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Hurghada is a city in Egypt, one of the mostthe main tourist centers of the country. This resort is located on the western shore of the Red Sea. The hot weather, which keeps here permanently, as well as almost complete absence of precipitation, allows numerous tourists to come to Hurghada almost all year round (except for winter).

Resort for every taste

Local residents who work in hotels are always happy to have a rest, who arrived in Egypt. Hurghada is a first-class resort, here you can choose a hotel for every taste and purse.

The city stretched for tens of kilometers alongcoast. The hot and dry climate, as well as the rich infrastructure make Hurghada one of the most popular tourist centers of the Red Sea. A unique feature of the resort - coral reefs, stretching along the entire coast. This makes Hurghada one of the world's diving centers.

How to get there?

Here Russian tourists can flycharter flights from any major city. Usually the price of tickets is included in the cost of tours to Egypt. Hurghada is located far from the airports. If you want to travel independently, you should fly to Cairo by regular flight, and then by plane or bus you can get to Hurghada. A tourist visa can be obtained at the airport upon arrival.

At the resort itself, you should get to the hotel byTaxi. About the price it is desirable to agree in advance, after the end of the trip to the disputes with the driver is better not to join. In Cairo, you can rent a car and get to Hurghada on your own. But be careful. The Egyptians are not as honest as the Europeans. The car may be defective, and you will notice it is not immediately. You are entitled to insurance, boldly demand it.

Local residents

According to many tourists, the best resort forEveryone who prefers rest in Egypt - Hurghada. Guest reviews are filled with memories of the wonderful days of vacation. Local residents - one of the main disadvantages of the resort. Almost all vacationers complain about them. Egypt is not a rich country, and tourists here are the main source of income for many people. Therefore, the local people always try to tear off an extra dollar with an overlooked guest. Among them there are beautiful, decent, hospitable people. But still be on the alert. If you ask the price of the goods from a market trader, then for you it can be overstated. Local it will sell cheaper. This also applies to drivers and guides. In hotels, the rules are strict, managers closely monitor the honesty of employees.

How to avoid unpleasant surprises

The hotel "Mirage Aquapark" (Hurghada) offers itsguests a variety of animation. During the day, you can play football, volleyball, basketball or darts. In the evening, the animators play a funny theatrical performance.

To avoid unpleasant surprises outsidehotels, always be interested in how much a similar service is paid by a local. If the conflict still erupted, keep in mind that in Egypt there is a tourist police guarding your interests. The appeal to the authorities is better used as a threat. Doing this is undesirable, if you do not know a lot of nuances. You can complain about theft, overstatement of prices, the imposition of goods and services. However, all this must be confirmed - a paid check or other evidence.

Choice of transport

Accustomed to cycling in Egyptit is better to forget about it. "Iron horses" can be rented in almost every hotel. But on the roads of this country it is very dangerous to move around. Local drivers go without any rules. And if you add to this the poor condition of roads, it becomes clear why you should prefer walking or taxi. Cyclists who like to rest in Hurghada, the hotels choose in view of these facts.

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There are three districts in the city: Central (El Dahar), old (Sakkala) and new, which is also called hotel. In it all hotels of the resort are concentrated. In Hurghada there are almost no sights. However, in any hotel you will find an abundance of excursions. Most tourists are taken to major cities - Cairo and Luxor. And every Egyptian guest should see the magnificent pyramids. Very often representatives of the tour operator offer sea walks on a yacht. Traveling to picturesque islands, you can swim with scuba-diving and admire the corals.

Swimming pools and beach

Tourists who prefer to rest in five-starhotels, often choose "Mirage Aquapark" (Hurghada). The hotel got its name thanks to the water slides on the territory. Entertainment will find children and adults. The hotel pool is amazing. It consists of several zones. There is a children's pool with a small slide for kids. A large area for swimming lovers, several beautiful figured pools. And a separate area with water slides. Sun beds are covered with canopies, because the Egyptian sun is very hot.

At a distance of only a few tens of meters frompool begins the beach. It is also equipped with comfortable sun loungers with canopies. The hotel "Mirage Aquapark" (Hurghada) has a sandy beach, which is rarely found in Egypt. The entrance to the sea is flat and flat. The shallow zone extends far - by several tens of meters.

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In Hurghada, sandy beaches are quite commonoften. Fans of underwater landscapes will be disappointed. Pontoon beaches, which allow plenty to admire the fish and corals, are rare here. Therefore, vacation with children in Hurghada will be much more pleasant than in Sharm el-Sheikh. On the Sinai peninsula, pontoon beaches predominate. The coastline is overgrown with sharp corals, so tourists come into the sea from a special floating bridge. Descending into the water, vacationers immediately find themselves at a depth of several meters. Therefore, rest with kids in hotels with pontoon beaches is difficult.

