The best resorts of the Kaliningrad region: list, description, prices

As early as the beginning of the 19th century,that the fresh sea air, the sun, mineral water and therapeutic mud can not only maintain health, but also help in the treatment of the most serious diseases. During this period, numerous European resorts were developed.

Today the resorts of the Kaliningrad region are one of theleading in the country, having the highest quality of services provided for the treatment and recovery of the body. In the region, many sanatoria, both private ones, built recently, and working for more than a decade and have accumulated colossal experience in various fields of medicine.

The main features of the resorts of the Kaliningrad region

The cold but gentle Baltic Sea, washing the shores of the westernmost region of Russia, welcomes guests with a unique climate and mild weather - a cool summer and warm winter.

The resorts of the region apply a variety ofmethods for treating a wide range of diseases. It can be found here as a traditional spa treatment with peat mud, hydrocarbonate mineral water and through climatic features, as well as unique techniques characteristic only for this region. This, for example, is amber therapy.

resorts of the Kaliningrad region

Resorts of the Kaliningrad region - places wheresuccessfully treat diseases of all body systems - from the nervous and cardiovascular to the digestive and respiratory. They also restore here after surgery, treat for anti-stress programs and help lose weight.

Hotels and pensions Kaliningrad

In Kaliningrad, many hotels and basesrest, which offer to relax and improve health in the healing climate of the Baltic Sea coast and plunge into the atmosphere of one of the most interesting Russian cities. Thanks to its ancient European past, Teutonic knights and Prussian kings, Kaliningrad is now full of architectural and historical sights. If you want to see them on your own, settle down in the center, for example, in the hotel "Moskva", which is located in an ancient building-monument of architecture. Live right in front of the Koenigsberg Zoo costs 1650 rubles per day, breakfasts are paid separately.

the main resorts of the Kaliningrad region

Also to stay in the city can be cheaper -accommodation in hotels is possible from 800 rubles per day. Look for hotels "Deima", "Navigator", "Prussia", "Albertina". More comfortable conditions, but also higher prices in the hotels "Marton Palace", "Radisson" - from 2200 to 3500 rubles per day.

Those who want to settle away from noisecity ​​and enjoy the unique nature, the hotel-park "Philip" is waiting 40 km from the city. The building is built on the shore of the lake, in the depths of a lush deciduous garden. Guests are offered the services of the SPA center, and they are included in the price, as well as breakfast. The cost at the same time - only 2400 rubles per day.

Pearl of the region - Svetlogorsk

Before becoming a part of the Soviet Union,Svetlogorsk wore the German name Rauschen. Here, in the 19th century, the first bathhouses were built, from which the resorts of the Kaliningrad region conduct their history. Among the features of the city can be noted that it is located on a hill, so for access to the sea there are special slopes and even a special elevator. Due to the fact that the city is in a small bay, the water here is warm and transparent. The mild climate and special air are extremely healing.

resort Svetlogorsk Kaliningrad region

The largest sanatoriums and the best resorts of the Kaliningrad region are Yantar and Yantarny Bereg.

Sanatorium "Yantar" has the most modernequipment and quite fresh repair. They treat diseases of the stomach, gynecology, nervous system and occupational diseases. In addition to treatment, there are also opportunities for recreation - sports grounds, swimming pool, sauna and SPA, cosmetologist's services. The cost of living with treatment and three meals a day from a buffet will cost only 2,800 rubles per person per day - this is in high season, and in September the cost is reduced by 500 rubles.

"Amber Coast" is located directly on the beachThe Baltic Sea, in a picturesque park. It also treats a wide range of diseases, including skin and metabolic disorders. The cost of living with treatment and 3 meals a day is slightly higher - 3000 rubles per day per person.

In addition to sanatoriums, SvetlogorskKaliningrad region has many boarding houses - with and without treatment. For example, "Wave" offers modern programs of recovery and treatment for 2300 rubles per day (only breakfast is included). True, go to the sea from the buildings as much as 400 meters.

Modern high-end complex - boarding house"Olympus". It offers the most modern methods of recovery, a swimming pool with heated water, an infrared sauna, a hydromassage, etc. But the cost of living is high - more than 3 thousand rubles per room and breakfast. All procedures are paid separately.

Settlement Otradnoye

Actually it is a suburb of Svetlogorsk - only 2 kilometers from the center. Here, in 1946, a sanatorium was built in which diseases of the nervous system, heart and blood vessels, digestion are treated.

There is a sanatorium in an old forest park,which gradually turns into a dense coniferous forest, which makes the microclimate of this place simply amazing. There is also a good access to the beach with large clean sand.

the best resorts of the Kaliningrad region

The cost of living with meals and treatment will cost from 3500 (room "economy") to 6800 rubles (room "suite") per day. Only accommodation will cost 2150 rubles per day.

