"Amplitude" is the trampoline center of Kaliningrad. Services and feedback

Modern children practically do not represent theirlife without the Internet. And tearing them away from a tablet or smartphone is sometimes very difficult. And really interested in something that is not connected with the World Wide Web, and not everyone is able to. But jumping on a professional trampoline will leave very few indifferent: both children, teenagers, and their parents.

"Amplitude" - a trampoline center (Kaliningrad)

The wave of sport is gradually gaining more and morenumber of people, and many of them young guys and girls. A useful and fun sporting activity at any age is jumping on the trampoline. And today more and more often in different cities are open whole trampoline centers. Recently such has appeared and in Kaliningrad.

It is called "Amplitude". In its arena there are eight trampolines for beginners and four for professional athletes. In addition there is an entertainment area with a climbing wall and a foam pit with a diameter of 35 sq. M. For children there is a separate playground with various entertaining games.

Before jumping all visitorsmust familiarize themselves with the safety rules and sign an agreement on this. In addition to the compulsory rules, it is advised that all jumpers regardless of age and degree of professionalism adhere to certain recommendations. Among them: preliminary warm-up (10-15 minutes), caution and care to others and yourself when performing tricks and others.

amplitude of the trampoline center of Kaliningrad

Services of the trampoline center of Kaliningrad

"Amplitude" (Kaliningrad - trampoline center) provides a number of services. Among them:

  • Independent jumps and trampolines.
  • Classes with the accompaniment of a professional trainer.
  • Classes for children on the trampoline.
  • Jumping fitness.
  • Acrobatics for beginners and professionals.
  • Professional training - for fans of extreme sports.

In the fitness bar of the center, designed for twenty people, you can organize a corporate or birthday.

Hours of classes are usually enough to get pleasure and tired, but if you want, the time for an extra charge can be extended for 10, 30 or 60 minutes.

For a fee, you can rent a trampoline-board (150 rubles), a towel (70 rubles) and even an action camera (200 rubles with a pledge of three thousand rubles) for shooting tricks.

amplitude trampoline center Kaliningrad reviews

Individual trainings and group sessions in the center are conducted by five experienced trainers.

  • Irina Tikhomirova is not just a professional fitness coach, but also a master of sports in synchronized swimming.
  • Evgeny Kozin is the chief trampoline expert in the city, coaching the city team.
  • Alexander Novikov is a multi-faceted sportsman, has a CCM in swimming and hand-to-hand combat, he is engaged in karate and tek-von-do, acrobatics and parkour.
  • George Dyukarev - coach for acrobatics of children and adults, master of sports in sports acrobatics.
  • Bogdan Stepanenko - has been training since 2011, a specialist in bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition.

Schedule of group lessons

For those who want to lose weight, strengthen the muscleslegs and abdominals, to develop endurance and improve coordination of one's body, "Amplitude" - a trampoline center (Kaliningrad, General Ozerova, 24a) - offers jump-fitness training 3 times a week from 18:30 to 19:30.

Пять тренировок в неделю (три в будние дни и две on Saturday from 12:00 to 14:00) are held to teach the basics of acrobatics on trampolines. Those who are interested in jumping to the foam hole, acrobatic elements and are preparing to perform a somersault. Similar exercises are conducted by trainers for children from eight to twelve. Training lasts one hour on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from three hours.

amplitude of the Kaliningrad trampoline center

Those who want to not only train their bodies with physical exercises, but also get advice on proper nutrition can do it in the trampoline center on Tuesday and Thursday from two to three in the afternoon.

Cost of visiting "Amplitude"

"Amplitude" is a trampoline center (Kaliningrad) withcompletely loyal prices. The cost of one hour of independent jumps on a working day (until six in the evening) will cost 400 rubles. The same price on holidays and weekends from eight to eleven in the evening. Evening time of everyday life (18:00 - 23:00) and daytime on holidays / weekends costs 50 rubles more.

For group training, you will have to pay a hundred rubles for the basic tariff, and for an individual 800 and 1 200 for one or two people, respectively.

The children's fare applies to children from three to thirteen years of age. At the same time 300 rubles will have to be given on a working day and 400 rubles on a holiday or a day off.

In "Amplitude" there are club cards with a deposit from three to twelve thousand rubles. They give a discount for all visits from 15% to 30%.

For additional time it will be necessary to give from fifty to three hundred and fifty rubles depending on the day and time of the visit.


«Амплитуда» (батутный центр, Калининград), как и many entertaining establishments, periodically conducts various actions. When the center has just opened, there may have been more of them, but even today Amplitude allows its visitors to save a little.

For example, in the morning time of weekdays (from eightup to ten) the price for two hours of free jumps is halved. When you visit the trampoline center with a whole family (two adults and a child), the cost is not charged for the child.

And there are additional advantages for the owners of club cards. They receive a 15% discount on the menu in the fitness bar.

amplitude trampoline center Kaliningrad st General of the lake

Amplitude - trampoline center (Kaliningrad): reviews

Although the institution has been operating since the end of 2015,many Kaliningraders had time to try to jump on trampolines. Feedback in the end about this institution is more positive. They praise the instructors and coaches, the general atmosphere and the compliance of the center with all safety standards.

In addition to the inhabitants of the city, Amplitude is also visited by people visiting the city. Someone celebrates a birthday there, others - spend time waiting for their transport. And most of them are satisfied.

Of course, there are always people who will beunhappy. Sometimes visitors themselves initially misunderstood or misunderstood the information (for example, that an action is still active), and then get a bad mood. There are wrong employees of the trampoline center. For such cases, official groups of the center have been created in social networks to understand the specific situation, if the issue has not been resolved on the spot.

amplitude trampoline center Kaliningrad how to reach


Not so long ago, "Amplitude" (trampolinecenter, Kaliningrad). How to get there know not only residents and visitors of the city. The center is on the street. Lieutenant General Ozerov, almost at the intersection with the street. Gorky, which stops public transport. These are trolleybuses No. 6 and 7, fixed-route taxi No. 82 and buses of various directions (No. 1, 7, 25, 30, 40 and 48). And those who live near the park "Youth", and can even get to the "Amplitude" on foot.

amplitude of the trampoline center of the Kaliningrad general of the lake

Other trampoline centers

«Амплитуда» (батутный центр Калининград), of course, not the first institution with trampolines in Russia. They are in Novosibirsk and Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Kazan, Perm and Nizhny Novgorod. Prices for jumps are different everywhere. In Perm in JumpTramp on a weekday jumping on the trampoline will cost 150 rubles (a day off - twice as much). The prices in Ekaterinburg (trampoline park Otryv) are much higher. So, the cost of one hour from Monday to Friday is 400 rubles, on Saturday, Sunday and holidays - 550 rubles. The same cost and in the center of the "Pioneer" in Sochi. There also offer to work out tricks on snowboarding and downhill skiing to better prepare for the winter season.

And in Moscow there are twelve trampoline centers. They work in different parts of the city, and the scale of some of them is particularly impressive. For example, the trampoline park "Sky" offers more than a hundred trampolines for jumping children and adults. There are also group and individual training, gymnastics and trampolines for children from three years old.

"Amplitude" - a trampoline center (Kaliningrad, General Ozerov Street, 24a) is the best entertaining institution in the city. So many believe, who visited him at least once.

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