Rixos Sungate Hotel (Turkey, Kemer): reviews, photos

If you plan to spend an unforgettable summervacation on the beach, located in a comfortable hotel complex, the five-star hotel "Rixos Sungate" (Turkey) can be an excellent option for living.

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This large resort hotel is located inwest from the tourist capital of Turkey - Antalya. From the airport of this city, the hotel complex separates the distance of 50 kilometers. So the path from the air harbor to the hotel takes from travelers about forty minutes. Five-star "Rixos Sungate" is located in the resort village of Beldibi, 15 kilometers away from Kemer. The hotel is located on the beach and has its own large beach.

Turkey, Rixos Sungate in Kemer: photo and description

This five-star hotel complex for the first timeopened its doors to vacationers from all over the world in 2005. Since then, several large-scale renovations have been carried out here, the last of which occurred in 2012. Here tourists can expect comfortable rest with the possibility with a wide range of opportunities for entertainment. The hotel has 1094 rooms of various categories located in the main building, as well as terraced and lake houses.

Area of ​​own category of hotelis 250 thousand square meters. meters. There are several restaurants (buffet and a la carte), bars, coffee shops, entertainment center, spa complex, several swimming pools with a total area of ​​13 square meters. meters, a water park for children and adults with eleven water slides, three piers, a cinema, a fitness center, go-karting, a bowling center, a diving school, a water sports center, sports grounds, a children's club, a doctor's office, shops, souvenir shops, sightseeing office, car rental and much more. The whole day the hotel has a team of animators.

"Rixos Sungate" (Turkey) is perfect for a relaxed and peaceful holiday for families with children and older travelers, and for the entertainment of young people.

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Residential fund

As already mentioned, this hotel has more than a thousand rooms. There are apartments in the following categories:

  • Standard (maximum can accommodate 3 + 1guest area of ​​38 square meters. meters) with a view of the sea, mountain or garden. A number of rooms are designed for people with disabilities. There are also non-smoking apartments.
  • "Suites" (53 square meters, maximum can live 2 + 2 people). These rooms are located in the main building and terraced houses.
  • "Family Suites" (75 square meters, maximum accommodation - 4 guests). They are in the main building.
  • "Jacuzzi Room" (35 square meters, 2 + 1 people, the main building).
  • "Grand Suites" (80 square meters, 5 + 1 people).
  • "Terrace Family Room" (58 square meters, 3 + 2 guests, terraced houses).
  • "Terrace Family House Lake" (72 square meters, 5 + 2 guests, terraced houses).
  • VIP rooms are located on a separate VIP area with its own pier, swimming pools, restaurant and bar. There are apartments ranging from 32 to 241 square meters. meter.
  • Presidential villa "Poseidon" (1500 square meters, 10 guests).


On the territory of the hotel are organized several objects, where guests can eat densely, have a snack or treat themselves to dessert or favorite drinks. So, here function:

  • 3 main restaurants, working in a buffet format and offering international and Turkish cuisine;
  • food courts and snack bars (including, offering fast food, Turkish flat cakes, ice cream, Thai and Far Eastern snacks);
  • Confectionery, offering a wide selection of delicious desserts and pastries;
  • restaurants "a la carte" - Turkish-Greek, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, fish, international;
  • a children's restaurant on the territory of an entertainment complex for young tourists "Children's Kingdom";
  • several bars offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in a wide range, freshly squeezed juices, tea and coffee.
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Additional service

All hotel guests can, if necessarycontact the department for work with guests, who works from 8 am to midnight. Here you will be happy to solve any of your questions. In addition, tourists who vacation in the "Rixos Sungate" have the opportunity to take advantage of a 24-hour service center. To do this, just call on the number 2001. Here you can get any information about the hotel or order the service you need.

Rixos Sungate Hotel (Turkey): traveler reviews from the Russian Federation

As you know, many modern tourists arepeople, experienced in terms of travel to other countries. In this regard, they are very responsible trying to approach the issue of choosing a hotel for the period of vacation abroad. So, they not only study the official description of the hotel and take into account the advice of the manager from the travel agency, but also do their best to collect as much additional information as possible. An invaluable source in this case are the reviews of real people who have recently visited this or that hotel. Getting acquainted with them, you can make a more complete and close to the real state of things the idea of ​​what will be expected upon arrival in the long-awaited vacation. In this regard, we suggest that you today familiarize yourself with the generalized comments of our compatriots regarding their stay in the five-star hotel "Rixos Sungate" (Turkey), tours offered by many domestic operators. Just note that the vast majority of travelers were very pleased with their choice. In their opinion, this hotel complex has deserved its five stars and corresponds to the cost of living. But we will learn more about everything.

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The hotel itself

As follows from the reviews of our compatriots,offered them in this hotel complex apartments, they were satisfied. So, according to tourists, the rooms here are very spacious, bright, cozy, with fresh repair, high-quality and comfortable furniture and modern appliances. Many people comment on their favorite bathrooms. So, in the bathroom there is a bath and a shower. In addition, all bath and toilet accessories-toothbrushes and pastes, shower gels, shampoo, soap, razor, etc., are always available here. As the expenditure was spent, the maids replenished their supplies. Also guests of the Rixos Sungate 5 * celebrate spacious furnished balconies with a beautiful view of the sea or the hotel grounds. Here it was possible to sit comfortably on a soft sofa, admiring the surroundings and inhaling the sea air seasoned with pine aroma. In addition, in their comments tourists mention the presence in all rooms of a free safe and mini-bar, which is regularly filled with drinks.

hotel riksos sangate turkey reviews

As for cleaning, in general, its qualitymost of the guests were satisfied. However, some hotel guests claim that sometimes the maids forgot to vacuum or wash the floor in their apartments. However, this did not become a serious problem.

