Hotel Club Tropicana, Tunisia: reviews. Holidays in Tunisia

Rest in Tunisia is a great alternative alreadywell-known resorts of Turkey and Egypt. And although these countries are completely different, there are differences that add additional points towards having a vacation, for example, in Monastir.

Monastir - the history of the city

Nature itself did everything in its power to make Monastir a resort city:

  • It is located among the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Beaches with clean white sand seem to appeal to tourists.
  • A wonderful climate that does not strain the exhausting heat.

Here such natural trifles make rest in thisthe country is very pleasant. Although many tourists are afraid to travel to Muslim countries for beach holidays, as they are new to their laws and traditions, Tunisia does not concern this.

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Here you can swim in swimsuits, but on the streets or in a mosque in shorts and open tops it is better not to appear.

Once this town was the residence of Caesar, andIts name is familiar to everyone who at least superficially studied the history of the Ancient World. Carthage was part of the Phoenician state. Brave travelers from the city of Tire, led by the queen from the insidious brother Pygmalion queen Didona, founded the city, having bought a large plot of land from the local tribe by cunning.

At the request of the tsarina, the chiefs of the local aboriginesagreed to sell her as much land as she could cover the skin of a bull. Perhaps they were amused by such a prospect, but they did not know what a clever Phoenician queen could do. Cutting the skin into the finest strips, she overlaid with such a large piece of land that it was possible to build a powerful fortress, which was done by fugitives from the Phoenician city of Tire. This fortress was called Bierce, which in translation from Phoenician means skin.

The convenient location of Carthage and its strategic importance as a port on the way of ships from different countries, always made it a "lucrative prey" for those who wanted to take his wealth to his hands.

Today it is a resort that does not offer itsguests have fun until the morning, but will relax in peace and quiet, enjoying nature and local hospitality. For example, "Club Tropicana" (Tunisia), reviews of which the most controversial, gives the opportunity to spend the maximum amount of time on the coast, the benefit of it is only a few meters.


In Tunisia, with its ancient history, there isbut most often any excursion begins with a visit to the ancient fortress of Ribat on the beach. It was built in 796 by Hartam ben Ayyan and even now the power of its walls, so strong and majestic, is felt. They rise above the coast like a thousand years ago, only at that time their function was to inspire enemies and sea robbers with the fear and the thought that this fortress can not be conquered.

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You can visit it yourself, but it's betterTo do this, accompanied by a guide who will give information about how, and by whom this structure was built, about its strategic significance in different historical epochs.

Club Hotel Tropicana (Tunisia), located in the city of Sakhalin, organizes for its guests tours of the most significant sights of the region. Fortress Ribat among them.

For a relaxing walk on foot during the day,when the beach is too hot, the old part of the city of Medina is suitable, where numerous shops with local ceramics, silver, wood and leather products are concentrated. These souvenirs, impregnated with the spirit of Tunisia need to buy here.

The harbor of the city is a favorite place not only for its guests, but also for local residents. It is especially impressive at sunset, when both the white stones of the pier and the yacht acquire a beautiful pink shade.


Well, when you stop to rest at the hotel,which has its own beach. Club Tropicana is located in walking distance from the coast, which makes it even more attractive, although it has a level of only 3 stars.

The beaches of Monastir have their pros and cons:

  • First, they are covered with white sand, which is cleaned daily.
  • Secondly, the gently sloping entrance to the sea and a fairly long shoal make these places an ideal place to relax with children.
  • Thirdly, the purest water in which it is so pleasant to be engaged in various kinds of water sports.

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Among the cons are:

  • The presence of algae, which every morningthrows out on the coast. They are cleaned either by hotel cleaners, for example, the Club Tropicana 3 hotel (Monastir) does so, or specially hired people for this, but when the guests of the city come to the beach, the sand is already clean.
  • Jellyfish that migrate each year on a newplace, so you can not guess in advance which beach they will settle on next time. They can sting quite hard. There have been cases when people were hospitalized with severe skin burns that cause their tentacles. Especially neat should be allergic people, people with a weak heart and children.

In an extreme case, so as not to spoil the impression of a beautiful country, you can spend time in a deckchair by the pool, offsetting the troubles brought with cocktails and fruits.


It is here that the hotel "Club Tropicana"(Tunisia). Guest reviews about the village are the warmest. This Arab village is located just a few kilometers from Monastir, but in its shops completely different prices.

Special warmth is full of reviews of those who have been here,about the local population. If a guest of the country has a problem, they solve it together with the whole village and will certainly help. So it happened that the stray tourists faced with the fact that in the evenings there was no taxi from Sakhlin, so local people took them on their own transport free of charge to the city.

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Club Hotel Tropicana (Tunisia) is also differentresponsive and patient staff. Given that people come here with completely different habits and requests, this is especially important. So Tunisians should learn to tolerate. Especially they are patient with children, even the most capricious. Apparently, this is the Arabs' blood. A child is a messenger and a gift from God, so you should treat it with respect.

Otherwise, this region is especially attractive, when the heat has not yet come, which is simply difficult to bear in August - the hottest month in Tunisia.

What to do on vacation

For those who like noisy parties and clubbinglife is hardly suitable Tunisia. Hotel Club Tropicana 3 offers its guests a quiet relaxing stay, during which time flows slowly and you can pay more attention to local attractions.

For example, in order to understand the Tunisians, one should visit a small but very informative museum of Hammamet history, in which you can get acquainted with the life and interests of the local population.

The fans of the George Lucas film series "Starwar "will be curious to visit the scenery for the film, built in the Sahara Desert. To do this, it is enough to approach the reception of the Club Tropicana and book a two-day excursion to the hottest part of the world.

