Sunrise All Suites Resort 4 * (Bulgaria): overview, description, services, reviews

All tourists who have long discovered for themselves Turkey,Egypt, exotic countries, as well as those who are just beginning to master the fascinating business of traveling the world - we offer to spend unforgettable days in Bulgaria, on one of its youngest resorts and in one of the oldest cities of the Obzor. It is almost three thousand years old, so there is something to see. The resort became the city about 80 years ago, but not only because it is near the Black Sea, but also because there are balneological springs. Therefore, a wonderful rest, if desired, can be combined with effective recovery. Over the years, many first-class hotels have grown in and around the Review. One of them - Sunrise All Suites Resort 4 *. All those who come here admire the beauty of the territory, the chic rooms, the exclusivity of the kitchen and the exceptional organization of leisure. We suggest you to make a virtual tour of this amazing place.

Sunrise All Suites Resort

Location how to get there

Sunrise All Suites Resort is 3.4 km awaythe town of Obzor, in the northern direction from it. Nearly there are almost no other facilities, only a couple of other hotels, but the excellent asphalt road near which the hotel is located can lead to Obzor, to Varna, to Burgas and to any other part of Bulgaria. The hotel is surrounded by a small grove and a meadow, through which it is necessary to pass less than 5 hundred meters to get to the Black Sea coast. Thus, in the Sunrise All Suites Resort will be most comfortable for those who are looking for a relaxing stay away from cheerful and enchantingly bright, but such noisy objects of entertainment.

It's not difficult to get to the hotel. The survey is located approximately in the middle between the two international airports of Bulgaria. Up to one, called "Varna" and located in the city of the same name, 65 km, and to the second, called "Burgas" and, accordingly, located in the same city, just over 70 km. From both airports, the hotel receives a transfer to the hotel.

Sunrise All Suites Resort 4


Area of ​​the Sunrise All Suites Resort4 * is quite large, but every corner of it is carefully arranged. This hotel can be called a borough - there are so many infrastructure facilities here. Once his buildings were erected to become a residential complex. Therefore, they are located at some distance from each other. The total number of buildings is 4, each of them is seven-storeyed. There are many playgrounds and games for children, several swimming pools and one man-made lake with animals, there is a SPA-salon, parking for 30 cars, a shop with food and clothing, a bank outlet, a souvenir shop, a mini market. In the hall of one of the buildings there is a reception. All the staff speaks good Russian. The reception is designed so that the tourists who are settling for a living do not need to stand at the counter waiting to prepare their documents, or they can sit comfortably in comfortable chairs. Guests can take the press here, order sightseeing tours, take their suitcases to the luggage room and valuables in the safe, rent crockery in the room, electric appliances, pay for Wi-Fi, rent a car or bicycle.

For business guests, the hotel has a conference room and a professional secretary service.

city ​​Overview


Sunrise All Suites Resort in its fund has 179rooms of the category "apartments". Each of them can be called a separate apartment. Each is equipped with one or two balconies. Types of windows depending on the location of the hull can be on the sea, on the territory of the hotel or on the neighborhood. "Apartments" are offered with one, two or three bedrooms. Each room has a living room, a kitchen, an entrance hall and a hygiene room. The furnishings in the rooms are rich, stylish and beautiful. From the furniture there are sleeping sets, soft sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, decor elements: paintings, vases, statuettes. Each room has air conditioning, telephone, split-system, modern TV, safe. Kitchens are equipped with modern electrical appliances: a stove, a washing machine, an electric kettle, and kitchen units. But the dishes, except for two cups, no. If the guests will need to cook something for themselves, plates, pots and pans can be taken at the reception. In each room there are kits for tea and coffee, sugar, cream, 2 bottles of beer and water, juice.

In the rooms of hygiene there are toilet bowls, largerecumbent baths with a shower, stand-alone boilers, wash basins. All standard hygiene products are provided on the day of arrival of tourists and are replenished regularly.

gift shop


Tours to Sunrise All Suites Resort are for saleonly with an all-inclusive power system. This includes abundant first and second breakfasts, snacks, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, ice cream (8 types), all kinds of drinks and snacks. The infrastructure of the hotel includes two restaurants (main, with a buffet, and a custom-made menu), bars in each building, a bar in the lobby. In the menu are various cereals, cereals, sausages, cheeses, cottage cheese, eggs, meat, fish, poultry, vegetable, rice and pasta garnishes, salads, desserts, lots of fruit. From alcoholic beverages free of charge until 11 pm you can take beer, whiskey, rakia, cognac, wine, cocktails for every taste.

