Numerous attractions of Side

Side is on a small peninsula betweenthe village of Manavgat and the city of Antalya. It is bordered by the Taurus Mountains. While relaxing in Turkey, every tourist can see from their close distance their amazing beauty, hiking along various mountain trails. At the very bottom of the mountains is a flat strip of land, smoothly turning into a stunning beachfront.

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The city's historical past is incredibleInteresting. It was founded in the 7th century BC. e., since the capture of the city by Greek settlers. Two centuries later, during the Persian hegemony, its own coins appeared. Alexander the Great conquered the city in 334 BC. e., and its inhabitants laid down before the commander a weapon without resistance. Then the city fell into the power of the Ptolemies, after which the Seleucids. Further Side was in the structure of Pergamum, having retired with him to Rome.

After 6 centuries from the moment of foundation the city becamecenter of entertainment, culture and trade. In 100 years later, the Cilician pirates seized him, creating him the ill-famed for the largest center of the slave trade. Roman commander Pompey in 67 BC. e. with the pirates smashed, restoring the reputation of the city, for which grateful residents erected statues in his honor. From this moment the Roman period of the city began, after which it began to flourish actively.

Numerous attractions of Side

It is clear that a city that has such a richpast, and has a huge arsenal of various attractions. Here each era has left its mark. Historical monuments attract tourists from all over the world. At the same time, in combination with amazing beaches, comfortable hotels, as well as clean sea, rest here is only the most unforgettable experience.

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Looking at the attractions of Side, it is worthhighlight the remains of fortress walls, ancient streets, aqueducts, ancient theater, public toilets and Roman baths - all this will make you forget that now is the 21st century. You will be moved by the imagination into the arena of the theater, in which the gladiator fights took place, where slaves were thrown by predatory animals to be eaten for entertainment purposes. It is likely that in the beautiful garden you will hear the murmur of a fountain, feel the fragrance of fragrant flowers. While studying the sights of Side, you can also feel like a servant of the temple, and they are rich in Anatolian land.

You will be amazed at the temples of Athena and Apollo, whichbuilt in the Corinthian style of marble. According to the images on the coins, it was revealed that these two attractions Side belonged to Athena and Apollo - the two most important gods. There is an opinion that the large temple belonged to the goddess, and the one that is smaller in size - to Apollo, since on the coins the god stands before the temple small, Athena on the palm holds the model of a large structure. Near them was also the temple of Mena - the god of the moon.

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Near the built in honor of Vespasian triumphalarch is a fountain. In his niches are sculptures of the emperor and other statesmen - these are other attractions. Turkey, Side in particular, as you already understood, is rich in them. The decoration of this fountain included a facade that was decorated with three-tier ornamental columns, gutters in each cavity between the columns, a ceiling on the plates of which the heads of jellyfish and fish were depicted in the lower part with a wide acanthus and in the end parts with relief forms of dolphins. Here the supply of water was provided from nearby areas by means of lead pipes. Side, whose attractions are simply amazing, was considered the most expensive and luxurious fountain of Anatolia.

A large number of necropolises are inoutside the city. In this place are tombs and tombs - monuments in the form of temples, as well as modest sarcophagi. In the niches of the mausoleums there are marble sarcophagi.

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