Revolution in roaming! Internet abroad from 30 kopecks / MB

Have you ever dreamed about an accessible Internetwhen roaming abroad? Maybe you would like to share photos directly from vacation, without waiting for a return? And maybe your favorite band released a new album just when you were abroad, and you had to wait for the return home to finally listen and download all the songs?

internet abroad

Now your opportunities for communication on vacationalmost limitless: you can not forget about the usual activity in social networks and, moreover, to communicate with loved ones via Skype and Viber, paying only for a network connection.

How to always be in touch abroad and not go bankrupt on the Internet?

Get an Internet package on terms that are advantageous for you, by becoming a customer of GoodLine. Buy a travel SIM card - and profitable roaming and inexpensive Internet abroad will no longer seem to you something from the realm of fantasy.

You can buy a tourist SIM card at the best price on the company's website.

internet abroad

"Planet-Good" tariff: international roaming up to 10 times more profitable

Tourist sim card "GoodLine" ( with the tariff "Planet-Good" opens incredible opportunities for communication. Firstly, you can call to Russia at a price of $ 0.05 per minute. Secondly, incoming calls will be free for you in 144 countries around the world.

In addition, mobile Internet abroad will be provided to you on very favorable terms:

  • Internet package Smart-Data offers 1000 MB, and this is enough to view about 200 music videos or for free surfing the web. The cost is $ 19, this is 1 ruble for 1 MB.
  • The package "Sea of ​​the Internet", 5000 MB, and this is 5 films in high quality or unlimited use of social networks, will cost you $ 28, this is 30 kopecks per 1 MB.

Comparing the offer with those from other operators in Russia, you will notice that with a tariff plan "Planet-Good" to be in communication on trips more profitable 10 times!


But that's not all the advantages. At the tariff Planet-Good there is no subscription fee, and you can replenish the balance anywhere in the world with the help of a bank card.

Free calls to Russia on Viber and Skype without internet

Another excellent opportunity to always be in touch with loved ones is the use of instant messengers. And on trips they help out the best.

sim-card is good

Sim-card "GoodLine" will allow you to communicate withexpensive people more. You can call Viber and Skype without the Internet. Only a connection fee is charged, equal to the cost of one minute of an outgoing call within the host country. In this case, the caller himself does not need to use Viber or Skype, it is enough to add a certain combination of numbers before the selected number.


Going on a trip, do not forget to take tourist SIM-card "GoodLine". There are several reasons for this:

  1. You will always be in touch with family and friends and spend 10 times less for roaming and mobile Internet abroad than if you used the services of any other Russian company.
  2. You can use the Internet abroad forprice from 30 cents per MB, and in the usual mode to use social networks, share with native and intimate photos, their impressions of the trip, and the price of 1 megabyte will be only 30 cents.
  3. You can call to Russia in Skype and Viber, paying only 1 minute of connection in the host country.
  4. In 144 countries of the world, incoming for you will be free of charge, and you can easily refill your balance from a bank card.

tourist sim-card

"GoodLine" makes roaming and Internet abroad profitable, and you can take advantage of all the advantages of being always in touch.

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