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Chemnitz (Germany) is a city located in the Saxon region. Its name is consonant with the nearby river Chemnitz. What to see a tourist in a German town? We will discuss this further.

Historical background

The date of the founding of the city dates back to the 7th century. A long period of time, until the beginning of the XIV century, Chemnitz (Germany) was considered a populated area with an imperial status. Already the eighteenth century was marked by the rapid development of industrial enterprises in the city. The Second World War brought Chemnitz strong destruction due to the bombing of American and British pilots. Then, during the GDR, the government decided to rename the city. Then it began to be called Karl-Marx-Stadt. After the German Democratic Republic ceased to exist, the city was again called Chemnitz.

Chemnitz Germany


Chemnitz (Germany), whose attractionsdescribed below, differs from the major cities in the country. It does not have a large number of cultural monuments, the reason of which lies in the course of historical events. Among the buildings of the Middle Ages in Chemnitz preserved the Temple of Jacob XIV-XV century. A reminder of the past epochs in the city is the building of a tower called Rother-Turm. This is one of the oldest buildings in Chemnitz, which is its symbol for locals and tourists. In the XII century, the tower was residential, but later it was used as a city fortification. Later, the prison and the courtroom were placed in this building.

Another famous monument in the cityis the territory of the Castle Pond, located near the eponymous mountain. This landmark has an artificial origin. The date of its creation dates back to the end of the XV century. To this day, locals and travelers like to relax here.

Chemnitz germany photo

Those who want to look at the city from a height,should go to the square in the market, where the Tower of the Town Hall is located. Already from 1488 there lived a man who performed one of the most important posts for Chemnitz. He was a watchman of the Old Town Hall building, as well as a local chronicler and guard.

In addition, another attractionChemnitz is considered to be the great head of Marx, the founder of Marxism, which recalls the socialist period of the country's history and the former name of the city.

Cultural monuments

Chemnitz (Germany), photo of which you cansee below, is famous for its museum complexes. Several years ago Gunzenhausen was opened in the city, which is part of the association of art collections. Tourists like to visit the building of a puppet theater in Chemnitz. In addition, the city can stroll through the famous Stone Forest, a mysterious story which, according to scientists, began about three hundred years ago. The mystery of this place experts until the end has not yet been able to unravel.

Modern city view

If you are in a zone for pedestrians,feel the combination of old buildings and a new business center. There is no sense of heaviness, and walking around the city will provide you with a good mood and a burst of inspiration. Chemnitz is a sample for many localities, as it successfully combines modern office spaces with old buildings.

Chemnitz germany attractions

This city has an international level. It is really convenient to live here, and tourists can visit interesting excursions and find the opportunity to spend an interesting time. Chemnitz even awarded a special Difa award for excellent development, which can be seen as a good example for other localities.

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