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Picturesque streets, descending to the Black Sea,the southern sun and a favorable climate - this is what attracts many tourists to Aga. Hotels of the village are also able to surprise their guests with comfortable rooms, convenience of location, and most importantly - a high level of service, in no way inferior to the European one.

Location of the village Agoy

The village of Agoy is located in the Krasnodar Territory, at 12km from Tuapse. It is located at the foot of the pass at the mouth of the river Agoy. Clean pebble beaches and sea water are the main advantages of the village. From Tuapse Agoy separates the Agoy pass. At its top is a monument to the soldiers of the Taman army. There is also an observation deck, which offers magnificent views of the coastal mountains, the Black Sea and the valley of the river Agoy. Private hotels from here are also perfectly visible, and many tourists who stayed in the hotels of the village like to look through their guest house with their eyes.

Agoi Hotels

You can get to Agoy from Tuapse,using the services of regular buses, minibuses or taxis. Tuapse, in turn, has a railway and bus connection to almost all Russian cities, so that anyone can get to the Black Sea for little money, where the best conditions for a summer vacation are waiting for him, not least in the provision of which are occupied by mini-hotels . Agoy is able to give unforgettable impressions to both an adult and a child.

Hotel Aphrodite: location

Hotel "Aphrodite" is a new five-storey house,located on the beach. Not far from the hotel there is a water park and a dolphinarium, so vacationers can at any time diversify their vacation with their visit. The hotel has a grocery and gift shops, as well as parking, though paid.

50 meters from the "Aphrodite" is a pebblethe beach, which is famous for Agha. Hotels near the sea, of course, are more expensive than those located in the middle of the village, but they are worth it.

Aphrodite number and food

26 numbers of classes "lux" and "standard" canto offer its guests a hotel "Aphrodite" (Agoy). There are single and double one-room standards, as well as double two-room suites. The first occupy an area of ​​14-18 m² and include a large bed, a mirror with a dressing table, a TV, a split system, a fridge, a bathroom with a shower, and a balcony. Suites have an area of ​​33 m² and, in addition to standard equipment, are supplemented with a sofa bed.

hotel Aphrodite Agoy

In summer, meals in the "Aphrodite" are organized according to the "buffet" system and served in the dining room located on the first floor. In all other months, meals are three meals a day.

Hotel "Chocolate" (Agoy) - the best option for living for lovers of comfort

35 meters from the Black Sea in a building erectedin 2014, is the hotel "Chocolate" (Agoy). The number of rooms of the mini-hotel consists of only 14 rooms, so that its guests never suffer from a lot of people and constant noise. Standard rooms are designed for 2 or 3 people. There are also spacious suites, from which magnificent views of the sea open.

All rooms are decorated in modernstyle, and experienced and responsive staff constantly monitors the cleanliness and serviceability of furniture and appliances in them. Large windows make all hotel rooms lighter and lively. From them you can admire the winding streets and nature of the village of Agoy. Hotels located near the hotel "Chocolate", will not disturb you during the rest, as its territory is fenced on all sides. In the courtyard there is a cafe, the menu of which is very diverse at any time of the day. There is also a guarded parking lot.

hotel Chocolate Agoy

Hotel Maritel

Hotel "Maritel" (Agoy) is located on thea distance of 150 meters from the pebbly Black Sea beach. For accommodation guests of the hotel are offered 86 rooms of various categories, including suites, junior suites, standards and attics. All rooms, without exception, are equipped with comfortable sleeping places, satellite TV, telephone, free Wi-Fi, refrigerator, tableware, and bathroom.

On site, there is a swimming pool, fitness center,Finnish sauna and parking. The price includes three meals a day. In addition, the hotel has a restaurant where vacationers at any time can enjoy delicious dishes from his menu. There are also a number of services that can be ordered for an additional fee. Among them: laundry services, luggage storage, ironing services, and a shuttle service.

hotel Maritel Agoy

Mini-hotel "Lazurnaya"

"Lazurnaya" is an excellent option forpeople who are not ready to spend too much money on their vacation. However, the proximity to the sea for tourists who chose this hotel, will have to sacrifice, since the beach should go for about 20 minutes. Although, on the other hand, leisurely walks during rest did not harm anyone. Moreover, it is very pleasant to walk a little through the picturesque streets of the village of Agoy. Hotels that are located as close to the sea, will cost an order of magnitude more, but is it worth the extra cost for this advantage? Moreover, on the territory of "Azure" there is a private swimming pool, where you can swim at any time.

The hotel consists of 10 roomsone-room rooms designed for two people. Each of them has a fan, refrigerator, TV, bed (double or twin beds), as well as a shower with constant hot water and a toilet. On the territory of the hotel there is an equipped kitchen for cooking food rest.

Hotel «Mermaid»

The location of the hotel "Mermaid" is the mouthtwo rivers, which is famous for Agha. Hotels in this village often have one drawback - in order to get to the sea, holidaymakers need to cross the federal highway. Fortunately, the hotel "Little Mermaid" is not relevant. His guests can descend to the sea in a quiet street, surrounded on all sides by trees, the shadow of which "brightens" even a very hot day.

mini hotels in Agoy

To stay, vacationers can choose one of the following:spacious rooms with an area of ​​20 m² and a private bathroom. There are two-, three-, four- and five-bed rooms. On site, there is a children's pool and playground, as well as a place for cooking and eating shish kebab. Guests of the hotel can be provided with meals if they wish, or they can cook their own meals in the common kitchen-dining room.

The opinions of tourists about the rest in the village

Tourists, who once had a rest in Agoe, leaveexceptionally positive feedback about this village. They are pleased with the spacious and sparsely populated beaches, the clear sea, the abundance of greenery, the lack of a railway, the presence of two rivers with blue clay, many shops and cafes. If there are negative reviews about Agoe, they, as a rule, are related to living in hotels. Therefore, if you want to avoid such a problem, carefully approach the choice of place of residence.

Agoi Private Hotels

In addition, the village offers a hugenumber of opportunities for excursions. In fact nearby there are such sights, as Kiseleva rock, a stone bank and a pass with an observation platform. Every year the CIS Championships in parachuting are held here. It does not take long to get to the water park or dolphinarium, which is located in Nebug, which, of course, pleases all guests of Agoy.

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