Hotel Sentido Rosa Beach 4 * (Tunis, Monastir): photo, reviews

For many years Tunisia has beenRussian tourists. They are attracted by low prices, modern hotels and good quality of services offered. Travelers will appreciate the sandy beaches, the clear blue sea and numerous sights of this country. Hotel Sentido Rosa Beach 4 * (Tunisia) is located in an inexpensive resort Monastir. It is chosen by tourists who want to relax on the best beaches of the country at an affordable price.

General information about the complex: date of opening, location

The construction of the hotel was completed in 1995. Since that time, he annually takes tourists both in winter and in summer. It is located in the northern part of the tourist area Skanes, which is part of Monastira. Sentido Rosa Beach 4 * is located onown part of the beach, so the road to the sea from tourists takes only a few minutes. The nearest airport is also nearby. The distance is about 2 km. It will take only half an hour to get to the hotel. A large shopping center is 200 meters away, and the center Monastira - in 3 km. The city can be moved either by bus or taxi.

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Four-storey building, built in the eaststyle, located in a vast area of ​​47,000 square meters. m. It is ideal for a comfortable stay with the whole family. The hotel also has facilities for travelers who are forced to move in a wheelchair. Tourists with animals are not accommodated here. In 2009, the Sentido Rosa Beach 4 * (Tunis, Monastir) was updated. All hotel rooms are repaired, as well as a common hall, restaurants and bars.

Types of facilities: facilities and equipment

The hotel is considered a large tourist complex,because it offers tourists about 400 comfortable rooms. They are suitable for single accommodation, and for living a whole family. 3 rooms have facilities for physically restricted people: wide doorways, a special shower, sinks placed on a low level. The hotel staff clean rooms every day. They take out garbage, vacuum the floors, wipe the dust, and also change underwear once a week. The apartments feature large windows and balconies that overlook the sea, the pool or the garden surrounding the hotel.

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Equipment of rooms is also given great attention. They necessarily have a flat TV, which broadcasts many channels of the best quality. Cool drinks can be in mini-bar, which is provided free of charge. But you can use the safe only at an additional cost. It is useful to those tourists who are afraid to leave valuables in the room. For a 24-hour connection with the hotel Sentido Rosa Beach 4 * (Monastir), as well as for calls home in the apartment is a direct telephone. In a season when in Tunisia hot weather keeps, rooms include air-conditioners. They maintain a cool temperature, suitable for comfortable sleep and rest. In the bathroom there is always a refillable set of cosmetic accessories, as well as a hairdryer.

Dining at the hotel: restaurants, bars, individual menu

As well as most other hotels in Tunisia, Sentido Rosa Beach 4 * (Monastir) offers tourists a popular concept "allIt includes not only basic meals, but also a late breakfast, light snacks in bars and cafes, as well as non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks produced in Tunisia, as well as a restaurant serving guests on a menu once a week. They work daily from 10:00 until midnight, if desired, guests can purchase drinks after this period, but only for a fee, and children's and diet menus are also available upon request.

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Tourists, without leaving the territory of the hotel, cantry not only local, but also Italian and international cuisine. In addition to the main restaurant, the following catering establishments operate in the complex:

  • Tunisian restaurant;
  • Italian restaurant;
  • restaurant of international cuisine;
  • American bar;
  • snack bar;
  • beach bar;
  • poolside bar;
  • Lobby bar;
  • Moorish cafe;
  • night bar.

Provided services: local infrastructure and services

The complex offers its guests not onlycomfortable accommodation, varied and tasty food, but also developed infrastructure. The Sentido Rosa Beach 4 * has everything you need for a quality stay. Tourists will appreciate the following infrastructure facilities and services:

  • Internet, which can be connected for a fee. You can also use the free connection, which is located in the common hall.
  • A small shopping center located on the territory of the hotel. Jewelry, clothing, footwear, local and imported alcoholic beverages, souvenirs, food and press are sold here.
  • Secured parking, where guests can leave the car for free. Car rental can be arranged upon request.
  • ATM for withdrawing cash from credit cards, as well as a currency exchange office.
  • 3 conference halls where presentations, business meetings, negotiations and banquets can be organized. The largest of them accommodates about 500 people.
  • Doctor's office.
  • Places for smoking. To consume tobacco products on the territory of the hotel, as well as in the rooms is strictly prohibited.
  • Laundry. Here you can rent things for free.
  • Hairdresser and beauty salon.

