Mexicana Sharm Resort 4 * (Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh): Description, Reviews

Not all tourists are ready to spenda significant amount to rest, even if it is a question of a tour to Egypt. Many travelers try to find options that will not only allow them to spend their holidays on the shores of the warm sea, but also save a considerable amount of money. One of the budget hotels in Egypt is Mexicana Sharm Resort 4 *. Prices for accommodation in it will seem to everyone sufficiently attractive. But before making a final choice, it will be useful to learn a little about the conditions of rest in this place.

Location of the hotel

Mexicana Sharm Resort 4 * is located nearresort town of Sharm El Sheikh. It is 18 km from the international airport, so tourists to the place of residence are delivered quickly enough. The Old Town is just 3 km away, and the distance to Naama Bay is 6 km.

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Many travel agencies in the descriptions ofThe hotel is indicated that it is located on the second line from the sea. In fact, this is not so. If the beach is further 500 m, then this is considered the third line. Mexicana Sharm Resort 4 * (on the map can be considered in more detail) is 1.5 km away from the beach. The hotel is in a very quiet area, so it can be recommended for a relaxing holiday.

Description of the territory

Pleasant tourists hotel Mexicana Sharm Resort 4 *very beautiful and blooming territory. Here literally everything is buried in lush greenery. At a glance at this locality, you can determine that the staff is making maximum efforts, courting the magnificent gardens. Even the buildings are surrounded by beautiful flowering plants, which looks amazing, creates a feeling of home comfort.

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Near the hotel there are two swimming pools. In one of them, the water is heated, so it is very popular among the guests during the winter months. In both bodies of water there are specially adapted places for bathing young hotel guests. Deck chairs near the ponds are many, so here you can always find a free place to sunbathe. Towels are provided by the pool for free.

Infrastructure Features

Mexicana Sharm Resort 4 * providesits guests a list of services that can be used for free or for a certain amount of money. Room service is available only at an additional cost. For money, you can use the services of laundry or dry cleaning. Free parking is provided at the hotel. There is also an opportunity to rent a car, which will cost a certain amount of money.

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The beauty center, working at the hotel, offers its services. Visit the massage therapist's office, Jacuzzi or steam room is available only at an additional cost.

Medical services are also provided for money. You will have to pay for both treatment and medication, and for consultation.

The hotel has its own library, which has many interesting books. There is also an internet café, but only for an additional fee.

Rooms of the hotel

About 400 guests can simultaneouslyStay at the Mexicana Sharm Resort 4 *. Standard Room - the most modest rooms with an area of ​​36 square meters. m. They can accommodate a maximum of 4 people. A bit more comfortable conditions for staying in rooms Junior Suites. There is a kitchen, a living room and a bedroom. Family Rooms are best suited for Family Rooms, adapted to accommodate 4 people. Also, guests can choose Deluxe Suite, which is perfect for companies or families consisting of a maximum of 6 people.

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Tourists who visited the hotel Mexicana Sharm Resort4 * Earlier, do not advise too much overpay for allegedly improved numbers. The conditions are almost the same everywhere, the difference is only in the availability of free space. And since they do not go here to sit in the rooms, the standard room will be quite enough for spending the night.

Reviews of tourists about room service

Many vacationers who chose the hotel Mexicana SharmResort 4 * for the holidays, do not really like the situation in the rooms and do not appreciate the quality of service. Most of all the complaints are caused by the condition of the bathrooms. Also very often you have to deal with the lack of hot water. It is not uncommon - the lack of toiletries. The situation is not corrected even after the appeal to the reception: the hotel administration is not very in a hurry to solve the problems of its guests.

Rooms are cleaned daily, althoughits quality is far from at the proper level. According to the tourists, the hands of the cleaner quite often do not reach the kitchen or balcony. As for insects, they are trying to fight with them. Numbers are constantly processed by means from mosquitoes and ants.

Change of linen is carried out daily. With sufficient tips cleaners build from towels various figures.