Rest and treatment in Zelenogradsk

Zelenogradsk began to develop as a resort in19 century, when wore the German name Krantz, that is, "Crown" in German. The uniqueness of the city in the presence of mineral springs and therapeutic mud. A big plus is the flat layout, which provided the sea in this area with a shallow bottom and a soft, smooth entrance. Therefore, the resort is so popular among families with children.

resorts of the Kaliningrad region prices

Today Zelenogradsk is a small resorttown, but the size does not prevent him from competing with Svetlogorsk in popularity among tourists, because they are the main resorts of the Kaliningrad region. There is also a well-developed infrastructure, many shops, cafes, bars, as well as hotels and boarding houses.

There are two sanatoriums here. The first is the eponymous Zelenogradsk. Many diseases, including infertility, are treated here, and patients undergoing acute myocardial infarction are treated for rehabilitation. The advantage of the sanatorium is its proximity to the beach - only 20 meters. Accommodation with meals and treatment will cost the tourist 3750 rubles per day.

Another sanatorium - "Seagull" - is currentlyoffers only accommodation without providing medical and health services. But if you are looking for a quiet and cozy place to relax with the whole family near the beach, this option will suit you. It will cost 1850 rubles per day with meals.

Also in Zelenogradsk a large number of privateboarding houses, rest houses and hotels, which, apart from living, can provide only sauna services or baths, maximum - SPA and cosmetologist services, but not spa treatment.

Pionersky Resort

Pionersky - a city that has contained in itselfindustry, sanatoria and objects of state significance, for example, the residence of the President of the Russian Federation. It is a port city with access to the Baltic Sea and year-round fishing. As for treatment and recovery, here is the only orthopedic children's sanatorium of federal significance. During the Soviet period, the pioneer resort, which gave the city its name, worked here. The Kaliningrad region is proud of this place, its unique architecture and historical monuments that attract tourists. There is also a beach here, quite clean and wide, although the sea is cool, and the port also spoils the view somewhat.

pioneer resort Kaliningrad region

In general, it's easier to come on an excursion than to stop for a long time. You can stay overnight for 1500 rubles.

Unique natural object - the Curonian Spit

The Curonian Spit is a reserve and nationalPark, protected by UNESCO as a unique natural object. Here there is a special microclimate, allowing you to relax and gain strength, so the district has a large number of boarding houses and without rest. The Curonian Spit offers a unique opportunity to swim right away in a salty and fresh water reservoir - the Baltic Sea and the freshwater Curonian Lagoon are adjacent here. In addition, stroll along the Royal Forest, climb the dune Efa, which offers an amazing panorama of the sea and the bay, soak up the clean sand of the wide beaches, take a boat trip along the shore or fish and feel the beauty and pacification of this unique place, famous resorts of the Kaliningrad region.

resorts of the Kaliningrad region reviews

The prices for accommodation here are not small, thereforehere you can come on an excursion from Zelenogradsk or Svetlogorsk or stop in one of the local boarding houses. For discerning tourists, the hotel "Morskoye" is opened in the town with the same name. It offers comfortable rooms for 3400 rubles. a day, a wood-burning sauna, a swimming pool, a restaurant and a conference room. By the way, the offers of such business hotels are an excellent opportunity to organize a corporate event and visit the resorts of the Kaliningrad region.

Reviews of tourists extol the hotel "ElizaZarqau ", which attracts travelers with its historical entourage. This is a fishing village house built in 1903. It was restored, but preserved the spirit of the old Prussian village. At the height of the season, the cheapest room will cost 3,000 rubles, and the most expensive option is a two-person guesthouse - 7,000 rubles per day. This price includes breakfast only, but the rooms are equipped with the highest category.

resorts of the Kaliningrad region reviews

A more economical option is the recreation center "Baltika" (only 800 rubles per person) or the guest house "Ponart" (2-bed attic for 1200 rubles per person).

How to get to the resorts of Kaliningrad region

You can arrive by train, for example, from Moscow. Trains arrive at the South Station, from where you can go to the suburbs and to any resorts in the Kaliningrad region - again, by train, train or minibus, and take a regular taxi around the city and the suburbs.

Arriving by plane will meet the airport Khrabrovo in 20 km from the city. From the airport there is a bus to the city and, of course, there is a taxi.

You can come to the area and by car - through Lithuania or Poland, but be sure to read the necessary documents for transit.

What is necessary for visiting resorts in the Kaliningrad Region

Special status and location of this regionwill require the preparation of certain documents. For visiting Russians, you need a passport and you may need a Schengen visa. Passport is needed if you are traveling by train or car, and for Russian passengers arriving by plane only Russian passport is sufficient. Schengen is also needed for those who travel by car through Lithuania (or you can apply for a double transit visa), and for those who want to travel to neighboring countries while already in Kaliningrad.

Also for medical treatment in the sanatorium you will need medical documents and a sanatorium card.

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