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Leisure activities: beach, swimming pools and entertainment

The organization of leisure in the hotel is presented at the highestlevel. The guests are offered a wide private beach area, which has a convenient entrance to the sea. Comfortable depth allows you to swim in it, and adults and children. Refreshed in hot weather can also be in the outdoor pool, which is filled with fresh water. Nearby on the terrace there are free umbrellas and mattresses. Beach towels are given only for the deposit. In bad weather, the Sentido Rosa Beach Thalasso and Spa 4 * has an indoor pool. On the beach is the water entertainment center, where tourists can rent windsurfing equipment, motor boats, catamarans and even yachts. For an additional fee you can ride a banana, hydrocutor, to do parasailing. Animators organize mass games in water polo and volleyball.

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There is an amphitheater on site. Here in the evening entertainment is held. Children and adults like non-gaming slot machines and a computer games salon. For sports fans, the hotel has billiards, mini football, tennis, and aerobics classes.

Rest in a hotel with children

It is believed that the orientation of the hotel Sentido RosaBeach 4 * is a quiet family vacation. For tourists with small children there is a good discount for accommodation. A baby cot can be delivered to the room at an additional cost. All restaurants and cafes are equipped with chairs for feeding, which guests can use for free.

Entertainment for kids in the hotel is quite a lot. There is a children's "paddling pool" - this is a shallow pool with fresh water. Parents can also work with the child in the playroom, which has a bookcase, entertaining and intellectual games, paints, pencils and markers. For children older than 5 years daily works mini club. While the guys are playing in it, parents can do their own thing. The nurse also offers her services.

Guest reviews describing advantages

In the territory Monastira there are many hotels. How to choose the best one? First of all, it is worth reading the impressions of tourists about the rest. Sentido Rosa Beach 4 * reviews gets excellent. Guests will note the following advantages of the hotel:

  • The staff is very friendly and friendly. There is no neglect of Russian-speaking tourists. In the complex there is a guide that always tells you where you can go, where to buy inexpensive souvenirs, etc.
  • Varied food. Every day, the restaurant prepares new dishes, including baked meat, fish, delicacies of local cuisine. There is no desire to visit paid institutions, because there is enough food in the hotel.
  • The hotel has a great team of animators who organize fun games, volleyball, evening games show programs. However, they are not imposed.
  • There are a lot of free sun loungers on the beach, so you do not need to take a place from early morning.
  • Basically, here rest couples from England and Germany, so the hotel is quite quiet, there are no drunken youth companies.

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Guest reviews describing the shortcomings

Unfortunately, the perfect hotel does not exist. So, in the Sentido Rosa Beach 4 *, according to tourists, there are small shortcomings. In their remarks guests describe such disadvantages of the hotel:

  • The airport is very close to the hotel, so sometimes flying planes can make a lot of noise.
  • In the mornings on the beach there are a lot of seaweed from the sea, which by noon are cleaned by hotel employees. But in the early morning because of them there is no sunbathing.
  • When exchanging currency, the administrator does not issue a receipt, which must be presented at the airport upon departure from the country.
  • Maids can steal money and valuables, so you need to leave them in the safe.
  • Rooms tidy up poorly. On the furniture there is a lot of dust, and the balcony is in neglected condition.
  • Waiters in the restaurant are constantly begging for any service.

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Is it worth it to rest here?

Complex Sentido Rosa Beach 4 *, photo of whichcan be seen in our article, receives a lot of laudatory reviews. Therefore, it can be recommended for recreation. The hotel can not be called budget, but the cost of a trip justifies the quality of service. It will appeal to tourists with young children, lovers of clean and shallow sea, as well as for elderly people who are looking for a quiet place to relax.</ span </ p>

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