Embassy of Abkhazia in Moscow: address, telephone, mode of work and feedback

Often there are times when traveling forlimits of Abkhazia, the tourist faces various unpleasant situations. This can be a road accident, and loss of documents. Then, before traveling, he needs to know the address of the Abkhaz embassy in Moscow in order to seek advice and help in case of trouble.

about country

Abkhazia is a republic recognized by Russia,Nicaragua, Venezuela, South Ossetia, Nauru, the NKR and the PMR. It is located on the Black Sea coast between the rivers Ingur and Psou, on the southern slope of the Main Caucasian Range. The country is recognized by the state as sovereign, democratic, legal. Many think that Abkhazia is a part of either Russia or Georgia. Far from it, this is not so. Both options are incorrect. After all, the embassy of Abkhazia in Moscow proves that Russia perceives the republic as sovereign and independent.

Embassy of Abkhazia in Moscow

Russians believe that the republic is not"Another" country, not "abroad". Rather, it is the continuation of the North Caucasus. The north and north-east of the republic borders on Russia. South and southeast - with Georgia. The capital is the city of Sukhum. The monetary unit of the country is the Russian ruble. Although in 2008, commemorative Abkhazian coins, called apsar, were introduced into circulation. According to investors, the most attractive sectors are tourism, some industries, construction and the agricultural sector.

It's amazing that in such a small arealives more than 60 nationalities: Abkhazians, Greeks, Georgians, Russians, Poles, Armenians, etc. There are more than 140 Orthodox churches, rock monasteries, honored caves, holy springs, chapels. The synagogue, the Catholic and the Lutheran churches are built in the capital.

A bit of history

Abkhazia is rightfully considered the oldest placethe habitat of people in the Caucasus. The first mention of local tribes appeared before the XII century. BC. e. In the VIII century. was formed the Abkhazian kingdom, which functioned until the X century. In this region, the ancient state exerted enormous influence. When the Soviet power came, the Abkhazian SSR was formed in 1921. However, in 1931 the Georgian SSR forcibly incorporated this republic into its composition.

When the USSR collapsed, the relationship between the twothe countries became aggravated, which, in turn, led to the war in 1992-1993. 1994 was marked by the fact that a new Constitution was adopted. In accordance with its postulates, Abkhazia has become a sovereign, democratic and legal state.

August 20, 2008 the parliament of the republic appealed to the president of the Russian Federation with a request to recognize the independence of the country. Six days later, the Russian state recognized the sovereignty and independence of the ancient state. In support of the fact that Russia recognized the republic as sovereign and independent, the Embassy of Abkhazia was opened in Moscow.

Foreign policy of the country and its position in the world community

Most of the world community did not recognizerepublic independent. Although Abkhazia is a separate state. The presence of the emblem, hymn and flag, the implementation of border control between neighboring countries proves that the republic does not belong to either Russia (as many of its inhabitants think) or to Georgia.

According to experts, the country's foreign policy pursues such goals as:

address of the embassy of Abkhazia in Moscow

  • preservation and strengthening of sovereign relations;
  • ensuring territorial integrity;
  • creation of conditions for the development of relations with other countries in the international community;
  • strengthening of friendly relations with the Russian Federation.

Of course, the achievement of these goals is very time-consumingA process that requires time and tremendous effort. One of the points is reached from year to year. So, the Embassy of Abkhazia in Moscow has opened and is ready to receive citizens on all issues of interest.

Contacts of the Embassy of Abkhazia in Moscow

If a person went abroad or got intodifficult situation, he should apply to the Embassy of Abkhazia in Moscow: address, telephone number are indicated on the official website. The schedule of work is also indicated. The Embassy of Abkhazia is located at the address: Moscow. Gagarinsky, 11.

Embassy of Abkhazia in Moscow phone

When crossing the Russian-Abkhazian border, documentary control is being conducted. A citizen of Russia should present one of the following documents:

  • general civil, official (diplomatic) or foreign passport;
  • command authorization and leave certificate.

If children participate in the trip, then forcontrol of birth certificate with the confirmation of citizenship or for adolescents older than 14 years - a passport. If the child crosses the border without parents, then he will need a notarized authorization to leave Russia, indicating the time and direction of the movement. On all issues you can contact the Embassy of Abkhazia in Moscow, whose phone number is on the official website.

The work of the consular department is carried out from Monday to Thursday. Opening hours 11-17: 00. Lunch break: 13-14: 00.

As the reviews describe, the consular department of Abkhazia inMoscow does its best to render real help to its fellow citizens in solving various problems. So, if a citizen gets into an accident or other situation, he can call the embassy and find out more information about his further actions. Legally competent representatives work here, which, if necessary, leave for the place and provide information and advisory assistance.

How to get to Abkhazia

You can get to the republic by any kind oftransport: by plane, ferry, train, bus. It is not excluded the option of a trip on private vehicles. However, in order to get to the country, it is necessary to combine several varieties. Visiting the Embassy of Abkhazia in Moscow, a tourist can learn for himself many important moments concerning documentary control and crossing the border.

Embassy of the Republic of Abkhazia in Moscow

By plane you can get to Sochi, and from therearrive in the sunny resorts of the country in a different way. This is due to the fact that the airline carries out flights only within the country. You can also see flights over the Georgian-Abkhaz border. Alas, the airline does not provide civil flights.

Railway communication works ason the territory of the country, and between some Russian and Abkhazian cities. Customs and passport control passes directly in the wagons of the convoy.

The bus service also works properly, themore that from the city of Adler to the Abkhazian border the route will take only 20 minutes. Experienced tourists are advised to arrive at the border very early or late in the evening, as large queues gather here during the day.

And, finally, the ferry. Since June 2011 the sea flight "Sochi-Gagra" is carried out. The authorities plan to slightly amend it, adding another settlement: New Athos.

Resorts and tourism

It is noteworthy that modest territorialThe size of the republic includes many attractions. There are a lot of reserves, nurseries, botanical gardens, parks on the territory of Abkhazia. Natural monuments are worthy of special attention of tourists. Such a beautiful nature can be seen in very few places. Waterfalls "Men's tears" and "Women's tears" - pearls of the Abkhazian region. Tradition says that the appearance of both water monuments is due to the legends with beloved Adgour and Amra.

Embassy of Abkhazia in Moscow address phone

Do not deprive the attention of the delightful beachesAbkhazia. Perhaps, in one article not to tell about all the resort towns and places of interest. Ecotourism, diving, fishing, mountain walks, medical rest are popular in the republic. Here everything says that the holiday will pass "with a bang." The main thing is to contact the Embassy of the Republic of Abkhazia in Moscow in advance and learn all the subtleties of crossing the border in order to avoid misunderstandings.

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