A novelty in the entertainment industry: a water park in Nizhny Novgorod

What is popular in Europe, sooner or latercomes to our region. So, recently, water parks have become very popular. These are large covered complexes, most often with a lot of entertainment and pleasures. A good example will be a water park in Nizhny Novgorod. The project is already ready, and he admires his prospects.

A bit of history
water park in the lower Novgorod

Few people can guess how long the firstwater parks. In its basic concept, these are entertainment attractions on the water. And a similar complex appeared already in 1940. And the progenitor of water parks is Peterhof itself, where a complex of fountains inspired the invention of the water park, with which we are familiar today. The first Russian water amusement park was built in Samara in 2002, and today it is a visiting card of any major city.

Who needs water parks?

Mankind is going through the period when "bread"already enough for everyone, but "shows" are not enough. Hence the popularity of various kinds of leisure activities. The water park is no exception. In it you can spend time with the whole family, with friends or a loved one. Here there is a place for everyone. For the uninitiated, we note that the water park is a place where there is a pond or pools, many slides of different steepness and shape, there is a children's playground and an animation program. Usually in water parks there is also a cafe or restaurant where you can have a snack, a bar with drinks, but all this is already for a fee. The entrance is usually paid once, the time of stay is not taken into account. If you take such large centers as this water park (Nizhny Novgorod) will be, prices do not differ much from European giants. For the day you will have to give up to 1500 rubles per person. For a child, the tariff is, of course, lower.

What will be the water park in Nizhny Novgorod?
water park lower Novgorod prices

Location of the new structure - microdistrictMeshchersky Lake. The water park will have 2 zones: a closed area and an open one. And the latter will be built primarily due to the relative simplicity of the design. It is planned to erect a huge entertainment complex with attractions, sports grounds and food items. In the construction of this kind of institution takes into account the fact that a person expects to stay in the complex all day - from morning to evening. So, it needs to be provided with different activities so that it does not get bored, and also important for life-support processes, like eating, hygiene and so on. All this is taken into account in the project "Aquapark in Nizhny Novgorod". Completion of the construction is planned as early as 2014. In such a park there will be an open beach area and bicycle paths. A number of planned creation of a football field and the subway line. All these are just projects, but today the water park in Nizhny Novgorod, whose photo looks so amazing, inspires hope for the bright future of modern Russia.

Rules of conduct in the water park
aquapark in the lower Novgorod photo

As if the developers of such centers did not worryabout your safety, your child's life and your own is in your hands. Observe all safety precautions indicated near the attractions. Do not leave the child alone and unattended. If he does not know how to swim, provide him with a life jacket and do not remove it all day long. Keep vigilance all the time while you are in the center. Remember that water is always dangerous, especially for children. Try first to ride on the hill yourself, and then already trust it to the child. Acquaintance with the attractions begin gradually - from simple to complex. Choose a roller coaster, where you need to ride on inflatable plush, and not just on the fifth point. Even such a progressive water park in Nizhny Novgorod can be very dangerous if you illiterate to behave in certain situations. Worry about your own safety, without laying it on the shoulders of rescuers.

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