Route M4, paid sites: how to get round them?

Even those citizens who were never chosenoutside of Russia, heard that abroad for travel on roads, as well as for the use of bridges and tunnels we must fork out. Now and in our renovated Russia, smart businessmen started charging money for traveling on roads. A striking example of this is the M4 (Don) route. Paid sites on it appeared in 1998. Now on this road there are more than 530 km, and in the near future will almost double. What, apart from payment, do these sites differ from alternative free? Is there any benefit in using them? As drivers who do not want to lay out their blood, you can reach the destination without paying anything? Let's figure it out.

Historical reference

Route M4, the paid sections of which are nowcause so much controversy, leads from Moscow to Novorossiysk through such large cities as Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don and the southern capital of Russia Krasnodar. Its length is 1543.7 km. Part of this route from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don was once called Route 5 and was built in the late sixties of the last century. During this period the road was two-lane, with a width of the canvas of only 7 meters. During the years of perestroika, the construction of her understudy began, on which traffic lights were not installed, that is, she was trying to make a speed light. In 1990, put into operation 18.4 km, including two sites in the Domodedovo area. Until 2000, the development of the M4 highway continued actively, as a result of which the road became 500 km longer and stretched to Dzhugba, plus a piece of the Sukhum highway to Novorossiysk entered, and 135 km of doubling sites with canvas up to 8 lanes appeared. They were built in the Moscow and Tula regions financed from the state budget. At that time, money was not collected for the passage through M4.

highway M4 paid sections

Paid sites

As a result of construction and road manipulationsignificantly increased its throughput and became more convenient route M4. Paid sites on it began to appear since 1998. The first was only 20 km long and skirted the village of Khlevnoe. Discovered this piece of path with pathos, as it became the first toll road in the whole of Russia. Since 2000, reconstruction with the construction of bypass sites was conducted with enviable activity. The result was immediately two paid sites:

1. At 225.6-260 kilometers (a detour with a length of 35 km of the city of Bogoroditsk). Now from the Moscow Ring Road to it, almost the whole segment of the route is paid (except for a small piece of 14 km from the intersection of M4 with the road to Uzlovaya before crossing with the road to the village of Chernaya Gryaz).

2. At 287.8-321.3 kilometers (a detour with a length of 34 km of the town of Efremov).

Now drivers of cars are paying here from 35 rubles, depending on the time of day and class of cars, and drivers of trucks - from 240 rubles.

highway M4 Don paid sites

Avtodor innovations

In 2010, the company "Avtodor" became the manager of the "Don" route, which very positively refers to the paid travel for drivers.

The specialists of the company first analyzedthe condition of the road and began repairing it, along the way, creating new bypass roads. As a result, the M4 highway became more qualitative, but also more expensive. Paid sites since 2010 appeared on such kilometers:

- 330,8-414,7 (detour of the village of Yarkino and Yelets town).

- 416,9-464 (detour of Zadonsk).

Bypassing the glorious city of Voronezh, it was builtseveral plots with a total length of 141 km. They start at 492 km, and end at 633 km, skirting Voronezh, Novaya Usman and Rogachevka. Free inserts here are very short, so that three payment points are installed almost one after another.

M4 highway, toll plots (2016)

Avtodor is going to continue to reduceon the road "Don" sections of the road, you can ride on them for nothing. So, in 2016 two new sections with a total length of 190 km became paid. The first begins at 21 km (just outside the Moscow Ring Road) and lasts for 72 km. The second starts from this road mark and stretches another 118 km. Pay for crossing the barrier is twice, the first time - from 50 to 140 rubles, the second time - from 80 to 450 rubles. Altogether until 2020, Avtodor is going to make a payment of 892 km. Now their length is 531 km. Some drivers are interested in what Avtodor's employees will do if they come to the point of charging and say that the money is accidentally forgotten at home. The answer is not encouraging - these drivers will be forced to go back, but nobody will raise the coveted barrier for them.

highway M4 paid sites 2016

How many paid sites on the highway M4 ("Don")

Summarizing the above, you can calculate that today on the way from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don will have to overcome 9 paid sites. By regions, they are distributed as follows:

- 2 in the Moscow;

- 2 in Tula;

- 2 in Lipetsk;

- 3 in the Voronezh.

In addition, in the Lipetsk region there are 5 paid congresses on the track.

In general, to pay for the journey from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don now have to pay for a car from 510 rubles, and for trucks - from 2660 rubles in one direction, but it is possible that prices will change.

how many paid sites on the highway M4

Road Quality

Drivers at the same time with the question, how manypaid sites on the highway M4, the question is of interest, for which they have to pay. From the MKAD to the congress to the village of Vidnoe on the road there are 8 lanes. Further, to Saratov - 6 bands, and after - 4 bands. As drivers testify, the quality of the roadway is good, but the speed in the paid sections is not more than 110 km / h. Along the route there are unequipped toilets, refuellings, cafes. In addition, there are points where you can call the tow truck, tanker or repair team. The minus of toll roads (except for the price) are the queues at the payment points, and the transponder does not always benefit, since there is no perfect system for using it.

