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Bulgaria in September - a surprisingly wonderful placefor relax. In the very beginning of autumn, a real velvet season opens here, which pleases holidaymakers with warm air and sea, minimal rainfall, a warm and light breeze and, most importantly, a lack of fuss and a large crowd of tourists. An important plus is also that you can buy a ticket for this period for just a little money. Well, let's take a closer look at what exactly Bulgaria is pleased about in September, and what should be prepared for everyone who wants to rest there.


To say how accurate the air temperature is to youwill wait in this sunny country, definitely not. Everything depends on the resort that you choose, as well as on the vagaries of nature, which every year surprises us with something new. On average, the weather in Bulgaria in September is very warm and pleasant. The air warms up to + 25-28 degrees, the Black Sea will be pleased with waves heated to +23 Celsius. Rains are extremely rare, but, again, it all depends on how you stay in the city. In general, it can be noted that it is this country is the ideal option for recreation with children during the early autumn. Tourists are few, prices are falling, and the summer atmosphere remains.

Bulgaria in September

The description of the climate in more detail

To more specifically determine, consider,what kind of weather in Bulgaria in September prevails in its northern resorts and southern ones. In the first group are the most famous tourist centers of the country - Varna, Albena, Golden Sands. Despite the fact that the cities are located in the north of the country, there is still enough warmth in early autumn. The sea warms up to +21 degrees, and the air - up to +25. However, some disadvantages resorts consider minor winds, because of which the sea begins to worry slightly. As for the southern city-resort of Bourgas, as well as all its surroundings, then there are people who notice the much warmer weather. The air temperature during the day can reach +30 degrees, and the sea is warm, as in summer, - + 23-25 ​​degrees.

weather in bulgaria in september

When does Bulgaria "cool down"?

Going on vacation to sunny Bulgaria inearly autumn, it is important to know that the summer heat is, alas, only in the daytime. At night, local thermometers drop to +14 degrees, and sometimes even lower, and quite often a very cool sea breeze rises. Because you have to take a lot of warm things with you, so that evening walks do not cause a cold, especially if you came here with the kids. Also note that the September weather reduces its degree daily. For a week of rest you will not feel anything, of course, but if you compare the temperature indicators of the beginning of the month and its end, the difference is very significant. Even in the south of the country by the middle of autumn it becomes quite cool, windy and damp.

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Sea and mountains. How does this affect the weather?

Holiday in Bulgaria in September can alsoremember you dense and prolonged fog. In particular, this applies to those tourists who have chosen for themselves the resort areas located close to the local mountains. Among such cities can be called Nessebar, Sozopol and others that are with them in the neighborhood. If an overcast day is foreshadowed, then the nebula can be thick enough until lunch. On sunny days, of course, everything quickly dissipates, and the weather becomes warm again and summer again. Note also that many Russian tourists, going on vacation in Bulgaria, rent a car there and independently travel around the country. Therefore, we do not forget that in the mountains it is always more cloudy, cold and foggy. You should be more careful on the roads, do not forget it's also warmer to dress.

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Autumn events

As the tourists note, Bulgaria is pleased in Septembernot only the warm sun and the sea, but also the abundance of various festivals that begin in August, and end in the first autumn month. For example, in Varna to its logical and very enchanting completion is suitable film festival "Golden Rose". In this show, various pictures taken by European filmmakers as well as Asian and African filmmakers take part. The city of Plovdiv is the place of theatrical and puppet international festivals. The events are rather unusual, because those who visited them assure that they expand the cultural horizon and deliver a lot of new impressions.

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The brightest days in Bulgaria

Few people know that the tour to Bulgaria in September -this is a real find for lovers of bright shows, fun and holidays. It is this month that the biggest festival-exhibition of the country takes place in the local town called Sozopol. Here you can see absolutely everything that is connected with art. Dance skills and folk choirs demonstrate their skill. Artists exhibit their unique works on auctions, executed in different styles. Musicians, in turn, collect whole pennies from grand pianos and violins, giving all comers an opportunity to listen to a virtuoso game for free. Also in September Bulgaria marks the main day of the city - Sofia Day, its capital. Here, a stunning show is staged, with fireworks and light effects. To get there it is possible absolutely free of charge, and pleasure to receive weight.

Bulgaria, September: prices

In addition to the sunny weather, which is preserved inregion in the beginning of autumn, Russian travelers are also attracted by very low prices for tours. For example, a tour for two adults, lasting 7 days, will cost you 20-25 thousand rubles. If possible, you can buy a burning tour, which will be even more profitable for you. However, when booking a ticket, it should be remembered that in this country there are a lot of various hotels. In advance, consider what kind of service you are fully satisfied with, discuss all the details with the administrator. And, of course, prices are falling and a lot of local services. Food, attractions, and even goods that are sold in the country's shops, are much cheaper than in the summer. In local shopping centers you can buy clothes and shoes with large discounts, in the markets you can choose something with national symbols or antiques at a very democratic price.

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