The city of Nakhodka, Primorsky Krai

Have you ever heard of such aan amazing city, like Nakhodka? Primorsky Krai, of course, is rich in a variety of interesting places, but many travelers claim that it is in this village that everyone, even the most seasoned and capricious tourists, should like.

This article will introduce everyone witha settlement under the name of the city of Nakhodka (Primorsky Krai). Readers will learn in more detail about where this stunning corner of the planet is located, what is so special about it, and why everyone should visit it.

Nakhodka, Primorsky Krai: general description

In order to find a point on the map, which,undoubtedly, will later draw your attention, you need very little: just be attentive or excellently know the geography. For all doubters in themselves, we try to give a clue. So, look for one by one: "Russia" - "Primorsky Krai" - "Nakhodka". It will be impossible to miss it. This territorial unit is part of the same district and is considered the third largest city in Primorye with a population of 156,442 people. (information taken as of the beginning of 2014).

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The settlement is located off the coast of the Gulf withthe same name in the Sea of ​​Japan, on the Tyrny Peninsula. Such a unique location and incomparable natural conditions make the rest in Nakhodka of Primorsky Krai truly unforgettable. Geographically, this is the southernmost city in the eastern part of Russia, located 171 km southeast of Vladivostok.

The territorial unit was established in 1864, andoriginally it was a hydrographic post. The port city of Nakhodka (Primorsky Krai) became in connection with the transfer of the seaport from Vladivostok. They opened the sea gate in 1947, and in 1950 the town received the status of a city.

From the sea the settlement is cut off by a hugeindustrial zone. The economy specializes in the port-transport complex. In the seaport "Nakhodka", ship repair, cargo handling, fishing and fish processing are carried out. In 2007, it was reoriented for transshipment of coal in the open way, which adversely affected the ecology of the city.

Where did the name come from

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The name of the city is directly related to the namethe same name bay, located nearby. The port "Nakhodka" (Primorye Territory) was opened in 1859 by Russian sailors. According to legend, the sailor of the corvette "America" ​​exclaimed: "This is a godsend!" When he saw an unknown bay. In the journal of the navigator of the corvette "America" ​​on July 18, 1859, a corresponding entry was made about the discovery of the bay, not previously indicated on the map, and about giving it the name "Nakhodka Harbor".

History of the settlement


In general, according to the official version, the history of the citybegins in July 1859. For a long time, the Primorsky Territory was carefully studied by historians. The city of Nakhodka, as it was proved, was discovered as a bay long before 1859, and the port was founded by the first settlers who went here in search of a better life.

According to the official version, the village in the bay ashydrographic post appeared in 1864. From 1907 to 1940, the settlement that settled on the bank of the Kamenka River was called the American (by the name of the corvette). After the revolution, he was increasingly called Nakhodka, but for ideological reasons.

In 1939 a decision was made to transfer the commercialand fishing Vladivostok ports in the bay of Nakhodka. This was the impetus for a radical change in the history of the village. The settlement began to develop actively, roads were built that connected it with the rest of the world. Foreign ships began to arrive in Nakhodka. One of the first was the Danish ship "Greta Mersk" in 1947. Velos and construction using bonded labor. Many "stalinkas" in the city were built by Japanese prisoners of war.

Nakhodka (Primorye Territory can be proud of it)received the status of the city in 1950. Territorial unit was visited by 150 thousand tourists and 40 foreign delegations annually. When the borders were opened in 1992, everything changed. Tourists rushed to Vladivostok. Urban dealers began to make money on second-hand cars that were imported from Japan. The industry fell into decay.

But the city did not disappear from the map of Russia. Its further development is already connected with petrochemical production.

Features of the local climate

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If a city in Russia is able to surpriseexperienced traveler, so this is Nakhodka. Primorsky Krai, whose recreation centers are never deserted, is always glad to guests. However, tourists should take into account some local characteristics. The fact is that this territory is located in the temperate monsoon climate zone. In winter, cold air masses are carried from the mainland to the sea, as a result of which low-cloud and frosty weather is established. Precipitation is low. From the north and north-west winds blow with a speed of up to 10 m / sec. They contribute to a significant decrease in temperature. According to the weather rigidity in winter, Nakhodka is located in the 5th zone of frost resistance. The depth of freezing ground according to the norm is 142 cm. The spring is cool, prolonged with the predominance of winds of the south and south-east direction. Wind speed up to 7 m / s. The period of the summer monsoon is from June to August. Until mid-July, air masses are moving from the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. A cool, cloudy weather with fogs is set. Rains rain. From the second half of summer (mid-July) the weather is sunny and warm. Relative air humidity in July is more than 90%. In August, a frequent phenomenon of typhoons is tropical cyclones, as a result of which the monthly rainfall rate falls within 1-2 days.