Territory, location

As for your own territoryfive-star hotel complex "Rixos Sungate", reviews about which we are considering, then, according to our compatriots, it is very large, green, beautiful and well-groomed. Many travelers remember with enthusiasm the large number of pine trees that fill the air with a unique aroma. On the territory of the hotel there are lots of places for pleasant walks and excellent photo shoots. Also during the holiday season, an electric train runs here, on which both children and adults skate with pleasure.

As for the location of the hotel, it suitedpractically all tourists. The main advantage of the guests is the fact that the hotel complex is only 40 minutes away from the airport. Especially it pleased those who are on vacation with young children.


In their reviews, many travelers noteexcellent work of administrators in the hotel "Rixos Sungate" (Turkey). So, they said, they take great care of customers here. Therefore, in this hotel complex you will not be doomed to wait for many hours, even if you arrive early in the morning. By the way, this attitude is not found in all five-star hotels, not to mention the institutions of a lower category. As noted by some tourists who arrived in their time in the hotel in the morning, they were immediately suggested to go to breakfast in a restaurant, and then already move into the room prepared for them. By the way, if the proposed apartments you did not like something, that you can safely inform about this at the reception. Typically, the administrator will ask you to see a few more free rooms in your category and choose the one that you will like.

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Restaurants, bars

With regard to nutrition, in this regard, mostOur compatriots agreed that it was organized here on a very decent level. However, there were those who argue that every day in the main restaurant of the hotel complex they are preparing the same thing. However, most guests assure that even if this is so, the choice of dishes is so varied that you can try something new every time and do not repeat it in food for several days in a row. In addition, there is always the opportunity to visit the restaurant "a la carte" and taste the dishes of the national Turkish, Italian, Japanese and other cuisines of the peoples of the world.

A good word travelers remember andnumerous cafes, cafes and bars of the Rixos Sungate Hotel. So, according to tourists, experienced bartenders work here, who will always be happy to offer you a drink for your taste.

Beach holidays

This point, judging by the reviews, also remainedalmost all our compatriots who chose the five-star "Rixos Sungate" (Turkey) for their summer holidays are satisfied. So, according to them, the hotel's own beach, although not wide, but also has a significant length - about 800 meters. Very comfortable sun loungers and awnings are installed here. So there is enough space on the beach for everyone. On the whole beach there are refrigerators with drinks, dressing rooms, toilets, bars and snack bars, where you can always have a snack. In addition, children's playgrounds are equipped here. Also there is a pier, a pontoon, an opportunity to do water sports. In addition, the travelers liked that on the shore are always on duty the rescuers, ready to come to the rescue if necessary.

The beach itself is sandy. The only drawback, according to tourists, is the fact that the entry into the water is gentle and sandy in only one place. Usually tourists with children try to take places there. On the remaining part on the bottom there are large stones. Therefore, seasoned travelers recommend using special footwear, so as not to injure your feet when entering the sea.

rixos sangate turkey reviews


Many tourists in their reviews about the hotel "RixosSungate "(Turkey), photos of which can be seen in this article, are very praised on the basins on its territory. According to them, they are very large, clean, with spacious sun terraces, equipped with a sufficient number of comfortable sun loungers. In addition, there is a small water park on the territory of the hotel, where both adults and children play with pleasure.

Guests who prefer an active lifestyle,They were delighted with the sports grounds of the hotel complex. Especially many praise the beach volleyball court. According to them, they saw such pleasant fine sand only on TV. So sports fans here will have something to do.

Positive feedback from our compatriotswas awarded and the spa center of the hotel complex in question. As the guests note, a very wide range of health and beauty treatments is offered here. Their value and quality of visitors were satisfied.

As for the shortcomings, some guestsexpress in their comments the regret that the hotel does not have an amphitheater for adult guests. Performances of invited artists take place on an improvised stage. With comfort to watch what is happening can only those who pre-occupied the place. But parents with children sometimes had to be placed even on the floor. Therefore, travelers express the hope that the administration of the hotel complex will think about this problem and will try to solve it in the near future. After all, the amphitheater is not difficult to build, especially since the vast territory of the hotel allows it.

For children

According to our compatriots, the hotel of Turkey"Rixos Sungate 5 *" is just great for a holiday with children. So, almost all parents and their children were delighted with the local mini-club. According to tourists, for the youngest guests there is a separate restaurant with a special menu, a room for watching cartoons, a shallow pool with water slides, a playground with swings, ropes, stairs, etc. The guests also note excellent children's animators who are constantly entertained their children. Also on the territory of the hotel complex there is a mini-zoo, where children can enjoy rabbits, ducks, pigeons and other inhabitants with pleasure. In addition, for young travelers there is also an amphitheater, where every evening there are entertainment shows designed specifically for children. So, the kids enjoyed visiting clowns, cat shows and many other performances.


In general, positive impressions remainedour compatriots, judging by their reviews, and about the employees of the hotel complex. So, tourists note that the staff here is very friendly, attentive, responsible. Employees always try to solve all arising questions as soon as possible and help the guests in everything. A big plus for our compatriots is the fact that most hotel workers speak Russian. So you will not have any problems with communication here.

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