What is brought from Spain - a question for experienced travelers

In recent years, more and more travelers andtourists from Russia get to the westernmost part of the European continent - Spain. Having mastered and studied all the neighboring countries, the Russians want to learn more distant lands. Everyone is interested in knowing in advance what is being brought from Spain as gifts and souvenirs. If you postpone such purchases on the very last day, you can stay without free money or time.

what is brought from Spain
Before deciding on a list of souvenirs,think for whom you will buy them. What you can give your boss, most likely, will not suit relatives and friends, and vice versa. In addition, it is desirable to get acquainted with information about the country, learn all about Spain, so that your purchases match the spirit of Iberia.

all about spain
For the chief you can bring a product from the well-knownToledian steel: a knife, a sword, any figures or table-ware. A solid presentation will be leather goods - a purse, a purse, shoes, a wineskin for wine. Where can I buy a gift? It is best to do it from the manufacturer or in the company store. The above can be purchased from 5 euros for a bottle of wine to 200 euros for shoes or a sword.

For the romantics there are so many magnificentproposals. First of all, this, of course, castanets, which can be bought in any shop. But a guitar of hand-crafted work costs at least 200 euros. Also, when answering the question what is brought from Spain, one should not forget about such pleasant little things as a fan of local production, lace, silk scarves. If you visit Madrid and Kanalehas Square, buy candied violets, then everyone will be crazy about this exotic delicacy. But remember, a kilogram costs 120 euros.

where you can buy a gift
In this beautiful southern country, if you want, you canfind and antiques that will long please your eye in your own home. This - a variety of Spanish statuettes (figures of dancers, ferocious bulls) and products from the vine. Therefore, do not forget to walk around the small antique shops, especially those located far from the famous tourist routes.

What is imported from Spain yet? Here shopping - still quite expensive, for this reason, tourists and travelers are often packed with various wonders of local gastronomy. Everyone knows the delicious dainty jamon - a pig's cheese ham. Minus only one - weight. Hamon is prepared from a whole pig's leg and can be stored for two years. Having dragged such a delicacy home, it is possible for every holiday for a very long time to serve it on the table, cut into thin, juicy slices.

spanish jamon
It makes sense to bring natural goats and sheepcheeses, which will be an excellent addition to your table. Also you can not fail to mention sangria - a very nice gift. Even an empty, colorful bottle on the shelf will remind us of the happy days spent in sunny Spain.

If you are considering the question of what is being broughtfrom Spain, having enough money for this, it makes sense to say separately about the most expensive Spanish spicery - saffron, one kilogram of which costs $ 1000, that is, even the smallest package will pull it to a considerable amount. Surprise your friends and acquaintances!

The most real paradise for all kinds of shopping, where you can buy a gift for every taste, are Madrid and Barcelona. Go there and do not stay without souvenirs!

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