Victory Park (Samara): photo and address

Victory Park (Samara) is todayone of the green islets in the stone jungle of the modern metropolis. However, local residents appreciate it not only for the opportunity to quietly relax on a quiet evening, but also as a monument to soldiers who laid their lives for the freedom of the Fatherland.

Victory Park (Samara): the beginning of the history

Victory Park Samara

This corner of Samara, located in the Sovietdistrict, for a long time was a rather pathetic sight. The two small lakes here are overgrown with mud and become more like huge dirty puddles, than for resting places for citizens.

Located around the famous lakes in the recentthe past Chernovsky gardens, glorious with their apple trees, came to desolation, and the apple trees themselves were wild. In general, the view of this "corner of the wild nature" was in sharp disharmony with the blossoming appearance of the young Soviet district.

It was then that the leadership of the city and the regiondecided to turn this site into a park of culture and recreation, timed the event to the thirtieth anniversary of the Great Victory. However, it was not possible to meet deadlines by 1975, but two years later the solemn opening of the Victory Park in Samara took place.

From discovery to our days

Monuments in Victory Park in Samara

Quickly become one of the symbols of the city, the newthe park of culture and rest by the middle of the 2000s came to desolation. Of course, every year on the eve of the Victory Day, it was redecorated, but over time this cozy green corner grew more and more decrepit. Park Victory (Samara), a photo of which in the late 2000's bypassed all local publications, was a rather dull sight.

It was then at the highest regional levelit was decided to carry out a cardinal reconstruction of the entire park complex. All works were completed by the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory, when in solemn conditions "Victory Park (Samara)" was opened.

Victory Park in Samara: how to get there?

Opening of Victory Park in Samara

The place of culture and recreation, which received a new life in 2015, enjoys well-deserved respect from citizens, each of which at least once, but visited this wonderful place.

Answering the question of the guests of the city: "Where is the Victory Park in Samara?" - Any local resident will explain in detail that this place of rest is located practically in the center of the Soviet district. The area of ​​the park, located on the street Aerodromnaya, between the stops "Street Enthusiasts" and "Victory Park", exceeds thirteen hectares. Here there is everything to usefully spend your leisure time. You can get there by bus number 70, by trams 3, 23 and 17, as well as by taxi, which run on routes Nos. 70, 217, 266, 283 and some others.

Victory Park (Samara): the natural environment in the center of the industrial giant

Victory Park Samara Photo

Park of culture and recreation, broken in honor ofthe 30th anniversary of the Victory of our grandfathers and great-grandparents in the Great Patriotic War, is located in a very picturesque place that attracts residents here not only from neighboring quarters but also from the most remote areas of the city.

First of all, it is worth noting that, despiterelative youth, the park managed to preserve the atmosphere of an ancient place, which we read with such envy in the works of Oscar Wilde and Leo Tolstoy. A huge role in creating this entourage is played by two ancient lakes, on the shores of which ducks like to settle.

Great impression created by the magnificenta lime avenue that leads to the very center of the park. Upon reopening May 7, 2015, Victory Park (Samara) acquired another alley, which was put together by the first persons of the city and region, veterans of the war and labor front, as well as radio, television stars and honorable residents.

Monuments and memorial places

Park of Victory in Samara

Originality and uniqueness of Victory Parkgive monuments and monuments located here. Back in 1977, a memorial dedicated to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, a commemorative obelisk devoted to the front-line soldiers of Samara and Samara region, was lit here, the Eternal Flame was lit.

In the severe 1990s, the leadership of the city andthe region managed to find means to erect a remarkable building right in the center of the park - a majestic monument dedicated to immigrants from the region who took part in the famous Victory Parade held in Moscow in June 1945, just over a month after signing unconditional surrender. He, like all the other military monuments, always have fresh flowers.

A special attitude is observed on the part of Samaransto the Palace of Veterans, erected in the shortest time in 2001. This is a three-storey modern building, where visitors can not only communicate with each other, but also use the services of a local library, radio center and cafe. There is also a small museum, where visitors are told about the history of the local veterans movement.

Monuments in Victory Park in Samara includehimself, in addition to the above monuments, another monument to the famous general Dmitry Karbyshev, who during the war in the face of monstrous torture was faithful to this oath and did not betray his comrades.

There is a place in the park where tears are of themselvesthey turn around. This is an eight years ago memorial dedicated to minors who found their death behind the barbed wire of fascist concentration camps. Next to this soul-touching place is a chapel in honor of Saints Boris and Gleb.

Military technology is an interesting pastime for adults and children

Military equipment in Victory Park Samara

Military equipment in Victory Park (Samara) is already a lotyears is its indispensable attribute and a kind of bait for young and adult visitors. A special delight all visitors experience before the tank T-34, which you can not only admire, but also climb. Also in the park there is a powerful howit that has survived since the war.

Also in this place of rest regularly (especiallybefore the next anniversary of 9 May) improvised exhibitions of small and automatic weapons are held. Not only children, but also adults with pleasure take in the hands of the Kalashnikov assault rifle or the KPVT machine gun.

The world of entertainment

The Victory Park (Samara) is, first of all,of course, a place of rest and memory for the dead soldiers. However, there are also various places on which you can have fun. Firstly, these are all kinds of attractions, among which the Ferris wheel, the Russian swing, the famous "Moon" enjoy special love.

Secondly, many visitors to the park like to ride onboats and catamarans, to hire which can be directly on the shore of the lake. In addition, there is a good playground, a pond with a fountain and several summer cafes.

Thirdly, in the territory of the park regularlyvarious entertainment events are held, timed not only for state holidays, but also for local celebrations. Special love from local residents is enjoyed by the fun associated with the wires of the winter, rituals, the origins of which are rooted in ancient traditions, the celebration of Family Day, Ivan Kupala, Mother's Day.

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