Where is Pyatigorsk: a short excursion

Knowledge of where Pyatigorsk is located is unlikelymany can boast. Modern youth heard the name of this town on television thanks to the sketch-to whom "Our Russia". But what is so glorious about this city? Why do you need to know the location of the settlement? All this is in our article.

Where did they found Pyatigorsk?

This city is located in the Stavropol Territoryour country. Since January 2010 Pyatigorsk has been recognized as the administrative center of the North Caucasus District of the Russian Federation, and is also the largest city of the Caucasian Mineral Waters and the second largest after Stavropol.

where is pyatigorsk

Among other things, Pyatigorsk is one of thethe oldest balneological and mud resorts of federal importance, and also it is the industrial, scientific, commercial, cultural and tourist center of Mineral Waters.

City coordinates:

  • latitude: 44 ° 03'00 ";
  • longitude: 43 ° 03'36 ".

Five mountains

The name of the city also tells us where Pyatigorsk is located. How to understand this? Simply and easily.

The story is as follows: in the distant 1828, the domestic architect Giuseppe Bernardazzi designed the city. Two years later, the Committee of Ministers considered it, and General Emanuel suggested variants of the names of the future city. Among them were: Konstantinogorsk, Novogeorgievsk and Pyatigorsk.

The choice was obvious. The city was located at the foot of Mount Beshtau, which literally translated from the Turkic language means five mountains. The question "where is Pyatigorsk" can be answered "at the foot of five mountains".

In February 1830, the committee approved the city, as well as its name, and in May the Senate ordered that the architects begin to build the city. This is the history of the appearance of Pyatigorsk on the map of the Russian Empire.

weather Pyatigorsk

Geographical features

Pyatigorsk is a great place to relax, and allbecause the city is located on the Stavropol Upland on the banks of the mountain river Podkumok. There are still small rivers with clean and cold water. Tourists do not bathe in them. The region is rich in salt lakes with medicinal mud. The most popular of them are Tambukanskoe and Lysogorskoe lakes.

Within the city there are 4 mountains:

  • Mashuk (on it stands a television tower) - 994 m;
  • Dubrovka - 690 m;
  • Picket - 565 m;
  • The post is 556 m.

Hospitable and weather.Pyatigorsk can be described as a city with mild winters and hot summers. Since there are a lot of rivers and lakes around the region, the humidity here is moderate. And this contributes to the fact that in Pyatigorsk there is a huge number of forest park areas. The norm of precipitation in the year is not more than 600 mm. Most of the precipitation in June, the least in January. As you have already managed to understand that the climate here is favorable, which means that geographers would call it moderately continental, without sudden and sudden temperature fluctuations in the day.

Rest, tourism, culture

Since Pyatigorsk is a resort town, it means that a large number of sanatoriums, boarding houses and various hospitals are located on its territory. This edge is famous
an abundance of useful mineral water. Among them: carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, radon. There are also nitrogen and methane terms.

In order to improve their health, Caucasians also use curative mud. But you need to know that not everyone is equally useful.


In free from treatment time, tourists havethe opportunity to go to museums, visit Orthodox churches and monasteries. It is possible to feel extreme mountaineering, cycling, horseback riding, mountaineering trips. There are many sightseeing bureaus that offer a variety of itineraries with a trip outside the city. This is an excellent opportunity to get to the mountains, where there is pure air, peace and tranquility. In the mountains you will find elegant vegetation, alpine meadows, noisy and beautiful waterfalls, and stunning mountain valleys. Among the majestic mountains are built a cafe where tourists can taste dishes of the national cuisine of the mountaineers, buy their outfits and other items as gifts and souvenirs for memory!

So, in order not to forget where Pyatigorsk is,enough to listen to the name of the city and remember the five peaks of Mount Beshtau in the Stavropol Territory. Visiting the Caucasus at least once, you can not forget it ever!

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