Where in Moscow go for a drive on the boat: Ekaterininsky pond, park "Tsaritsyno", recreation zone "Rublyovo". Boat rental

Summer is a time for entertainment and a pleasant stay.on the river or the sea. Not always the weather or opportunities allow you to swim and sunbathe on the beach. One of the best options is to be closer to the water and get a lot of emotions - to ride a boat or other water transport.

where to go on a boat in Moscow

Places to relax in Moscow

If you consider all the parks and other areas with ponds, ponds and lakes, where you can go for a boat ride in Moscow, you can visit a lot of places for locals and tourists:

  • Gorky Park is a quiet place for distraction from city bustle.

  • "Tsaritsyno" (Moscow) - a territory considered an outstanding work of culture and art, where the unique solutions of Russian architecture were found.

  • Catherine Park - the central metropolitan natural complex, which is a monument of landscape art. On its territory is a huge pond.

  • Park "Vorontsovskie ponds" - a paradise green corner, which people like to visit Muscovites, to relax and rest from the bustle of the metropolis.

  • Izmailovsky Park is one of the largest in Moscow, since it occupies about 1500 hectares. In the central part of the park there is a large Round Pond with an island.

  • Kuzminki Park is one of the most picturesque places inMoscow. Here there is entertainment for people of any age. This place is amazing - the park is saturated with the spirit of history, at the same time it is modern.

boat rental in moscow

Catherine Park

The cultural complex is locatedalmost in the center of the city, so even on weekdays it is full of tourists and local residents, riding on swimming equipment. Until the 15th century there were several ponds in the park area of ​​the Neprudnaya River, but by the present moment there is only one Catherine pond, which is named after the institution of noble maidens located there in the thirties of the last century.

On the pond there is an opportunity to skate onboats with a capacity for up to three people. New models of swimming devices are characterized by increased safety and are very light in weight, so that even girls can cope with them. Each boat is equipped with lifebuoys. All wishing to be issued lifejackets, for children under the age of 16, it is mandatory.

In addition, for fans of extreme Ekaterininskythe pond provides for aerosols (balls on the water). They are also safe: they are washed after each use, and at any time, if it becomes uncomfortable, you can stop skating.

tsaritsino moscow

Boat rental in Ekaterininsky Pond

At the boat station you can rentof the swimming equipment and ride it at a comparatively acceptable price: 200 rubles for 30 minutes of riding on a two-bucket boat and 200 rubles for 7 minutes on an aerosorb (for such a time in the balloon there is enough air, which is enough for an adult).

Rental is carried out almost all day: from 11 am to 10 pm.

In addition, the park has a small pond specially for children, here you can roll your baby on swans on the water (of course, not real).


Recreation area "Rublevo"

Ecologically clean beach "Rublevo" is located in a kilometer from Moscow in the "picturesque" bay along the Myakinsky highway, it is easy to reach even without a car on a simple shuttle bus.

This is a great place for summer holidays. Here you can lie on the sandy beach, splash in the pond and ride a boat or catamaran.

Entrance to the recreation area is paid: 150 rubles for an adult, 30 rubles for a child over 6 years old. There is also a VIP zone, the entrance to which is 400 rubles.

There is a boat station on the territory, where swimming equipment is provided for hire. The prices are quite acceptable: boats - 250 rubles per hour; catamarans - 450 rubles per hour.

In addition, on the territory of the recreation area there are summer cafes, a sports ground, an entertainment area for children, a large parking lot, showers and toilets.

catherine pond

Park Tsaritsyno

Where in Moscow go for a drive on a boat? This question is asked both the residents of the capital, and the tourists who come there.

"Tsaritsyno" (Moscow) is the most beautiful place forsuch entertainment. In the park there are as many as three ponds - Upper, Middle, Tsaritsyn. In each of them there is a boat station. In any of the ponds, catamarans, motor boats (for which the presence of a boatmaster is obligatory), water bicycles are rented. The middle and Tsaritsynsky pond, in addition, makes it possible to ride on rowing boats.

In addition, in the zone where the rental of boats is locatedMoscow in "Tsaritsyno", if you decide to take a walk on water transport, you will be offered to use the audio guide service. It will prove to be interesting - the device tells a story about the history of the park and its reservoirs.

The Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve opens its stations already in May, and the season lasts until the beginning of autumn. Depending on attendance and weather, rental can be extended until October.

Prices for Tsaritsyn Ponds

Boat stations give rental boats for oars, they will cost:

  • On weekdays: 380 rubles / hour - triple, 500 rubles - five-seat.
  • At the weekend: 600 and 700 rubles respectively.

A water bicycle can be rented for 300-450 rubles per hour.

The amount of riding on a catamaran varies from 380 to 600 rubles per hour.

If the company is going to more than three people, thenthe boat station offers a trip by motor boat. The ticket costs 200 rubles per person on weekdays, 250 on weekends. The duration of such an event is 20 minutes.

If you do not want to ride for an hour, you can skate half an hour from 200 rubles.

Vorontsovskiye Ponds

When the street is clear, sunny weather (in the rainthe station does not work), with family or in a friendly company you can not ask yourself where to go on a boat in Moscow, and spend time on Vorontsovskiye ponds. This place is also suitable for lovers couples, as during the ride on a water vehicle creates an atmosphere of romance: floating ducks, water lilies, artists drawing from the shore.

Summer time pleases its visitors with walks tothree and four-seater vessels. Prices for rental are not high: 300 rubles per hour, 200 rubles for half an hour on a triple boat, 450 rubles per hour and 250 rubles for half an hour - on a four-person.

On the pond you can ride a spray. The cost of such entertainment is 200 rubles for 5 minutes.

recreation area ruble

Izmailovsky Park

Another place where you can go on a boat in Moscow with pleasure is the Izmaylovskiy natural complex. In its central part is the Round Pond, on which water walks.

Here you can rent two types of transport: catamarans for two and four passengers and boats with a capacity for up to five people.

All the swimming means are in excellent condition, the boats are constantly washed, if necessary, are being repaired. Manage this tool is extremely easy.

The pond has a large space, so you can swim on it without fear of getting into a water stopper.

The safety of water walks is monitored by a rescue team on the shore. Also, everyone is offered a life jacket when traveling.

Izmaylovsky Park operates from lunch and until nine in the evening every day. Rental price: 300 rubles per hour for a boat and a four-seater catamaran, 200 rubles for a double.

Boat rental in Moscow is not the onlya way to have fun on the ponds and reservoirs of the capital. Parks and other places for recreation allow you to spend a party on the water, organize a photo session against the backdrop of lake landscapes, arrange a romantic date and even fish.

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