Tunisia hotel club tropicana

Here you can plunge into the atmosphere of the town, inwhich lived the favorite hero of the film - Anakin Skywalker, put on the clothes of its inhabitants, be photographed with the sword of the Jedi in his hand or against the backdrop of a spaceship.

Although it has been 40 years since the end of filming,here nothing has changed - the entire artificial town is kept in perfect order, as it annually brings the country multimillion profit from tourists.

"Tropicana Club"

Club-like "Tropicana" (Tunisia) has a veryadvantageous location - just 11 km from the city of Sousse, 3 km from the center of Monastir, in the village of Sakhlin. Here is an ideal place for a family holiday with children. No noise from night clubs, but full of fun and full of impressions every day lived.

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The club is well run by young animators,which "bother" customers and call for an active lifestyle. For example, thanks to them every morning at the hotel begins with gymnastics near the pool with subsequent water procedures and elements of aqua aerobics in the pool.

So they say about "Tropicana Club" (Tunisia) reviewshaving a rest. Numerous rallies and attractions, which are arranged by animators, give a charge of vivacity for the whole day. Small hotel guests are especially happy about this.

The beach, belonging to the club, also pleases itscleanliness, free sun loungers and umbrellas. If suddenly the beach area is "captured" stinging jellyfish, then you can spend a great time near one of the pools of the club.

Although rich in luxury hotels Tunisia, the Club HotelTropicana, which has a category of 3 stars, enjoys constant popularity with clients of different levels of prosperity. Excellent service and well-developed infrastructure allow you to feel great in every client.

Hotel Infrastructure

Hotel Club Tropicana 3 * shows itshospitality is already at the reception. For example, there are cases when travelers came to him at night, and the administration arranged a light dinner for newly arrived guests and only then they were accompanied to the rooms. Is this not an example of Tunisian hospitality?

In addition, at the guests' disposal:

  • barbecue areas and pools;
  • terrace for sunbathing and a beautiful fragrant garden for walking;
  • 2 restaurants and bars, where you can order, if necessary, a diet menu;
  • free internet and parking;
  • animation and evening entertainment;
  • night club and karaoke;
  • own beach and mini-golf course;
  • billiards and table tennis;
  • children's playroom;
  • SPA and hydromassage baths;
  • sauna and fitness center;
  • tennis court and massage room.

In addition, guests are invited to cozy rooms, in whichcleaning is done daily. There are two variants of accommodation - two and four-bed apartments. Day in a double room will cost the tourist about 80 dollars. By the way, with advance booking, payment is not required. The calculation is made upon arrival at the hotel.

Like the rest of Tunisia, rest ("Tropicana Club" 3 * - notexception), the impression of it will be remembered for travelers for a long time. Probably, the reason in the sunny beautiful country, which is inhabited by a wise and patient people, justifying all the legends of eastern hospitality.


The guests of the hotel are primarilybeach. Windsurfing is well developed here, which can be practiced all day long. At the guests disposal are catamarans and scooters, which can be rented, as well as boat rental or yacht trips.

Diving will not be less interesting, especiallyfor newbies. There are no extreme dive sites here, and the underwater world is not as diverse as near coral reefs, but to learn the basics of diving and get acquainted with the underwater inhabitants of the Mediterranean is real.

In the evenings, you can listen to a local concertperformers, and the guests of the night club are waiting for performances by DJs. Of course, Tunisia (Monastir, "Tropicana Club" 3 *) is not as rich in various shows and shows as Turkey or Egypt, but it's quite enough for lovers of a quiet family holiday.

If you "dilute" entertainment on the territory of the hotel with numerous excursions to the cities of the country, then we can assume that the rest was completely successful.

Interesting and cognitive will be a visitlocal shops and markets, where you can buy real masterpieces from Tunisian masters who adhere to the traditions of antiquity. This is especially true of jewelry made of silver, which local jewelers are famous for.


The special pride of Tunisians is their ability torejuvenate people and give them courage and strength. At the heart of the local thalassotherapy are the very algae so carefully harvested by employees on the beach every morning.

Tunisia is known for its spa salons throughout Europe. Quality services, unique health services and procedures and their moderate cost annually attract thousands of men and women to this country who care for their body and monitor their appearance.

Tunisia Vacation Club Tropicana 3

A healthy lifestyle and investing inown image is the norm for a modern successful and prosperous person. Even if you do not go financially to take a course of thalassotherapy, which costs from $ 600, you need to undergo a trial procedure for $ 20-30.

The result will be seen almost instantly, which is often just an incentive for customers not to save money, but to afford everything at once.

Among the procedures are especially popular wraps, cryotherapy, applications, bu-marin and various types of whirlpool baths.

From Tunis with the best mood

"Tropicana Club" (Tunisia), reviews of holidays inwhich is the most pleasant, has its own SPA center, where you can, if desired, undergo any anti-aging procedures or cleansing programs. The specialists of the center offer their patients not only relaxation, but also healthy activity, for which the fitness club trainers create stimulating programs for strengthening the muscles and joints, as well as sets of exercises for weight loss.

Today Tunisia is not only a relaxed holiday on the Mediterranean coast, but a real SPA resort where every client can choose for himself the kind of procedures and loads that he needs.

Such resorts are becoming especially popularall over the world, the Tropicana Club (Tunisia) is not far behind this fashion. The rating of the hotel is consistently high among its category. The hotel is on the list of the top ten three-star hotels in the country.

So it makes sense for yourself to experience all the charm of this place and its service.

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