Hotel Dionysos Inn Hotel 3 *, Greece: overview and reviews

Dionysos Inn Hotel 3 * is a component parta large complex of places for recreation - Dionysos Hotel Apartments. Most tourist operators advise tourists who want to relax on the peninsula of Kassandra, to settle here, because the guests, having got here, will certainly be surrounded by attention, care and proper conditions. In addition to all here, very nice prices for accommodation and entertainment.

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It is located Dionysos Inn Hotel 3 * in Chalkidiki -A small peninsula, which bears another beautiful name - Kassandra. Not far from this place is located the center of the town of Hanoti, where there is a huge amount of entertainment, which will certainly come to the liking of the representatives of the younger generation. The nearest international airport is located in Thessaloniki, which is 90 km from the hotel.

Dionysos Inn Hotel 3 * (Chanioti) is located inA place where a mild and very warm climate reigns. In summer, tourists who have a rest here can observe the maximum number of sunny days. In addition, due to the sea air, they do not languish from the heat.


Dionysos Inn Hotel 3 * (Kassandra / Chanioti)The hotel offers to its guests a room fund consisting of three types of apartments: standard, deluxe and grand suite. In each of them, fresh renovation is made, all the furniture that is in them is modern and comfortable. Guests can enjoy free access to the Internet, as well as a small amount of electronics. In the rooms, regardless of the degree of comfort, there are individual bathrooms and shower cabins.

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Standard apartments are designed forPopulation from 2 to 3 people. In their area of ​​20 square meters. m, there is a set of furniture necessary for comfortable living. Often, residents are settled here, who came to rest with their young children.

As berths here are providedbeds with orthopedic mattresses, and there is also a convertible sofa. Their belongings guests can neatly fold in a very roomy wardrobe, as well as in the cupboards. The rooms of this class have a well-equipped kitchenette, where guests can cook their own meals. As for electronics, the standard has a refrigerator, a plasma TV, and a kettle.

Each room has an individualair conditioning, with which you can adjust the temperature in the room regardless of weather conditions. Also from here guests have access to a furnished balcony, which offers a magnificent view of the surroundings surrounding the Dionysos Inn Hotel 3 * (Chanioti).

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Deluxe Room

Rooms of this type are offered to guestscomfortable conditions, located on 25 square meters. m. There is also a separate furnished balcony overlooking the blooming Greek gardens. As well as in the standard category, there is a kitchen equipped with furniture and electronics and a TV with satellite channels. Guests can use the safe, telephone and minibar, which is filled daily with fresh cool drinks for an additional fee. On the given sleeping places can accommodate up to three people.

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Grand Suite

These rooms offer the most comfortablehotel conditions in the entire hotel. Guests who choose an apartment of this type can comfortably accommodate 75 square meters. m, the area of ​​which is divided into two bedrooms, a living area and two bathrooms.

There is a large set of furniture,designed for up to five guests. In the living room area is equipped with a place for cooking, as well as for its reception. The apartment has access to a private balcony from which you can enjoy views of the swimming pool.

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Conditions for children

Dionysos Inn Hotel 3 * positions itselfIdeal for a family vacation. That is why a small number of conditions have been created here, contributing to the comfortable living of small guests. For them, there is a small outdoor pool filled with crystal clear water, which is created in compliance with all safety requirements. They can also have fun in the children's playground, which is also open-air and contains on its territory everything necessary for children's outdoor activities. If necessary, an extra cot can be provided in any room upon request.


In the open area in Dionysos Inn Hotel 3 *(Kassandra, Halkidiki) there is a large swimming pool in which fresh water is regularly updated. Guests can have fun in it, and then relax on the sun terrace located nearby. For the comfort of the guests there are sun beds and beach umbrellas. There is also a bar, where you can drink refreshing drinks or taste a delicious dessert.


At the Dionysos Inn Hotel 3 *(Cassandra-Chalkidiki / Hanioti) there is access to a public beach, which is literally five minutes walk from the main building - at a distance of 150 meters. It is always clean, from its territory a beautiful view of the surrounding nature opens. At a special point, guests can rent sun beds, umbrellas, towels and air mattresses. Also they can use free public locker rooms, toilets and showers.

As for entertainment, the enterprisingresidents of the peninsula organized a local beach complex of services and offers that vacationers can use for a fee. In particular, you can ride on air cushions, water skiing, rent a catamaran, boat or yacht.


The guests of the Dionysos Inn Hotel 3 * havethe opportunity to eat both independently and in cafes, which are available on its territory, where light snacks, desserts, and various drinks are served. There is also an excellent dining room where tourists can enjoy European and traditional Greek cuisine. As the guests themselves note in their reviews about the Dionysos Inn Hotel 3 *, the real masters of culinary art work here, which can surprise even the most demanding gourmets.

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For business

Often, the hotel guests are resting, whose sphereactivity is related to doing business. Such people very often need to organize business meetings, presentations and holding negotiations right during the rest. For such events, the hotel has a small conference room, which is furnished with comfortable seating. There is also a modern sound and light equipment that will make the presentation brighter, as well as projectors and a laptop. In addition, guests can use the stationery available here.

The services

Every guest who rests in the hotelDionysos Inn Hotel 3 * (Chalkidiki-Kassandra), guaranteed a number of free services in the form of access to the Internet (Wi-Fi), currency exchange, provision of consultations from the administration behind the reception desk, etc. However, there are several options for the possibilities can be used for a fee. In particular, guests can rent their things for dry cleaning and laundry, use an individual storage room, a room service, or rent a car or bicycle.

When entering the Dionysos Inn Hotel 3 *, you should also remember that credit cards are not accepted on its territory, so you should collect cash in advance.

Price list

Cost of tour to the hotel directlydepends on which operator it was purchased and from which airport the flight will be flown. On average, the statistics show that, if you spend a week together in a standard apartment, the price of rest will be about 65 thousand rubles. In this cost, operators in advance include a fee for round-trip flight, airport transfers, as well as accommodation and meals (buffet).

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What's close to the hotel

Dionysos Inn Hotel is located inThe very center of entertainment that does not subside throughout the night. That is why a holiday in this hotel is ideal for people who prefer an active night life. Just 200 meters from the territory of this place for recreation is an entertainment district, where you can find a huge number of cafes, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and attractions that will be happy to visit not only adults but also children.

Reviews of holidaymakers

Almost all tourists after their holiday inhotel (and some even in the process) immediately share their impressions on their pages in social networks, as well as on thematic sites. Often, to their reviews, they attach entire photo reports.

Guests of the hotel in their comments note that,despite the category of "three stars", there is a wide range of comfortable conditions. Many tourists are delighted with the interior, which is available in the apartments, and they are satisfied with the availability of individual cooking space in each room - this is a really good solution, which is very rare in places of rest of this type. Guests who do not want to make meals on their own share their impressions of the meal they ordered in the local canteen. Most comments say that it is cooked in the best possible way.

As for the prices of accommodation, the opinions of manytravelers diverge. Basically, local prices are satisfied, but there are also such tourists who consider them slightly overpriced - for almost 70 thousand rubles you can buy a tour to a five-star hotel in Turkey.

However, despite everything, vacationers DionysosInn Hotel 3 * (Kassandra, Chalkidiki / Chanioti) in most cases say that the vacation spent here, quite remembered by the abundance of colorful moments, and many plan to return here more than once. They also recommend traveling to their relatives, acquaintances and subscribers on the pages of social networks, confirming their recommendations with vivid photographs taken against the background of the sea and flowering gardens.

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