Rest on the Caspian Sea: reviews about Kazakhstan, Dagestan and Astrakhan

The Caspian Sea is a unique body of water thatIt can equally apply to lakes (due to its continental location), and to the seas (according to geographical dimensions). And also this is the favorite place for tourist rest in Europe and Asia. The popularity of the resorts of the Caspian Sea is determined not only by the comfortable and attractive coastline, but also by the convenient location of the reservoir. Rest on the Caspian Sea (reviews about it only positive) attracts annually several thousand people from different countries. It is worth noting that most of the tourists are completely satisfied with the living conditions, as well as the water body itself. This is due to the beauty of the scenery, excellent weather conditions, clean water and beautiful beaches.

rest on the Caspian Sea reviews

The Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan rarely becomes a tourist destination forannual vacation. And this is due to the unknown state for the domestic holidaymakers. Kazakhstan remains a mystery for Russians. Rest on the Caspian Sea in this area has a number of undeniable advantages, among which low cost of services at the resort, the lack of the need for issuing visas, a small number of tourists. Also an important advantage is an attractive and comfortable coastline.

To begin with, it should be noted that favorableThe holiday period starts in May and lasts until the end of September. The weather in this region of Kazakhstan is moderate and has a maximum temperature of + 30 ° C. Water warms up to an average of + 26 ... + 27 ° С. It should also be noted the absence of a long rainy season, which is the guarantee of a comfortable and full-fledged holiday. If we consider these criteria, then Kazakhstan will be the ideal country for vacation. Rest on the Caspian Sea will bring only pleasure! This is evidenced by the huge number of reviews of tourists. People celebrate excellent service, good weather and warm, and most importantly, clean water.

kazakhstan rest on the Caspian Sea

Rest in Aktau (Kazakhstan)

Fans of a busy holiday should be drawnattention to the city of Aktau. It is advised by tourists. They argue that in this region the most valuable will be rest on the Caspian Sea. Reviews about him are more than favorable. Praise hospitality, comfort and comfort. This is the largest resort, equipped on the shores of the Caspian Sea in this country. A large number of inexpensive hotels, as well as a developed cultural industry will make vacation bright and memorable. The only drawback that tourists note in their reviews is the rocky beach. In the Aktau district, small resort villages are equipped. Their significant advantages are a quiet atmosphere, clean air and a sandy beach.

The Caspian coast in Astrakhan

If the traveler is looking for an affordable and affordablefun to spend your summer vacation, then Astrakhan will be an ideal option. Why? There are many advantages. The main of them: location, transport, infrastructure. Reviews rest give reason to believe that really vacation will be much cheaper than in other territories.

So, more about the city of Astrakhan. Rest on the Caspian Sea will be excellent here. This is due to the fact that this resort of Russia boasts a unique match of the attractive wild nature and modern arrangement of the beaches. Considering the annual large number of holidaymakers, Astrakhan is well-developed tourist industry, which offers a wide range of beach activities, night entertainment, and excursions to places of interest.

The city can not boast of a large numberhotels for holidaymakers, but along the coast are closely arranged recreation centers. Some are equipped with modern high-rise buildings, while others are a myriad of private comfortable houses. Among the most attractive recreation centers are such as "Golden Lotus", "Mayak" and "Berezhok". It is in these institutions that the 100% rest on the Caspian Sea will take place. The feedback of people confirm this. You can get acquainted with the service and book rooms in advance by phone.

Astrakhan rest on the Caspian Sea

The coastline of the sea in Dagestan

A unique combination of relief and featuresnature boasts Dagestan, where high mountain cliffs almost reach the waters of the Caspian Sea. This is the best option for those who wish to combine active mountain holidays and quiet lying on a sandy beach. Dagestan tourists may be interesting enough. Rest on the Caspian Sea in this area will be truly unforgettable!

Derbent is the most favorable resorta city that will provide tourists with a rich and comfortable holiday. Situated at the very edge of the warm waves of the Caspian Sea, the settlement is also a national cultural monument, in the walls of which medieval forts, old defensive structures, as well as vivid examples of ethnic architecture were preserved. Group tours organized on the territory of the resort will make it possible not only to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the state more closely, but also to acquire bright photos for the family album.

dagestan rest on the Caspian sea

Rest on the Caspian Sea (reviews of tourists infully reflect all its positive aspects) - it's an opportunity to inexpensively spend a family vacation, enjoy the tenderness of warm waves and the generosity of the golden sun. It is also a great chance to plunge into the range of beach entertainment and resorts.

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