Days Inn Patong Beach 3 * (Thailand, Phuket): hotel description, service, reviews

In our time, people will not only know the worldTV. Many of them prefer to spend their holidays away from home, being in the most beautiful resort. Having visited Turkey and Egypt, they, as they say, entered into the taste.

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And now, waiting for the holidays, they are looking for a newoption of travel, until finally find it in a blessed country where three times a year the harvest ripens, where the beaches please exotic white sand, and the turquoise sea can be seen tens of meters deep. They are excitedly asking Google: "How much to fly to Thailand?". The question is purely practical, but some kind of note of anxiety is guessed in it. Of course, those who asked him carefully looked at the map.

"Google", as always, is wise. The plane, carrying out a tourist flight, must cross three whole time zones. And this means that the actual flight time, approximately 9 hours for a flight from Moscow to the Land of Smiles, is artificially reduced to 6 hours. A tourist, just concerned about the question of how much to fly to Thailand, on this, as a rule, calms down and begins to look for a suitable tour.

Holidays in Phuket

Unique resort potential and developedthe island of Phuket has a tourist infrastructure. It is located in the Andaman Sea near the west coast of Thailand and is connected to the mainland by three bridges. Here are located one of the most ranking beaches in the world, extended and covered with unique white sand.

Most tourists fly to the Land of Smilessolely because of the rest on its beaches. Their names - Patong (which bears the same name as the whole resort), Kata, Karon, Kata-Noi, Nayhan - like gentle music, caress the hearing of holiday-makers from different countries. However, the "star" of the hotel does not play a decisive role for them. Most young tourists buy a tour in an inexpensive hotel complex, investing their money in excursions.

days inn patong beach 3

The standard transfer to the hotelon a taxi of middle class ("Toyota" sedan), which will cost them 1000 baht. One of the most popular hotel complexes that provide a decent level of basic spa services is the Days Inn Patong Beach 3 *. Reviews of tourists about it are benevolent and grateful. A transfer to it will take 40 minutes.

Attractive and the price of the tour: for living in a double room for 2 adults for 5 days without meals will have to give only 13221 rubles.


Tropical Monsoon Climate of the Islandstipulates the presence of dry (from November to April) and wet (from May to October) seasons. Moreover, the waters of the Andaman Sea are year-round suitable for bathing, and the air temperature is approximately the same throughout the year. In the hottest month - April - it does not rise above 28.5 aboutC, and in the coldest - October - its value is 26.8 aboutFROM.

In a dry, or high, season resort islandattends the maximum of tourists. January is its peak: the sky is amazingly clean, the weather is beautiful, and prices are doubled. Hotels in Patong, and Days Inn Patong Beach 3 among them, are filled almost to the eyeballs. Tours for this time should be bought in advance - for 3 months.

The rainy season in Phuket also has its "pluses":rather substantial discounts on the purchase of tours and lower prices for fruits. And rains in Thailand are not so long, they tend to go at night. Their duration is mostly small - only 40-60 minutes. At the same time, the air temperature is in the range 20-27 aboutC, and the sea remains fabulously warm. Many residents of temperate latitudes prefer to rest in Tae during the rainy season.

Feature of the resort of Patong is anotherThe climatic factor, which, perhaps, is not found in neo-oceanic resorts. This is the height of the waves. In June and August, in an open water area, they reach a height that is dangerous for bathers. At this time, tourists prefer to slide on them on the board, and not to swim.


It is located in the heart of the resort of Patong -a small hotel Days Inn Patong Beach 3 *. Its number fund includes only 70 rooms. They are owned by Finnish businessmen, who, judging by the responses, can be trusted. Staff value their place and takes care and attention to the guests. The contingent of vacationers is diverse: more Americans and Europeans, fewer Chinese, Russian, Ukrainians.

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The hotel is not designed for rest with children, will not workhe and for the elderly. Its attractiveness for tourists who come to hang out, is in an exceptionally advantageous location. He is fond of youth companies. In walking distance from the hotel complex is a bright and dynamic, pedestrian after 18:00 the central street of the resort - 350-meter Bangla Road, the heart of the night life of the resort.

When you check in at the hotel, you do not need to make a deposit.


The infrastructure of the hotel complex includesa terrace, a garden, an outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant and a bar. The hotel has a luggage storage, dry cleaning and laundry services. In its territory is available fast Wi-Fi. Guests can use fax and safe at the reception, business tourists - the technical facilities of the conference room.

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Comfort level "3 +" offers its guestsDays Inn Patong Beach 3 *. The hotel's service includes a 24-hour reception, regular thorough cleaning and timely replacement of bed linen and towels, sale of excursions, health-improving massage and jacuzzi, amateur billiards as entertainment, paid childcare services. In a word, the hotel complex demonstrates excellent value for money.

According to the guests, the reception staffattentive, caring. Customer requests are always executed in real time. All staff - English and Russian language does not understand. For tourists who are poorly proficient in English, the way out of stalemate is the use of the "Google" -translator of the tablet.