Free road has basically 4-5 lanesmovements (3 or 2 in one direction, 2 in the other direction), in some areas there are only 2 (one to the south and to the north). The quality of the canvas is satisfactory all the way, because the road services are also engaged in repair work here. Along the road, as well as on the paid M4, there is a cafe, refueling, unequipped toilets. You can ride this route at a speed of 90 km / h. The inconvenience is created by large-sized wagons, which are abundant here. On average, the loss of time when traveling around the toll road is about half an hour.

how many paid sites on the highway M4 Don

How to get around the toll road from MKAD to Kashira

Recall that from the point where the MKAD intersects withLipetskaya street, the M4 highway begins. Paid plots are open from the 21st km, but while Avtodor blocked the road and established the first payment point only at 62 km. Therefore, from MKAD to the intersection with A107 (this is the 51st km of the M4 highway), you can go for free. Also, congresses are still not paid in the direction of Vidnoye (on the 22nd and 24th kilometers), congresses in the direction of Domodedovo (this is on the 31st, then on the 34th and 46th kilometers) and the A107 exit. Those who follow further from the Moscow Ring Road can ride free on the Kashirskoye highway to the settlement Sitne-Shchelkanovo. Further on the fork the road will go towards Stupino. Here at the crossroads in front of the railway you need to turn to the Victory Avenue, on it to return to the Kashirskoye highway and follow to the final point. The disadvantage of the route is a rather large load of the Kashirskoye highway and, as a consequence, frequent traffic jams. Now there is a reconstruction of this road, so if it is left free, it will be a good option.

toll road section M4

How to go round paid M4, following in Bogoroditsk and Efremov

The detours of toll plots on the M4 highway are inseveral variants. So, the next in Bogoroditsk and further you can use the scheme of travel indicated above. This means that you have to go to Stupino along the Kashirskoye highway, turn to Prospekt Pobedy, return to Kashirskoye highway, do not call Kashira, follow the fork in front of Zendikovo village, turn to Voronezh Highway, or continue along Kashirsky road to P22, leading off from M4 all the way. In the area of ​​Venev this distance is about 30 km. To this route to get to Bogoroditsk, you will have to poke on country roads, the quality of which is far from satisfactory, and in addition, "wind" the extra kilometers.

Some drivers advise to go to Bogoroditskand near the settlements located for free on the Simferopol highway (M2). The road condition here is excellent, the speed can be developed up to 90 km / h. For Tula you need to turn onto the road leading to Bolokhovo and go along it to the Black Mud. There will be a congress to the free section of the M4. The difference is several kilometers. Those who need to Efremov, can, following the same M2, not stopping to pass Tula, Shchekino and turn right at the crossroads in the village of Lukino. From there, a practically straight road leads to Efremov.

detours of paid sections on the M4 highway

How to bypass the M4, following in Voronezh

The shortest distance from the capital to Voronezh -516 km. On this long journey it is difficult to bypass every paid section of the road. The route M4 from MKAD to Voronezh runs past Bogoroditsk and Efremov. Above we told how you can get to these settlements for free. Despite some difference in kilometers, many drivers choose Simferopol highway, the travel on which is quite pleasant. The number of bands on this segment varies between 2 and 4, the condition of the canvas is good, along the route there are many refuellings and cafes. Follow it further on. Lukino is unreasonable, as to return to the M4, you will have to make a solid detour. If you follow this route up to 321 km (the end of the Efremov bypass road, the difference in kilometers will be only about 7 km (about 307 km in M2 and about 300 km in M4), then you can go for 9 km along the free stretch of the Don "After reaching the congress on the toll road, do not turn off on it, but continue along the railway track, pass Jarkino, cross the creek Sukhoi Well, the railway path, circle the Yelets along its outskirts, the Bystraya Pisna River, close again with M4, drive through Zadonsk, Khlevnoe, a free section of M4 and, without leaving on a paid site, with . Redo the road to Voronezh difference in the mileage of the route is very small, but the roadway is much worse than the toll road The second disadvantage -. Plug in Zadonsk and loss of time for the passage of Hlevnoe and Voronezh.

How to tour M4, following in Rostov

Detour of paid sites on the highway M4 ("Don")ends in the Voronezh region, at 633 km. Further south you can go quietly. Now a new section of the toll road is being designed around the city of Pavlovsk, but so far there is none. To leave for free M4 from Voronezh, you need to pass 3 more paid sites. Two of them - through Novaya Usman and Rogachevka - can be easily traveled. As a result, the last 89 km remains. They can not get around them with small losses. If you turn Rogachevka to the left on P298, you'll have to make a big detour. There are no convenient turns to the right. Therefore, a detour must be started from Voronezh. There are two options here: left along Route 193 or to the right towards Liski. Both these options are inconvenient because of the large excess mileage and poor quality roads.

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