"Priazovye" (Yeisk) - boarding house: description, services, prices, reviews

Rest on the Azov Sea is not considered an optionpremium class, but if you choose where to spend your vacation, we recommend that you pay attention to this direction. The Sea of ​​Azov is one of the smallest seas of our planet. Its average depth is 7 meters, and the maximum depth is 13 meters. Most of all, this seaside is suitable for families with young children. The banks here are very flat, the beaches are sandy, without stones. The sea very smoothly descends into the depths, and the wide coastal strip is very shallow. The water here is very well heated up to 30 degrees. The beaches are very quiet, there are not very many tourists. The largest resort of the Azov coast is the city of Yeisk. Here is the famous sanatorium, about which today we will speak.

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Welcome to the "Azov Sea" (Yeysk). The boarding house is located on the shore of the Azov Sea, on the Yeysk Spit. This is a unique place, on the one hand the spit is washed by the Taganrog Bay, and on the other side by the Yeisk Estuary. This is a real paradise for lovers of beach holidays, and of course, for children. Two sandy beaches, an affectionate and shallow sea make it possible to enjoy swimming from May to September. Add to this a moderate climate and a very special air. Here the marine ionized air meets the steppe, creating the effect of an inhalator. If you have problems with the respiratory system, then come to the "Priazovye" (Yeisk). The boarding house annually helps thousands of tourists to restore their health.

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How to get there

Immediately warn that the last time interestRussians to the local resorts has increased greatly. Proceeding from this, it is necessary to book tours in "Priazovye" (Yeisk) in advance. A boarding house with already more than half a century name. Here tourists are welcomed since 1962. Today the sanatorium is completely modernized, but, despite all the innovations, he managed to keep warmth and hospitality for his guests.

To make your trip enjoyable, you shouldplan your route in advance. There are many ways to get to "Azov" (Yeisk). The boarding house is known since the Soviet times, which means that it is not exactly one road leading to it. The fastest way to get by plane to Rostov-on-Don or Krasnodar, from there by intercity bus to the bus station of Yeisk. Now you are already in the resort city, it remains to drive along Yeisk by bus 130 or 148, to the stop "City beach" and further to the boarding house.

There is also a more budget option forrailway. By train, you can reach the train station of Yeisk, then by the aforementioned bus routes to the resting place. G. Yeisk, boarding house "Priazovye", street Plyazhnaya, 2/5.

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Location of guests

The boarding house "Priazovye" (Yeisk) is aa two-story building without an elevator, only 20 meters away from the sea. This is an excellent option for a couple. If you come to a big and friendly company, then choose a separate cottage. On the territory there are panel and wooden cottages, designed for a different number of people. All cottages and the hotel itself are designed for year-round accommodation of tourists. There are 259 rooms in the boarding house, that is, 560 guests can rest here at the same time.

Number of rooms

Everyone who plans a family trip, firstthe queue wants to know in what conditions he will live. Pension «Priazovye» (Yeisk) is ready to offer you to rent one- or two-storey cottages or rooms in a common building. In the common building you can choose single, double, triple or quadruple room. Each room is equipped with beds, TVs and air conditioning. In the kitchen there is a kettle and a fridge. Each room has a bathroom with shower and toilet, washbasin and necessary toiletries. Rooms are regularly cleaned and linen changed.

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Cost of rest

Below we will discuss the options foraccommodation of tourists, which you are pleased with Yeisk. The boarding house "Priazovye" prices offer quite democratic, especially when compared with other fashionable resorts. So, a single room with all conveniences, equipped with a single bed, appliances and a bathroom, will cost you 1440 rubles per day. The cost already includes food.

Double, two-room suite with allconveniences can accommodate up to 4 people, since apart from the bed there is also a sofa. The cost of renting such a number is 1650 rubles. per day. Triple rooms are estimated from 2700 to 3500 rubles per day. At the same time, the capacity of these rooms is up to 5 people.

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Comfortable cottages

Pension "Priazovye" (the city of Yeisk) offersits guests also stay in cozy cottages. Double room with a sea view in the panel house with a gazebo will cost you 3520 rubles. A similar, but two-room option will cost more, already 4800 per day. However, there are even more interesting proposals here. For example, a four-bed three-room suite with a kitchen, a sauna and a swimming pool. It will cost 6,600 rubles per day. Four-bed, three-room suite with a kitchen - 5200 rubles. Two-level cottage (four-bed and four-room) with kitchen, sauna and swimming pool 10700 rubles. Judging by the reviews, the conditions for living here are excellent, even in the budget room is clean and cozy, the staff is polite, the food is delicious. And what else do you need for a good holiday?

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Food for tourists

There is a canteen for 300 people and a cafe. Dining in the dining room on a scheduled basis. The terms of the contract provide for three meals a day. It's breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, you can always go to a cafe. And again, those who are going to come here for the first time will have a question, and how good the food will be and what options the Priazovye boarding school (Yeisk) will provide for its guests. Reviews say that the food here is very tasty and abundant enough. However, if you initially doubt, you can buy a ticket without food. In this case, you can go to a cafe where the cost of a three-time complex meal is 580 rubles. There is also a custom menu with a choice of dishes. In this case, a comprehensive three meals a day will cost you 800 rubles.

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Vacation with children

Just like an excellent option for a family holidayand the boarding house "Priazovye" (Yeisk) is positioned. The reviews emphasize that it is interesting not only for adults, but also for kids. Therefore, I want to return here year after year. There is a wonderful playground on which your children will not be bored. In bad weather, they are waiting for a game room and daily animation. Funny mini-disco will allow you to pass the evenings, and also to spend the stored energy.

Service at the hotel

The canteen on the territory of the boarding house allowssimultaneously accommodate up to 300 guests. You will find comfortable, free parking with the guarantee of safety of your transport. The concierge will offer you to put valuables in the safe. On the territory of the boarding house there is a newspaper and gift shops. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by courteous staff, will help you take things to your room, answer all your questions.


Not in vain ideal place of rest for the whole familycalled boarding house "Priazovye" (Yeisk). Reviews show us that people are really pleasantly surprised by the highest level of service and a lot of entertainment offered to guests. You can play billiards and rent a bicycle, you can have fun competitions: beach volleyball, table tennis. You can take any sporting equipment for rent.

In the evening, you will find cheerful animation and a games room,beautiful club and library. For lovers of relaxing holidays there are computer games and chess, and if you want to explore the neighborhood, then you have a tour desk. On the territory there is a beautiful Russian bath with massage room. From water activities you can rent a catamaran or boat, pedalo.

Beach holidays

It is two stunning beaches and famousboarding house "Priazovye" (Yeysk). Reviews say that it is here that you can fully enjoy the golden sand and warm water. Both beaches are well maintained, and only 20 meters from the hotel. On the beach there are umbrellas and sun loungers, and along the perimeter of the coast there are life towers. To your vacation was interesting and varied, there is a rental of water bicycles and other water attractions. The entrance to the sea is very comfortable, gentle, with a soft sand on the bottom. A shallow depth will give the opportunity to have fun in the water even the smallest.

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