There are a lot of disagreements in the opinions of tourists,Those staying at the Mexicana Sharm Resort 4 * (Sharm El Sheikh), call the rooms. Some guests find them quite suitable for living and recommend not to expect too much from a relatively cheap tour. Others are not at all happy with the somewhat outdated and fairly shabby furniture.

Sea and beach

Beach vacation is very important for tourists,who arrived for a vacation in Egypt. Mexicana Sharm Resort 4 * provides its guests with the opportunity to visit two beaches. The first is urban, it always has a lot of people. It is not very well-groomed, and therefore vacationers prefer the coral beach of Palma Beach. It is equipped with a pontoon, through which you can reach the deepest places. Here you can also admire the beauty of coral groves and the inhabitants of the Red Sea. Free sun loungers and umbrellas are available at the hotel's disposal. There are also beach towels.

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You can get to the sea by bus.For transportation from the hotel guests no fee is charged. Buses ride on a strict schedule, so tourists know exactly where they need to be ready for a trip to the beach. If you want, you can take a taxi to the sea. Walking on the beach on foot in the summer months is not recommended because of the intense heat.

Dining at the hotel

Tourists, ordering a tour, can choose for themselves a suitable diet at the Mexicana Sharm Resort 4 *:

  • "all inclusive";
  • half board;
  • breakfast.

Since the hotel guests are not very comfortable to comefor lunch at the hotel, spending time on the road, many prefer to choose half board, which includes breakfast and dinner. You can dine at the bars on the beach. Food, even with the all-inclusive system, beach bars is served only at an additional cost.

The main restaurant of the hotel is mainlythe building of the hotel complex. It is designed for 180 people. The room is air-conditioned, thanks to which vacationers can eat in quite comfortable conditions.

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Many reviews refer to local cuisine. The menu here does not differ a special variety, but still everyone will find suitable dishes for themselves. Fruits are served very little. Many tourists point to their complete absence, which happens quite often. Drinks also do not entice lodgers. Moreover, they are often served in plastic dishes, which is unacceptable for a four-star hotel. As many tourists note, drinks in plastic glasses are issued for Russian-speaking tourists, although tourists from European countries bring everything only in glassware. Such discrimination by the hotel staff does not inspire tourists to re-visit this place.

Sports & Activities

According to many tourists, Hotel MexicanaSharm Resort 4 * is suitable for people who want to enjoy their holidays in a relaxed atmosphere. There are rarely held various entertainment events, which makes young people bored. Animation in the hotel is practically absent. Sometimes you can see how to organize competitions for darts or other games, but this is the work of animators and is limited.

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People who want to brighten up their leisure time canworkout. The fitness center offers its services. You can do it for free. Guests can enjoy beach volleyball or table tennis. Play billiards, tennis or do water sports for an extra charge.

Advantages and disadvantages of the hotel Mexicana Sharm Resort 4 *

Reviews of tourists indicate thatstaying at the hotel leaves not only good impressions. Warm words are addressed to the territory, which really amazes with its beauty. The advantage of staying at the hotel is the low cost of the tour. But, according to the guests, these positive moments are limited.

Despite the fact that the beach is far fromhotel, vacationers are quite satisfied with the rest by the sea. But the quality of service leaves much to be desired. Drinks, even for tourists who live in the "all-inclusive" system, are issued only in plastic dishes and one cup in hand. In addition, the attendants allow themselves to disrespectful attitude towards the tourists.

A lot of negativity is expressed in the reviews regardingwork of the hotel administrators Mexicana Sharm Resort 4 * (Sharm El Sheikh). They do not hurry to listen to the requests of the guests. Moreover, when Russian tourists approach managers with claims, employees of the hotel pretend that they do not understand what is at stake. True, if you are persistent, the problems will be solved.

For tourists choosing MexicanaSharm Resort 4 *, do not expect too much. But if you set yourself up for a positive and how to prioritize beach rest and stay in one of the most beautiful countries, even with all the shortcomings, rest at the hotel will leave good memories.

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