The most unusual hotels in the world, or rest on a big scale!

Paradise conditions where magnificent architecture, luxurious clean beaches, comfortable rooms, cozy lounges, irreproachable staff.

The most unusual hotels in the world can beThe hotel is Burj Al Arab, or "Parus". In form, the building resembles a sail of Arabian swimming means "dou". The sail is made of fabric with Teflon coating and is the main symbol on the facade of the hotel. In the afternoon it stands out with its exceptional whiteness, and at night it transforms into a huge screen - an amazing light show unfolds on the background of the southern sky.

The most unusual hotels in the world

Burj Al Arab is protected and safe. For casual people the hotel is not available. It is located on an artificial island, links it to the ground only with a bridge, carefully guarded. There are only 202 rooms here, but they are suites. Two-story, with an area of ​​170 square meters. m up to 780 square meters. m., worth $ 1500 per night. This unique is a symbol of Dubai, a seven-star hotel. This status was given to him the very first in the world. He, like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, is everywhere recognizable, attractive, enticing. It's a luxury.

Unusual hotels of the world are in buildingsdeep antiquities, for example, in castles and monasteries (cathedrals), on the roofs of museums and in Indian wigwams, in barrels and on branches of old trees, on windmills and lighthouses, on ships, there are hotels from garbage. And helicopters and planes are not exotic.

Another example - an unusual hotel Dog Bark Park, which is worthy of the category "The most unusual hotels in the world."

Unusual hotels of the world

The hotel was built in the shape of a dog and began to receive guests from 1997.

Here, too, two-story rooms.

Owners of an unusual hotel organize for the boredguests, all kinds of classes, master classes, webinar seminars - you can try bread, beverages baked by your own hand, form an interesting shape and aroma of soap, make a business plan, etc.

Holidaymakers consider the most comfortable bedroom in the dog's muzzle, hitting it and a small one.

But the vaunted and attracting the famous Maldives.

The representative of the category "The most unusual hotels in the world" is Huvafen Fushi on the island of Nakachafushi.

The most luxurious hotels in the world

Water. There is water all around. Endless horizon, and you will not understand whether the sky has fallen into the ocean, or the ocean is flying into the sky. And there, beyond the horizon - dreams come true.

The hotel has been hosting guests since 2004.

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that some of the premises are under water, another part - bungalows, above-water and beaches.

They are equipped in a modern style of minimalism and Maldivinian exotics.

You will also like the underwater SPA-resort, which offers the most modern technologies and a wide range of services.

Tianzi Hotel in China. Do you know about the teachings of Feng Shui? Then you here - to the province

The most luxurious hotels in the world
Hebei. The most unusual hotels in the world can be represented by a ten-story building in the form of three star elders. They are a kind of symbol, denoting the three most important forms of family luck.

Fook is the representative of the materialwell-being. The domineering Luke supports family authority. Sau strengthens health and longevity. Located in Hebei Province, the hotel was established in 2001.

So, choosing the most luxurious hotels in the world, you canplunge into a world far away from the ordinary person: to feel like a captain or queen. All hotels offer a wide range of different services, allowing you to enjoy such an unusual holiday.

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