Bar "Garage" (Khabarovsk): menu, service, interior

Bar "Garage" (Khabarovsk) is a great place whereyou can relax with friends and family in a pleasant and warm atmosphere. The bar is open to visitors from 12 o'clock in the afternoon. Fans of the game "Mafia" visit the institution on Mondays, where they enjoy a stylish and exciting game. The total capacity of the bar is up to 100 people.

bar garage in Khabarovsk


In the restaurant you can taste delicious dishesEuropean, as well as traditional Russian cuisine. On weekdays (from Monday to Friday), guests of the bar can order complex lunches. Despite its shocking and evocative style, the establishment is great for a business lunch and various corporate meetings. In the menu you can find the following items:

  • snacks (vegetable, fish and meat rolls, beef tongue and all kinds of slicing and sets);
  • salads (with seafood, meat, poultry);
  • hot appetizers (pizza, French fries and grilled cheese);
  • soups (solyanka, ear, pumpkin cream soup, etc.);
  • hot dishes (steaks, fish, shish kebab, sausages, etc.).

For large and friendly companies developed bySet-menu, consisting of several portions of various dishes. To selected tastes, you can additionally order spicy sauces for every taste. Wishing to taste both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, customers can also visit the bar "Garage" (Khabarovsk). The establishment has a convenient location, so that visitors can easily reach the bar.

rock bar garage in Khabarovsk


The service of the rock bar is at the highest level. For each party a talented photographer is invited to the bar "Garage" (Khabarovsk), whose photo is bright, dynamic and attractive. Literally every corporate, birthday and just a themed party are accompanied by original and cheerful competitions, jokes and drive. Waiters will help you decide on the choice of food and pick up a suitable drink. Guests of the bar can enjoy incendiary music in the style of rock. Bar "Garage" (Khabarovsk) is equipped with modern professional light and sound equipment. The institution has:

  • convenient parking places;
  • bar counter (for 10-12 seats);
  • VIP rooms (up to 12 seats);
  • the main hall (up to 40 seats);
  • concert hall (up to 60 seats).

The Rock Bar invites its guests to spend familyevents, corporate parties, New Year's holidays, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays in a warm and friendly atmosphere. There is a specially designed banquet menu. If necessary, the guests of the bar can make a reservation of tables and pre-order meals in person at the reception of the administrator or in the telephone mode.


Bar "Garage" (Khabarovsk, Volochayevskaya street, 15) -this is a stylish institution that welcomes its guests hospitably for over 8 years. The interior is dominated by wooden elements, which are organically inscribed in the industrial style of the bar. Looking around, you can find a lot of interesting things that attract the attention of guests. Every piece of interior is thought out and has its own little history. The walls were covered with tires from cars and motorcycles, license plates, frames and much more.

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Guests of the bar can buy in the "Garage" gift certificates, as well as all kinds of souvenirs with the logo of the institution, such as:

  • T-shirts for men and women;
  • Vinyl stickers on cars;
  • neck scarves.

Rock Bar "Garage" (Khabarovsk) is an excellentan institution that is famous for its delicious dishes and drinks, fun show programs and bright performances of the best musical groups of the city. Thanks to many years of successful work experience, delicious treats and a large number of seating places, the establishment was liked by many guests who again and again visit the favorite bar. The service of the institution is at the highest level. In the program of the bar - a huge selection of diverse musicians.

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