Two-story car, view from the inside: description and photo

Since 2015 On the Russian railways, a two-story train entered service. There are sleeping and sessile cars, a suite and specially equipped coupe for the disabled and their attendants. The ticket can include not only bedding, but also food. What does a two-story car look like? A view from inside is described in this article.

Types of wagons

Let's start with a general description of the train. The wagons are manufactured at the Tver factory. The advantage of the new train is a significant increase in passenger seats. This allows you to reduce the cost of the trip. The wagons are represented by several classes:

  • compartment;
  • staff;
  • SW;
  • lux;
  • first and second class seats.
    two-story car view from the inside

On the photo of a two-story car (a view from inside)that the floors are connected by a small staircase. Regardless of their type - compartment or "sedentary" - they are all located on both tiers. Each train consists of the following cars:

  • 12 cups;
  • one CB;
  • staff;
  • restaurant.

Than equipped

The train is equipped with air conditioning and dry closets,which do not close at the stations, and now there is no need to wait for the departure to use them. In one-story convoys, the compartment car has only thirty-six seats. In two-tier trains - twice as many. In the corridors of the second tier, there are no electrical outlets, as they are in each compartment.

The upper and lower floors in the cars are fullyare identical. They almost do not differ from the usual standard single-tiered formulations. But on the second floor there is a small slant of the roof, because of which it is not very comfortable to sleep.

General description of wagons

The view from inside the two-story car is almost identicalsingle-tiered. All trains consist of isolated compartments for 2 or 4 seats. In each room there is a mirror, sleeping accessories, a table, shelves for small things. All compartments are equipped with lamps. Small staircases are provided for lifting to the top places. The numbering has remained the same, even - the top places, the corresponding figures are indicated on the left.

two-story car

Enter or exit the premises can be on specialmagnetic keys. All cars have free internet and three bio-toilets. The train is well heated from the inside. Coupe equipped with two outlets up to 100 watts. The windows in all cars are covered with double-glazed windows. The interstitial space is hermetically packed, the doors open automatically, after pressing the button. On the inside, the doors do not open.

Features of wagons

The compartment car looks normal, boiling wateris located next to the room of the conductors. On the second floor there is a staircase located at the entrance. It has a mirror in its middle to prevent a collision between passengers, and there is a small litter box next to it. In the compartment - soft seats, but on the upper shelves a bit cramped. The room is equipped not only with electric, but also with a mechanical lock.

The staff car operates a navigation system andsatellite communication (GLONASS). The view from inside the two-story "sitting car" is similar to the train. The same long seats, located opposite each other, but soft, with high backs and very comfortable. Above the chairs on each side hangs a small TV and a mirror. The car-restaurant is equipped on the second floor and can accommodate from 44 to 48 people. On the first tier there is only a bar counter.

two-story sedentary car view from the inside

SV and "Lux"

What does a two-story SV car look like? Inside view: there are LCD TVs in the coupe. And one for each seat. In rooms designed for four passengers, almost everything remained as before. Sleeping places and a table are located the same as in the usual single-stage trains.

View from inside the two-story car "Lux" is not strongdiffers from the usual situation. There is a carpet on the floor, there are a number of additional amenities. A coupe for the disabled equipped with special facilities for the comfort of people with disabilities.

The height of the ceilings on the first floor is two meters, buton the top shelf in full growth to sit down it will not turn out, only having bent down. This makes it unattractive for a tall two-story car. The view from the inside demonstrates that for convenience there is not one garbage box, but several cabinets. All of them are divided into types of garbage, which must be disposed of: metal, wood, plastic, food waste.

two-story car view from the inside photo

Disadvantages of a two-story train

View from inside a two-story car in someaspects negatively differs from the previous compositions. On the first floor there are no more upper shelves, where you could place luggage and where the conductors put down mattresses and pillows. As a result, all things have somehow rammed down. Boiling water is only on the first floor.

The inter-carload space is very closedhermetically, there is absolutely no draft, so smoking on the sly will no longer work. Otherwise, all the smoke will go to the cars. If there are a lot of passengers on the train, then the service is somewhat delayed, since the number of conductors remains the same (two on one car). During the movement of the train, it swings and therefore it is necessary to walk very carefully on the stairs, otherwise you can easily get injured.

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