For all comers, the hotel provides a service "delivery of food to the rooms." It applies to any type of eating: breakfast, dinner, snacks, lunch. Also in the room you can order only drinks.

In addition to the main restaurant, guests have the right to visit the restaurant with a menu for free once a week (food is provided by individual order).

The hotel has a very spacious outdoor terrace, where in good weather it is very comfortable to relax with a glass of wine, have breakfast or have dinner.

In Bulgaria

Hotel for kids

In Bulgaria it has always been good to revitalize children. Hotel Sunrise continues this wonderful tradition. There are three separate, fairly spacious children's pools up to 60 cm deep. Two of them have fungi with water streams flowing, small water hills are installed. Between the buildings there is an open playground and a trampoline, and in the central building there is a mini club. With the kids spend the whole day animation, there are water attractions. In the rooms you can order a baby cot, and for older children the euro clamshell. For a child who has not reached the age of 12, payment is not made, and for a child from the age of 13 and for adults when placing on cots, payment is 40 euros per day.

Leisure at the hotel

The nearest place where there are entertainmentobjects, is the city of Obzor. Some guests go there on foot, which takes about 40 minutes. You can also drive to the city by bus. But most of the guests, especially those who came with little children, spend their leisure time on the hotel grounds. There are three large swimming pools with free sun loungers and umbrellas. Sports lovers can entertain themselves in the billiard room, on the darts court or at the tennis tables. For recovery, the hotel built a wonderful wellness center with a fitness room, sauna, bathhouse, massage room, beauty salon.

Sunrise All Suites Resort 4 Bulgaria reviews


The city of Obzor has long been known as a wonderfula Bulgarian resort on the Black Sea coast. Hotel Sunrise is located from the sea at a distance of 300-500 meters, depending on the room number. The fact that the coastline is not nearby can be considered a plus, since near the sea from the second half of the day, almost every day a strong wind, and on the territory of the hotel is always acceptable weather. Go to the beach you need through the meadow, along the stony path. The beach at the hotel Sunrise own, sandy, very wide and always clean. The only drawback can be called cigarette butts, which irresponsible tourist-smokers (and smoking is allowed throughout the hotel) are buried in the sand instead of being thrown into the urns placed everywhere. The sea in the area of ​​this beach is clean, the coast is shallow, which is very convenient for children and their parents. The lack of beach rest in this region is almost constant wind, raising high waves. Because of this, rescuers often expose a red flag.

Leisure outside the hotel

Not only to rest, but also to be healthy canguests Sunrise All Suites Resort 4 *. Overview is famous for its climatic conditions. On the one hand it adjoins the Black Sea coast, and on the other - is surrounded by a forest, where rivers rumble, the air is saturated with phytoncides, flowers and berries grow among the trees. In addition, there are hydrogen sulphide springs in the vicinity of the city. Entertainment centers in the Review, too, is there, but not as much as, perhaps, would like the youth. Everyone who loves night clubs and noisy discos, you need to go to Varna or to Burgas. It is also more reasonable to go to large centers for shopping lovers.

); Sunrise All Suites Resort 4 Overview
The hotel has a gift shop where you cancheap to buy a lot of interesting things, but the choice of clothes, bed linen, jewelry, wine, shoes and other goods here is small. Another popular excursion is a trip to the town of Nessebar. There are not only interesting sights, but also a quite good water park.

Sunrise All Suites Resort 4 * (Bulgaria): reviews

This hotel is very popular with everyone who is going to relax peacefully and serenely. In delight with him and parents with children. But the youth here is boring, which is reflected in the reviews.

The noted advantages:

- chic territory;

- many swimming pools;

- tasty and very rich food;

- numbers above all praise;

- close to the sea;

- professional staff;

- around beauty and purity.

Notable disadvantages:

- far away shops and entertainment centers;

- paid safe, internet and fridge;

- kitchens in rooms without microwave and dishes;

- at sea, frequent winds.

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