Rest in the village of Genicheskaya Gorka

The village is on the coast of the Azov Sea(Kherson region, Ukraine). The area is about 130 square meters. kilometers, the population - about 500 people, which increases during the holiday season. The distance to the nearest town of Genicheska is 12 kilometers. The village is located on the Arabatskaya arrow - it is a long narrow spit in the north-eastern part of the Crimea peninsula. It forms the Gulf of Sivash, which separates the spit from the Azov Sea.

Genicheskaya Gorka

Spit Arabatskaya arrow

The spit, starting in the south from the Ak-Monai Isthmus,ends with the Genetic Channel, separating it from the mainland. The length is about 150 kilometers, and the width is from 300 meters to 8 kilometers. During the spring tides in the lake Sivash comes a huge amount of sea water, rich in minerals used in medicine and cosmetics. On the lake there is a huge factory for the extraction of sea salt by evaporation. Currently, the spit is organized health resort and recreation, and around the settlements built a large number of boarding houses and recreation centers.

Genicheskaya Gorka: how to get there?

The most convenient and fastest way to get toThe place of rest is a personal car or shuttle bus that goes from different cities. If this is not possible, the task becomes more complicated, in this case it is necessary to get to the Novoalekseevka station by the Crimean train. From the station there are regular buses to Genichesk. You can hire a taxi, but it will cost more. The bus stop is on the back of the train station. To get there, you need to cross the railway track and walk a hundred meters. Buses run at intervals of thirty to forty minutes, until seven in the evening. You can also use the train to Genichesk. In any case, there is a need from the city to look for a passing transport or a taxi to get directly to the spit.

Genicheskaya Gorka: how to get there?

Recreation centers

Holiday Village «Aist» (settlement Genicheskaya Gorka, st. Embankment, 58) has a large number of rooms for two to five people. On the territory there are grocery and household shops, a cafe, a bar and a restaurant. Three meals a day is made in the dining room at the boarding house, it is also possible to live without meals (in some rooms there are small kitchens). On the beach of the recreation center there are various attractions for adults and children: water slides, catamarans, bananas, parachute flights and others.

Recreation center "Friendship" (settlement Genicheskaya Gorka, st. Embankment, 48) offers accommodation in double and quadruple rooms, as well as individual lodges. Dining room provides three meals a day, there is a possibility of ordering dietary dishes. In the protected area there is a parking lot, a bar-shop, a children's playground. For sports, there are football and volleyball fields, discos are organized.

Recreation center "Aist" (Genicheskaya Gorka settlement

Hotels and pensions

Hotel-boarding house "Paradise Garden" (settlement Genicheskaya Gorka, st. Quay, 36) can simultaneously receive up to five hundred people, which allows you to hold seminars, conferences and festivals all year round. For this purpose, there is a conference hall, a restaurant for 270 seats, and a summer terrace for 180 people with a barbecue area. The wellness center uses the mineral wealth of Lake Sivash: salt, mud and mineral water from its own artesian well.

Various water procedures are offered:

  • milk and pearl baths with oils;
  • circulation and Charcot's shower;
  • salt baths.

You can also use various servicesmassage room. For people with respiratory diseases there is a spa center, which is equipped with equipment for aromatherapy, inhalations, oxygen cocktails, there is a salt room.

On the green landscaped territory holiday hotel "Villa Victoria" (settlement Genicheskaya Gorka, st.Embankment, 38) is a three-story building in the form of a horseshoe. It forms an inner courtyard with a large swimming pool. The room consists of double junior suites and suites with an extra sofa and a fridge. Own dining room produces three meals a day, including a children's menu. On the territory there is a volleyball and children's playground, there is a parking lot.

Rest in Genicheskaya Gorka

Children's camp "Eaglet"

Improving camp "Eaglet" (pos.Genicheskaya Gorka, st. Embankment, 44) can accommodate more than five hundred people at the same time. Children are admitted between the ages of seven and sixteen. On the territory of the camp there are seven residential two-story buildings with four-bed rooms. Shower and amenities are on the floor. A variety of four meals a day includes a large number of fruits and vegetables. The main time children spend on a large private beach with canopies, which has a medical center and a rescue station. In the evening, teachers organize sports events, competitions, festivals, discos or watching movies.

Arabat arrow

Reviews about the rest on the Sea of ​​Azov

Rest in Genicheska Gorka is well suited forfamilies with children. This shallow coast is riddled with numerous shallows, where the water warms up to a comfortable temperature, which is necessary for bathing babies. According to the guests of the resort, the developed infrastructure allows you to relax, go in for sports and receive medical treatment. The only inconvenience of the resort is the poor organization of the transfer from the railway station Novoalekseevka.

The Arabat arrow is not onlybeach and entertainment, but also a health resort. Lake Sivash provides unique mineral compounds and mud. They allow to treat people with problems of the musculoskeletal system and diseases of the cardiovascular system. The air, saturated with iodine compounds, is perfectly suitable for the prevention and treatment of pulmonary diseases.

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