Chernyshevsky Manor, Radishchev Museum, Local History Museum (Saratov)

Saratov is a city with a history, and its museums are a place,where the evidence of the past is kept. Once the third most populous country in the country, somewhat shabby in the 90s, but always striving to develop the city saved its essence, its past and future, including thanks to the treasures of the funds. Radischevsky, the museum of local lore (Saratov), ​​the estate of Chernyshevsky - are rightfully proud of the collections that keep a story about the history and culture of the region and the country. Since their founding, they have been bringing people and visitors to the art heritage of the whole world.


To go to museums today, perhaps, is not fashionable(however, queues during the "Arts Night" refute this claim). And in vain! In the halls, the legacy of the past and the masterpieces of masters from different parts of the world are not easy to collect. The museum's funds are a huge source of inspiration in various fields. Excursions can therefore be of interest not only to schoolchildren.

Local History Museum (Saratov) - exhibitions

On the waterfront of the city there is a beautiful building,a sample of architecture of classicism. This is the first stronghold on the way to get acquainted with the heritage of the past - the museum of local lore. Saratov appears in his halls as the birthplace of many great people who conquered the country and the world with their talents in the field of art and science. At the constantly working exhibition "Our Noble Countrymen - Scientists and Culture Figures" collected photographs, documents, household items Vavilov NI, Semenov NN, Yankovsky OI, Tabakova OP, Shnitke AG , Gokhman EV and many others.

The exposition "Natural rarities" introducesvisitors with rare representatives of flora and fauna. All animals and plants collected at the exhibition are listed in the Red Book. For many, these expositions are the only chance to see the disappearing inhabitants of our planet.

Important milestones of the past are reflected in exhibitions"The Road to Space" and "From the History of the Germans of the Volga Region". Everyone who came here, even having thoroughly studied the topics, will find something to see. Elements of equipment, the plane Gagarin learned to fly, a copy of Vostok-1 on one, interior details, household items, maps, decrees and documents for the second will help to permeate the spirit of the era.

Local History Museum of Saratov

Constant and temporary exhibitions of the local history museum contain a lot of interesting information about the past of the city and the region. Coming out of here, many people begin to look at familiar streets and buildings in a different way.

The first in the country

The Radishchev Museum began its work in June 1885. It was founded by the artist Alexei Petrovich Bogolyubov. The museum became the first public in the country among all similar provincial institutions. Initially, its foundation consisted of a collection donated by Bogolyubov, then paintings and art objects transferred by Emperor Alexander III and other patrons of art were added to it.

 the museum of the radishchev

The museum today is located in two buildings,which themselves are of great value. The first is on Radishcheva Street and was specially designed and built to house the collection. The second stands very close, on Pervomaiskaya. Until the 1990s, the Kufeld Gymnasium was located here.

Exhibitions, lectures, master classes

Today the Radischev Museum is one of the largestin the country. Here is collected a huge collection of art objects, the fund is constantly replenished. The museum was created, including as a place for training young artists, in its building opened the drawing school named after Bogolyubov, which is now on Universitetskaya Street. And still numerous paintings and sculptures exhibited in the halls are a source of inspiration, examples of style and visual aids for many beginners and experienced artists.

There is a library at the museum.It contains numerous works by contemporary authors, classical and Soviet literature. The most valuable copies of the library are the originals and manuscripts of some works.

On the territory of the museum lectures, master classes, musical evenings are held. Any fan of art can find inspiration here.

Museum of N.G. Chernyshevsky

Chernyshevsky Museum

In Saratov, the famous writer N.G.Chernyshevsky was born and spent his young years. In his house since 1920 there is a museum. The ancient building stands in the city for more than 200 years. It stands out well against the background of neighboring buildings of modern type and allows you to feel the difference of two eras. The interior, recreated interiors of the middle of the XIX century deepen this feeling. The Chernyshevsky Museum is a place where you can find personal belongings, letters, manuscripts and photographs of the famous Saratovtsy. It's easy to feel the spirit of the past time.

On the territory of the museum there are theatrical folk festivals, literary evenings. Every year, the estate of Chernyshevsky is visited by about one hundred thousand people.

Ethnographical museum

Local History Museum of the Saratov Exhibition

Local History Museum (Saratov) in the cityis also represented by its branch. It is located on the street Ulyanovsk, in a beautiful mansion of the century before last. The ethnographic museum of Saratov was founded in 1920. There are constantly exhibited interior items, clothing, kitchen utensils and other household items, which used to be residents of the city in past eras. In 2014, a new exposition dedicated to the Saratov harmonica was opened. Ethnographic Museum - a place where you can feel the connection with the roots, explore the customs of the past. Expositions will be of interest to everyone who is looking for inspiration in the old days.

The estate of Chernyshevsky, Radishchevsky,ethnographic museum of local lore - Saratov is not limited to the above list. Of great interest are also the estate of Pavel Kuznetsov, Gagarin's Museum, Sokolovaya Mountain. For children, the Museum of Entertaining Sciences was recently opened. Saratov is full of museums for every taste!

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