Settlement Andreevka (Crimea): choose a place for rest

Since the Soviet times the Crimean peninsula has becomea favorite vacation spot for citizens of different countries, including Russians. Basically, many come here in order to improve their health in sanatoria. Also lovers of beach and outdoor activities will feel very comfortable here. The favorite budget place was the village. Andreevka (Crimea), which is part of the northern Nakhimovsky district of the city of Sevastopol. This settlement is located on the south-western coast of the Crimean peninsula. Throughout the entire coastline there are various holiday homes, boarding houses, campsites and car parks.

Briefly about the village

The first thing I would like to tell tourists iswhere the village is located. It is located not far from Sevastopol, only 30 km. This location is quite convenient for those who come to this place not only from the peninsula, but also from the mainland. Between the village and the city, regular transport is available. And this, in turn, allows travelers to move freely, both on buses and on boats.

Andreevka (Crimea) reviews are very good, becauseit is located on an ecologically clean territory. In the north, the settlement is located between the capes of Lukull and Tybek, and in the south of the village there is the Margopulo Cape.

Here the infrastructure is developed, which makes tourists happy. It is a well-organized beach with water entertainments, mini markets, pharmacies, exchange offices, shops, post office, a large green park with a variety of Crimean trees and shrubs.

In the evening, rest in Andreevka (Crimea) is amazed by incendiary beach discos and cafe-bars.

Andreevka of Crimea

A few words about the beaches

The coastline near the village is steep, withThere are thickets of reeds in the foot, but there is plenty of territory for rest. The sand and pebble beach reaches a length of about a kilometer. It is equipped with three breakwaters. But vacationers who come to Andreevka not for the first time, go to the secluded wild beaches that are located at the capes of Lucullus and Margopulo. Some of them are equipped with staircases to the sea, but there are also those where you can go only along the shore.

Offers for holidaymakers

The village of Andreevka (Crimea) will please touristssparing prices for accommodation and meals. The private sector has opened its doors to vacationers since the beginning of May, as the sea warms up early here. Guest and private houses provide wishing rooms with their own bathroom and shower. Prices for such housing vary from 300 rubles. from a person to 700-800 rubles. Here, the owners will also offer their own meals, which are already included in the total cost.

holiday in the andreevka of Crimea

Guest house "Lavandina"

A small guest house "Lavandina" is locatednext to the protected cape Lucullus. The rooms have all the amenities for a cozy stay: shower room, bathroom, TV, kettle, refrigerator, fan. There is a shared kitchen equipped with plates and tables. Green territory with a gazebo and BBQ for shish kebabs are collected in the evening by the guests of the Lavandina. The cost of living is 350-650 rubles per person.

Recreation center "Solnyshko"

Half a kilometer from the sea is an inexpensiveprivate recreation center "Solnyshko". The road to the beach passes through a park with relict trees and ends with a very shallow descent for this place. This recreation center is quite popular, because the village. Andreevka (Crimea) annually receives private individuals, children's and youth groups, participants of festivals and sports fees. For accommodation, rooms are available, accommodating from two to five people. At the request of the guests in private, three meals a day can be arranged. The cost of living is not more than 400 rubles per person.

Guest house "Victoria"

Since May, the guest also takes a guest house"Victoria". It is a small two-storey cottage with six accommodation units and a beautiful sea view. A warm home environment will please vacationers, there is a huge beautiful courtyard, free parking and internet. Many guests also use the banquet hall at the guest house, which can accommodate up to 20 people. Prices are low (about 500 rubles.), As well as throughout the village. "Victoria" offers its guests tours of the southern coast of the Crimea, as well as the city of Sevastopol.

Andreevka Crimea reviews

Thanks to the clean sea, fresh air,inexpensive cafe and guest houses of holidaymakers here every year more. Equipped and numerous wild beaches, which has a settlement. Andreevka (Crimea), will satisfy the demands of any category of tourists.

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