The guests in their reviews agree in opinion,that they like the housing conditions provided by the Days Inn Patong Beach 3 *. Types of rooms it (and standard, and suites) can be attributed to a good economy. Of course, this is not the Hilton Arcadia. However, the rooms are spacious, and their design is impeccable. There is a balcony with a dryer and a bathroom. If the original settlement did not like the tourist (for example, there are several rooms without windows), he informs the reception staff about this, and he is almost immediately relocated.

days inn patong beach 3 reviews

The rooms are provided with a set of furniture: two single or one double bed, wardrobe, table, two chairs, bedside tables. Air conditioning, TV, mini-bar, hair dryer, shower are in good condition. The water supply of the bathroom is stable: always in the faucets there is hot and cold water.


The price of the tour at Days Inn Patong Beach 3 * includesitself only payment for a single variant of a food - "only breakfasts". This is how the hotel guests treat their restaurant. According to the guests, they are tasty, but slightly monotonous. In the breakfast menu, different toasts (with ham, sausages, sausage, cheese of two kinds), scrambled eggs, coffee, tea, milk, pineapples, watermelons, bananas, papayas. It's good that tourists book themselves breakfast, to your taste.

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Dining and dining in inexpensive cafe andrestaurants, which flooded Patong. In addition, it is possible to eat deliciously by buying local fast food simply on the street (although, having previously consulted the hotel about the reputation of a particular outlet).

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Beach holidays

Tourists of temperate latitudes, resting under the tropicalsun of Thailand, are compelled to observe precautions - nobody gets insured from getting sunburn. To do this, they should not save on quality tanning creams, which are better to buy at the resort of Patong. The level of protection of local creams reaches the required index of SFF-70, while those purchased in the homeland of the drug reach only 30 units, which does not protect from burns. In this case, the cream obtained in Patong should be applied to the body 3-4 times a day. What do you want - the tropics ...

days inn patong beach 3 room types
In the third line from the sea is the hotel Days InnPatong Beach 3 *. The beach of Patong is located only 250-300 meters from it. It is huge and noisy, the infrastructure is amazing with the number of restaurants, massage parlors, various entertainment establishments. On it now and then scurry salesmen, distributing tickets for various shows. If we talk about its resort advantages, it is sandy, with a smooth approach to the water, but the sea in its water is unclear. The beach of Patong is ideal for foam parties, meetings, walks and all kinds of entertainment. Here you can take a jet ski or fly after a boat on a parachute. For the traditional beach holiday, the Kata-Noi and Karun areas with white sand and clear turquoise water are more suitable.

Perfect and uninhabited (in the Bounty style), but small beaches can be found in the lagoons located in the north of the island.


Fans of water sports in Patong havethe opportunity to engage in diving, surfing, water skiing, fishing, yachting. Having bought several diving or surfing lessons and having succeeded in science to control breathing or keep balance, they acquire a new great hobby. In contrast, water ski lovers are more professional caste. To keep a balance on them is much more difficult, you can not learn this for a couple of lessons.

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On the beach there are always amateur competitions in volleyball, football. Their atmosphere is absolutely international and friendly.

As evidenced by the reviews, Hotel guests DaysInn Patong Beach 3 * after the beach exercise smoothly the companies are moving on to participate in the night life of the resort. In the central part of the city are popular discotheques Seduction, Hollywood, Irish pub Scruffy Murphy's, bar go-go Secret. The coast is also ideally suited for parties. There are many bars, pubs and restaurants. Adult tourists in the Simon Cabaret club are entertained by bright specific shows (we do not forget that Thailand is a recognized center of sex tourism), strip bars work.


Various excursions are offered to the guests of DaysInn Patong Beach 3 * (Phuket). Travels to neighboring islands of the archipelago of Pang-Nga, Phi Phi, Krabi, the Great Buddha Mountain, the oceanarium, the Thai Silk Center, the crocodile farm, the cashew processing plant, and the center of Korean cosmetics are popular enough.


In Patong, you can buy clothing andsports goods, jewelry and jewelry, swimwear. The stores that sell these goods are quite numerous. In particular, they can be found in the mall "Jang Ceylon". The buyer should pay attention to the department store "Robinson" and the market Big C.

days inn patong beach 3

A favorite place for guests of Days Inn Patong Beach3 *, wanting to buy strange fruits, is the private market Banzaan. To buy souvenirs, you should visit the night market Royal Paradise, which runs from 18:00 to 23:00, located near the hotel of the same name.

Known even outside Thailand ateliers fortailoring clothes to order - "The Magnificent Tailor of Phuket", no less popular RK Fashions and Tailors, Instyle Fashion Bespoke Tailors. Here you can order by your standards and more than twice cheaper than at home, quality silk shirts, costume, trousers.


Hotel Days Inn Patong Beach 3 * - wonderfula platform for exploring the world famous Thai resort of Patong. He firmly occupies his niche in the spa business, providing his guests with good services of economy class. Its location is almost ideal for exploring the sights of the resort. Managers and hotel owners have a good business reputation.

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