Under the influence of ebb and flow, riverflow and winds in the bays of Nakhodka autonomous circulation of water is formed. The cold current does not have a significant impact on these waters. The water temperature in August reaches 24 degrees Celsius. The beach season lasts 2-3 months: from the middle of June to the beginning of September. Autumn is dry and warm. Clear, sunny weather prevails.

Ecological situation

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The atmospheric air of the city deteriorates, mainly,exhaust gases of cars, emissions of urban boiler houses, not equipped with a filtration system, and coal dust. In connection with the growth in the transshipment of coal in the port, not only the atmosphere of the city, but also the sea area is heavily polluted with coal particles.

To date, the settlement practicallywas on the verge of an ecological catastrophe. An unsuitable sanitary situation has developed in the private sector, where centralized garbage collection has not been organized, which has led to the formation of spontaneous landfills. Since 2006, a specially designed landfill for household wastes has been operating.

A complex ecological situation in the Bay of Nakhodka. Its waters are polluted with discharges of sewage, oil products, ship sinks. Even before 2006, almost a third of the city's drains merged with the uncooked Nakhodka Bay. Later this reset was partially blocked. The cleaning of the Kamenka river bed was made. The concentration of heavy metals in the waters of the bay of Nakhodka is especially high. The crisis in the ecological situation has a detrimental effect on the marine fauna.

Why is it worth to go to Nakhodka?

Resort and beach town of Nakhodka (Primorsky Krai), a photo of which can be found in almost every guide to Russia, is considered a place of rest of local importance.

The main feature of this region is warmbeaches and beautiful surrounding landscapes. In the warm months of the year, and this summer and the beginning of autumn, the water temperature in the sea reaches 25 degrees. You can bask in the sun from the middle of June to the beginning of October.

In addition to pastime on the beaches, you can conquer the most beautiful hills, the Livadia Range, which is famous for Smolny waterfalls to all Primorye.

The city itself is special, it does not have a single square because of the peculiarities of the relief, the houses are located closer to the coast and on the slopes of the hills. The main part of Nakhodka stretches along the coast for 20 km.

Nakhodkinsky prospect with the length of 10 km, along theEssentially, the only street in the city, it connects the northern part of the settlement with the southern quarters. This is the main place for recreation and walks of city residents. On the avenue there are the city museum and park, the main monuments: the Stone of Friendship is a gift from the sister city of Maydzur, the Victory Memorial, the Tsuguru twin brotherhood, and the monument to the lost sailors "The Sorrowful Mother", by which the Kamenka River, beloved by the townspeople.

The find is different from other Far Easterncities good Stalinist, and not panel houses, clean streets, beautiful and high hills. One of the most beautiful is the hill Sister, which is the symbol of the city.

Price policy

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In the suburbs of Nakhodka there is a largenumber of recreation centers that can meet the tastes and needs of holidaymakers in accordance with their financial capabilities. Prices depend on the season, comfort and provided services. Fans of outdoor activities are suitable for small bases that offer accommodation in cabins for 2-3 people. The cost of living is up to 2500 rubles per day. Among them: "Sunny Beach", "Anchor", "Geologist", "Antares".

"Green Cape", "East", "Tungus", "Marinestar "are the bases that provide tourists with more comfortable living conditions. They offer a separate house or a cozy room in the building. The cost of living from - 3 to 9 thousand rubles. There are bases focused on family holidays. They have a good entertainment complex, swimming pools, playgrounds. Vacationers with children are waiting for Lukomorye, Otrada, Pearl Beach.

Reviews about the trip

Impressions of Nakhodka are generally positive,dissatisfied travelers a bit. Here, everyone can choose a suitable option for him at a price and comfort. By car, you can reach any beach. Local numerous attractions and a large number of sea bays with beautiful, diverse landscapes will not leave indifferent holidaymakers and will satisfy the most refined taste.

What you should pay attention to

In Nakhodka is the largest port in Primorye. It consists of 108 berths and together with the industrial zones it occupies almost the entire Nakhodka coast.

The city beach does not enjoy a largepopularity. Sunbathing and bathing nakhodkintsy on the beaches of urban outskirts, in the villages of Livadia and Wrangel. These humble settlements are included in the city limits, and the distance between them is 40 km. This makes Nakhodka one of the longest cities in Russia.

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Residents of Nakhodka always listen to the forecastweather for the simple reason that the city is located in a tsunami-dangerous zone, Pacific typhoons are not uncommon here. Monsoon rains come in August, and the Kamenka River comes out of the banks, flooding the streets.

From Nakhodka you can bring seafood, a souvenir is a picture with urban and suburban landscapes.

Nakhodka is one of the most expensive cities in the Far East.

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