Guest house by the sea, Gelendzhik: accommodation options, services, reviews

In the summer, everyone is interested in the question of recreation. Far for everyone can afford a chic hotel in the famous resorts. Our article we want to devote to the review of leisure options in Gelendzhik. The most convenient option is a guest house by the sea. Gelendzhik - a beautiful resort town, which just can not not like it. The best place for a family vacation just can not find. The most popular are the guest houses of Gelendzhik on the Black Sea coast. Coming to rest, people do not want to spend too much time on the road, so everyone is looking for accommodation on the coast.

Guest House by the Sea (Gelendzhik)

Guest house on Raduzhnaya is located inclose proximity to the sea. The beach is just a couple of minutes walk away. All the hotel buildings have a sea view. They are located at fifty meters from a well-maintained beach with pebbles. The hotel is in a place with developed infrastructure. Nearby there is everything you need for recreation: food market, cafes, shops, transport stops, dolphinarium, water park, playgrounds.

Guest "House by the Sea" (Gelendzhik) canoffer its guests fourteen rooms. The peculiarity of the hotel is that some rooms are equipped with a small kitchen and, of course, a bathroom. The rooms have comfortable furniture, air conditioning, TV. The kitchen is equipped with a stove, a kettle and a fridge. Residents of the hotel can also eat in a cafe with homemade Russian cuisine.

guest house near the sea Gelendzhik

Guest "House by the Sea" (Gelendzhik) itsGuests can be offered to use the sauna, laundry, luggage storage, parking for cars. There is Wi-Fi. All rooms are decorated in a classic style.

The city center is ten minutes walk from the hotel. The airport is eight kilometers away.

Reviews of holidaymakers

All the hotel guests celebrate good staff. But the reviews about the rooms are a bit contradictory. Someone is very pleased, but someone did not like furniture and insufficient manning of kitchens. Guest parking is small, because in the season, vacationers have to put cars on the nearest paid. However, all minor shortcomings brightens the favorable location and proximity of the sea.

"Golden sand"

Looking at guest houses in Gelendzhik next toby the sea, it is worth remembering the "Golden Sand". The hotel has a good location. To the sandy beach only three to four minutes walk, to the pebble beach - five, the same to the embankment. The center can be reached in a couple of minutes, and the water park is five minutes away. Nearby is the market and grocery stores. In the courtyard parking is paid (place only for three cars). Near the hotel you can put a car for free.

To services of having a rest the Internet, a laundry, an iron,kitchen with microwave, areas for smoking, green courtyard and summer gazebo, organization of excursions. The rooms are non-smoking. The hotel does not accept guests with animals.

Gelendzhik guest houses by the sea

The guest house itself is a three-storyThe building is five minutes from the new promenade. It has a view of the mountains and the sea. The place is quiet, loud music does not bother guests. On each floor there is a kitchen on the terrace. The rooms have a shower. They are equipped with TV, refrigerator, double bed and folding armchair. The kitchens have the necessary utensils. Cleaning is held once every three days.

What is a good guest house Golden Sand?

Surprisingly, about the guest house"Golden Sand" all holidaymakers who have been here, have the most good impressions and reviews. The attentive and friendly owner of the hotel deserves special attention. According to visitors the rooms are good and clean, territory also. The furniture in the apartments is new, the internet speed is high. In general, all visitors are very satisfied with the rest at this hotel, no one was disappointed.

guest houses Gelendzhik on the Black Sea coast

Considering guest houses in Gelendzhik near the sea, be sure to pay attention to the "Golden Sand". Bribes the proximity of two beaches, you can always choose where to go.

"Rest by the Sea"

Guest house "Rest by the Sea" (Gelendzhik)is located very close to the beach (pebbly) of Tolstoy cape. Rest in the hotel is designed for those tourists who prefer a quiet private sector away from the hustle and bustle. The hotel rooms vary in price, depending on the category. There are rooms of economy class, which will cost 600-700 rubles per day per person, there are also one-room and three-room rooms with a kitchen. The apartment is simply decorated. In the courtyard of the guest house, vacationers can have a great time, use a barbecue.

guest houses in Gelendzhik near the sea

According reviews of tourists, the guest house isquite an acceptable option for marine recreation, of course, if people do not seek super-conditions. The hotel is clean, comfortable, but simple, but it is more than compensated by the proximity to the beach.

"House by the Sea" along Kurzalnaya street, 8 (Gelendzhik)

Guest houses by the sea can offer the mostdifferent variants of settlement: from the most simple and to the chic rooms. "House by the Sea" boasts a very modern guest rooms. At the same time the hotel is located only eighty meters from the shore. The housing stock here is presented by rather spacious rooms with air conditioning and internet. The category of the apartments is very different. You can be offered both a more budget option and a room with your own kitchen and individual entrance.

guest house rest by the sea Gelendzhik

Absolutely all apartments are decorated in a modernstyle. Each room has a refrigerator and a bathroom. For residents of economy-class apartments, as well as semi-suites, a shared kitchen is provided on the floor. In addition, very close to the hotel there are good restaurants. So questions with food should not arise. The convenient location makes the guest house an interesting option for viewing. Moreover, the visitors were quite satisfied with the rest. Especially comfortable rooms with their own kitchens. But on the economy-apartments with a common kitchen there are complaints about the tightness and lack of all the necessary utensils.

Guest house «Acropolis»

If you plan to visit Gelendzhik, guest houses by the sea can be a good place for a vacation. However, for this you have to work hard and find the most suitable option.

guest house near the sea Gelendzhik

You may well be interested in a guest house withloud name "Acropolis". It has a good location. So, for example, to a sandy beach only five minutes on foot, to a pebble beach - seven, and to the center - only five minutes. With products in general there will be no problems, since the store is located right in the hotel building.

To services of guests in the guest house there is a generalkitchen, you can also eat the dining room, where there is a standard menu and dishes on request. Change of linen, towels and cleaning of apartments is carried out at the request of the guests.

The guest house has rooms with kitchens, junior suites and two-room apartments. In principle, there is plenty to choose from.

As for reviews about the hotel, they are veryare contradictory. Many complain about not granting reserved rooms, lack of internet, incomplete kitchens and generally poor service. Special difficulties arise with the change of linen and cleaning of the room. On the other hand, the rest were happy with everything.

Instead of an afterword

Gelendzhik - a wonderful city for a holiday in anyseason. Well, in the summer it's just an amazing place. What is worth only a new embankment and Safari Park. The city grows chic pines, their aroma is mixed with the sea air. This combination is truly magical. The main advantage of the resort is incredibly clean water and the coast. You can not see garbage mountains anywhere. Cleanliness in the city can keep track. A great advantage of Gelendzhik is the availability of two types of beaches: pebble and sand. You can choose any. Yes, and there is something to see here. For example, go to Abrau Durso, see the local factory and try the wine.

For recreation you can choose a budget option - a guest house near the sea. Gelendzhik will not let you be bored. Rest here you will certainly like it.

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