The Great and Dreadful Costanica in the Czech Republic

One of the most amazing and extraordinarymonuments of the world architecture is the Barn in Czech Republic. This structure was erected for several centuries, in order to remind all mankind how terrible and terrible death is. Of course, the frame itself of the building is made of more durable building materials, but the bones of more than 40 thousand people entered the arches, portals, ornaments, inscriptions, and the famous chandelier.


An ossuary in the Czech Republic is now in the town of KutnaThe mountain, which is located 70 kilometers from Prague. In the distant past, this village was built on a silver deposit, and therefore it was a major economic and commercial center of the country. Later these jewels were exhausted, and the city itself was covered by a wave of plague. After that, armed uprisings followed, wars that finally destroyed the former financial center of the state, and Kutná Hora became only a small province. However, it is still glorified by the same notorious Kostnitsa.

church bony in the czech republic

In the Czech Republic in the 13th century there was a terrible epidemicplague. In large numbers, people died, and as a result of this, the cemeteries expanded over uninhabited territories at great speed. Soon secondary burials began to be practiced in the country, and those bones that had already been spent in the ground for many years were taken out and put into the local Sedletsky monastery, which served as a chapel in the cemetery. By the 14th century, the bones of more than 40,000 people gathered in this place, and one of the monks decided to whiten them. Gradually cleaning each bone, he stacked pyramids out of them, which resulted in 6 pieces, each of several meters. After the death of this monk Sedletsky monastery was closed for 350 years.

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Kostnitsa herself in the Czech Republic was born at 18century, when someone F. Rint of all these human remains carved a real work of art. His technology is still secret, but the wonders of non-standard art form pleases the eye and pushes philosophical reflections. It is also known that a terrible beauty is memorized for everyone who enters this church.

The ostrich in the Czech Republic includes absolutely everythingpart of the human skeleton. Oblong became the basis for the coat of arms and the crown, the skulls were decorated with portals and arches. But the greatest delight is caused by a huge chandelier, in which the master has enclosed bones of all kinds: both phalanxes and twirled coccyxes. It should be noted that this cathedral is very large, and despite this, each of its cells, each hall and passage are equipped with patterns and manual cutting of this material. That is why the temple, which is an example of the severity of Medieval architecture and the horror that only can instill in the soul of the human skeleton, is considered to be the Ancestor in the Czech Republic.

A photo of this work of art, as well as itsthe most outstanding parts are presented in the article, and before traveling to this country you can appreciate the greatness and horror that lurk in this place. Finally it is worth noting that, despite the huge number of human remains concentrated in one place, there are still no legends about possible ghosts and spirits living here.

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