, photos and description of the resort you already know), you can note diving. And those who have already dived with the aqualung off its coast, usually hope to find artifacts of the Roman and later periods. After all, at Cape Ai-Todor for hundreds of centuries, hundreds of military and merchant ships, including those laden with weapons, utensils and household items, have been wrecked.

attractions of Gaspra with a description

Gaspra, attractions: reviews

As well as about any other resort, the opinions of tourists aboutrecreation on the southern coast of the Crimea can be heard very different. However, if we are talking about the sights of Gaspra, then there are practically no negative reviews. And this is not surprising, since in the village and its environs are the most beautiful dacha palaces of the royal family and high-ranking nobles. True, some guests say that, for example, some parts of the Sunpath are blocked by fences, and local residents have violated the beauty of the landscapes by trampling in the park trails. Complaints also garbage, which is scattered near many historical and cultural monuments.

With regard to positive reviews, the tourists are very pleased with the convenient location of most of the attractions of Gaspra, Koreiz, Semeiz and their surroundings.

Gaspra and surroundings attractions

Now that you know the sightsGaspra with the description, you can make for yourself an interesting excursion program and make the rest at this resort even more pleasant and informative.

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