Plans and equipment of rooms

"Mirage Aquapark" (Hurghada) has a largelandscaped territory. The building is tall and beautiful. Tourists can choose their own accommodation from several possible layouts. All rooms are quite spacious, their area is about fifty square meters. You can book a standard room with a view of the sea or the hotel grounds. At the request of the client, the manager provides a room with a private pool or a panoramic window. Each room has a balcony or access to the terrace.

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All rooms are equipped with air conditioning,fridge and TV. There is also a hairdryer, an electric kettle and a telephone. In each room - a free safe, but you can get Wi-Fi only for extra money. But free internet is equipped with a lobby bar.

Mirage Aquapark (Hurghada) offers its clients a range of additional services:

  • import drinks;
  • doctor's help;
  • the shops;
  • school of diving.

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Here you can play tennis and billiards, visit the gym. There is also a laundry and a beauty salon. The lobby bar serves fresh juices. For romantics there is an order for flowers or a limousine.

Feast for the child

The hotel "Mirage Aquapark" (Hurghada) is designed forfamily rest with children. For babies a cot is provided, and the restaurant has highchairs. On the territory there are small pools, including water slides. The restaurant offers a special menu. For older children there is a mini club, disco, slot machines.

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A restaurant

What alluring words - Egypt, Hurghada! "Mirage Aquapark" is an excellent option for tourists who like to eat deliciously. The food in the main restaurant of the hotel is very good and varied. A lot of vegetables - fresh, stewed and grilled. Fruits of several kinds are served every day. A good choice of first courses, among which there must be a cold soup. Hot here is beyond praise. In the menu there are not only several types of meat and fish, but also seafood. Tiger shrimp on a grill is a delicacy, which in any cafe in the world will cost a lot of money. And in the hotel restaurant you will be served free of charge, because there is an all-inclusive system. There are also several types of baked goods, hot and cold drinks, as well as locally produced alcohol.

Power in Arabic style

Egypt is famous all over the world for its nationalkitchen. As cold snacks, you will be offered cottage cheese with greens, dishes from pickled eggplants, thick vegetable soup. On hot serve chopped meat - kebab and dolma. Garnish will serve as rice with a variety of fillings: vegetables, nuts or figs, as well as tortillas, which are used instead of bread. Egyptian desserts are very original. Most of them are made on the basis of milk and are a variant of a souffle or pudding. Add to it nuts, dried fruits and ice cream. All Egyptian national dishes have complex and almost unpronounceable names.

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If for some reason you have to dineoutside the hotel, you should carefully follow the rules of hygiene. Do not eat vegetables and fruits that lie in the open sun, have damage or a strange color. Do not eat a lot of meat and fish, they can be cooked without proper heat treatment, which under heat conditions causes at least an intestinal disorder.

Shopping in Egypt

In the territory of Mirage Aqua park SPA 5 starsthere are many shops. Shopping - indispensable entertainment for tourists in Egypt. A noisy oriental bazaar is included in the obligatory program of every tourist. Approaching the market, you will see local residents who will offer to take away to a good and cheap shop. Do not believe them. You will be taken to an expensive outlet, the owner of which pays such guides a percentage for each buyer.

If you are attracted to Hurghada, Mirage Aquapark 5 stars is a hotel that will appeal to every tourist. Here you can book excursions to all the sights of Egypt.

Learn to bargain in the market

It's better to walk by yourself on the eastern bazaar. Do not rush to buy the goods you like. First, look around, find out the prices that are paid by the locals. It is customary to bargain in the eastern bazaar. If you master all the subtleties of this process, the Egyptians will no longer consider you an outsider. Then it will be possible to buy a good thing cheap. Do not buy anything near historical monuments, where prices are much higher.

The hotel complex Mirage Aqua park SPA 5 stars includes a SPA. Here you can relax in the sauna, hammam or steam bath, as well as swim in the jacuzzi and use the services of a massage therapist.

Holidays with children in Hurghada

Ignorance of the Arabic language, including numbers -a great excuse to raise the cost of goods to the ceiling. Ask someone in the hotel to write an approximate price tag for you. Knowing what the figures in Egypt look like, you can start bargaining in the market. Reduce the price can be not only in the market, but also in Arab stores. In addition to those that are arranged according to the European model.

What can you buy in Egypt? Figurines and jewelry, stylized in antiquity, as well as natural aromatic oils. Often tourists buy a hookah with elegant embossing or pottery of local production. A wonderful souvenir is a natural papyrus.

Reviews of tourists

Are you in the process of choosing a hotel? "Mirage Aquapark" (Hurghada), reviews about which are almost all positive, is at the highest positions of the tourist rating. Guests positively assess the hotel complex, noting the advantages of a large area, a lot of swimming pools, successful layout of rooms. Positive reviews of Russian tourists deserve children's entertainment, animation and food in the main restaurant.

Some hotel guests consider the hotel aservice. Individual tourists have problems already at the stage of settlement. At the reception are not meeting the requirements of the client rooms. For example, a guest wants a room overlooking the sea. But the employee claims that there are no vacant rooms, and issues keys to the room with a view of the service entrance. And only for an additional payment the client receives the desired room. However, such cases are quite rare.

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