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Perhaps you have not been to Turkey yet. Or, on the contrary, visited her by paying a tour to a five-star hotel. Liked? Still would! True, one significant disadvantage of such hotels is the high price of accommodation. People who want to save a few, no doubt, will be interested in the information below. In Turkey, the infrastructure and services for tourists are simply excellent. This country attracts various categories of travelers: beach "seals", restless explorers of attractions, mothers with young children, greedy young people. Even lovers of privacy and contemplation of natural beauty will find a place in Turkey for recreation. But in this article we will focus only on one resort that adorns the Mediterranean coast of the country. It's about Antalya. As you know, hotels in Turkey are famous for their system "ol inclusive", which is very fond of our compatriots. So, we suggest to consider hotels of Antalya (4 stars, "all inclusive").

Hotels Antalya 4 stars all inclusive

What is the Turkish "Quartet"

With all responsibility, it can be argued thatsuch hotels offer excellent rest for reasonable money. A tourist who has already visited the "five", having got to the hotel one category lower, will constantly exclaim: "Why pay more?" And indeed, why? Just to get to the beach twenty meters less? Or to choose a snack in a restaurant not from five different options, but from seven? Or will we measure by steps the adjacent territory of a four-star hotel and find out with sadness that it is a couple of ten square meters smaller than in the "five"? Do you want it? After all, all-inclusive four-star hotels in Turkey offer the same standard set of services as the most fashionable hotels. Only the prices in them are lower. The hotel can be on the second lane or across the road from the beach. It can be located near the old city or directly in it, or it can occupy the green territories of the satellite villages.

Turkey antalya hotels rates

Turkey, Antalya: hotels, prices

Once again, we draw your attention to the fact that not allhotels of this resort work on the system "ol inclusive". Even fewer than those where "super all-inclusive" practices are practiced (with such a system, guests are provided with free alcoholic drinks imported). And the "four" of Antalya differ in price. Sometimes the difference in the cost of rooms is quite serious. Compare yourself: in "Argos 4 *" - 1572 rubles per room per night, in Lara Park in the popular beach area of ​​Lara - from two thousand rubles. In the hotels Best Western Plus Khan and Akra Park Barut for an identical room, they are asking for 2 555 and 2751 rubles. respectively. Power on the system "all inclusive" and offers the hotel IC Airport 4 *, although, judging by the name, there stop unless tourists with an early flight. But this does not prevent the administration from asking 3 865 rubles for a standard room. If you proceed from the prices, the cheapest hotels in Antalya (4 stars, all inclusive) are Lara Adrianus (1310 rubles) and Argos. And the most expensive hotel of this category is Miracle Resort (from 4127 rubles).

Which area of ​​the resort to choose?

The answer to this question should be sought, based onyour preferences. In the old city there are more "treshkas" in which young people settle. Here a rocky terrain, it will be possible to descend (and, naturally, to rise) along endless steps. The beach, most likely, will be a platform with ladder for entering the sea. Therefore, older people and parents with young children need to think three times before choosing the center of Antalya for recreation. But here a lot of discos, bars, nightclubs. Hotels in Antalya (4 stars, all inclusive) are located in the satellite towns - Lara, Kundu, Konyaalti. In the first two beaches are sandy, sunset in the sea is flat - this is exactly what you need for a baby to three years. Fans of "warming stones" on pebbles prefer to settle in the Konyaalti area. And tourists who prefer privacy and silence, choose Mermerly.

Best hotels in Antalya

Best hotels in Antalya four-star category

To help you choose a place to relax onthis resort, we compiled a rating of the sympathies of Russian tourists. Immediately it should be noted that it is rather difficult for our compatriots to please. So, a quiet hotel where everything breathes is not calm and calm, they characterize as "one can die with boredom", a hotel with animation is called noisy. Someone perceives the presence of Russian tourists as a catastrophe, while others are lost in a society of educated Europeans. But still there are hotels in Antalya that everyone liked. If we consider only those of them where they practice the all-inclusive food system, then we can single out the hotels Falcon Club, Lara, Best Western Plus Khan, Antalya Hotel, Grida City. What can you expect in such hotels? On the beautiful views from the window, a restaurant with a large selection of dishes, a large swimming pool (and not even one), animation, free Wi-Fi. Often in hotels of this category in the price of the holiday included visits to its own spa.

Antalya hotels 4

Hotels for active tourists

Very often hotels of Antalya (4 stars, "allincluded) on the infrastructure and the level of service are no different from luxury hotels. Lowering their status is only remoteness from the beach. Well, if you are not burdened for years, young children and sores, you can also walk for twenty minutes - through the park, along the streets or on the steps from the precipitous shore. This path separates from the sea, for example, "Best Western Plus Khan" and "Grida City". They are located in the center of the city and can not be better suited to active tourists, because the museums and other attractions are within easy reach. A half-hour walk through a beautiful park takes you to a sandy beach. Too lazy to stomp on legs? Most hotels provide a free shuttle to the coast.

Hotels in Turkey all inclusive

Hotels for lazy tourists

This category of travelers chooses hotelsthe first coastline, so that you can reach the sea at any time. Resort Antalya, hotels 4 * which are located sometimes and on the shore, stretched for many kilometers. In this regard, the tourist has plenty to choose from: sandy, pebbly, rocky beaches. It should be borne in mind that four-star hotels of the first line are often located on a high bank. This is, for example, "Antalya Hotel 4 *". But from the "Bilem Hai Klass" to the beach you only need to cross the road. The only drawback - a rocky beach with a pontoon platform for sunbathing. From "Agros" to the sea, you need about 150 meters. A beautiful pebble beach is just across the street from the Blue Garden. Of the similar hotels can also be called "Aspen" and "La Boutique Antalya" (there is no own pool, but located next to the water park "Dedeman").

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