Unique Botanical Garden in Rostov-on-Don

The Botanical Garden of Rostov-on-Don is uniquea museum of rare plants in the open air. On the territory of 160 hectares a collection of rare and endangered plants of the Rostov region and Russia is collected. In the greenhouses of the garden also grow exotic plants of the tropics. On every centimeter of the open ground medicinal and aromatic species, flower and wood cultures from all regions of Russia grow.

History of creation

The idea of ​​creating the first botanical garden ona non-forest zone in the south of Russia for the acclimatization of plants from all over the world in the steppe climate was born in 1915. In April 1927, the city authorities allocated 74 hectares of land for organizing the garden of the North Caucasus University, occupied by arable lands, hunting grounds and a small flower farm, along the Temernik River.

Rostov-on-Don Botanical Garden

A unique layout of the gardenalleys and paths in accordance with the map of the region to repeat the relief of the edge, its main road and railroads. However, this project did not come to fruition, as in the first years seedlings from nurseries of Ukraine, the North Caucasus and other regions almost all died.

In manual work on the laying of the garden tookparticipation of thousands of Rostovites. And by 1940, more than 1,000 plants grew on the territory of 270 hectares, collections of crops were cultivated in the arboretum and greenhouse, seedlings were grown in a new nursery. During the war the garden was almost completely destroyed, many rare plants were lost. In the post-war period, the destroyed office buildings and greenhouses were reconstructed, the collection fund was completely restored.

Plants in the garden

Situated within the limits of a huge metropolis, the Botanical Garden of Rostov-on-Don impresses visitors with a unique collection of various plant species:

  • On the territory of the garden there are about 100 species of rare and endangered plants, 41 of which are listed in the Red Book of Russia.
  • In the greenhouses collections of palm and arid species of thermophilic tropical and subtropical plants are collected from North and Central America, Africa, Asia and Australia.
  • The variety of succulents and water plants of the tropics is striking.
  • Over the entire territory of the park there are more than 6,500 species of flowering plants, bushes and woody plants in Russia.

Rostov-on-Don Botanical Garden Photo

In the herbarium of the Botanical Garden of the Southern FederalUniversity (it is one of the largest in Europe) collected more than 22,000 plants. Some of them have survived since 1881. Every year the Botanical Garden updates and replenishes the collection of seeds of hybrid and unique specimens. In 2007, the Botanical Garden of SFedU was included in the Catalog of the best gardens in the world.

Botanical garden today

The daily routine of the Botanical GardenRostov-on-Don allows Rostovites and guests of the city to admire the exotic plants of the tropics, to relax in the shade of a sprawling 140-year-old oak, to enjoy the aromas of steppe flowers and herbs. The garden workers conduct fascinating excursions through the territory, telling entertaining stories from the life of the garden and cognitive facts about the collected plants. More information on plant flora can be found at the lectures of the Botanica Expert Consulting Center, which also conducts active educational work with schoolchildren, lectures, excursions and organize summer camps for children during school holidays.

Rostov-on-Don Botanical Garden address

Today the Botanical Garden is in the process of modernizing the infrastructure, educational, scientific and educational processes within the framework of the planned development program.

What attracts the Botanical Garden of Rostov

This year, on the 90th birthday of the garden,Subbotnik gave to the favorite place of rest. May 27, more than a thousand residents of the city took part in the cleaning and improvement of the Botanical Garden. On the same day, the pool of the mineral spring of St. Seraphim of Sarov resumed its work. At the Orthodox, this place is a shrine.

Botanical Garden of Rostov-on-Don

Rostovans and guests of the city Botanical garden givesthe opportunity to enjoy peace and quiet. Ground tracks in the territory are available for jogging or cycling. Taking a plaid and a picnic basket with you, you can arrange a romantic date or work out yoga in a secluded corner. Expansion for running around and noisy children's games attracts young mothers. And exclusive photos in the Botanical Garden of Rostov-on-Don against the background of wild plants or under a palm tree in a greenhouse will retain vivid memories for a long time.

How can I get to

Address of the Botanical Garden in Rostov-on-Donknown to every resident of the city. Prior to the lane, the Botanical Descent, where one of the entrances to the territory is located, from different parts of the city can be reached by regular bus number 64, route taxis Nos. 23, 25 and 37.

Entrance to the territory of the Botanical Garden is free,but you can visit the greenhouse only as part of a paid excursion (150 rubles per hour and a half). On the territory you can buy a seedling or seeds of a vintage plant and get competent advice on caring for it.

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