The Kremlin State Palace is a legendary building

The Kremlin's State Palace was built in1961 year. Its erection lasted one year and four months. These terms are considered truly record. The construction was carried out with the active support of Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev, who at that time held the post of first secretary of the CPSU Central Committee.

Kremlin State Palace
One of the most important tasks was the identification ofsite for the construction of the Palace. This was supposed to be a place corresponding to the socio-political purpose of this monumental structure. That is why it was decided to build the Kremlin's State Palace on the Kremlin's territory - an important place for any Russian person.

As a result of a closed competition for the creation of a projectconstruction of the winner and the head of the construction process became Posokhin Mikhail Vasilyevich. He headed a team of architects who worked on the development of individual elements of the Palace.

It was originally planned to make a meeting roomfor four thousand seats. However, later the size of the room was adjusted. The reason for this was the example of foreign colleagues: the Chinese architects who worked on the plan of the Palace of Congresses in Beijing, created a project for ten thousand seats with a huge hall for banquets. Khrushchev, who visited this magnificent structure, was simply amazed. It was decided to increase the hall that was built in the Palace to six thousand seats. For the most successful implementation of the conceived group of Soviet architects traveled to the US and Germany to familiarize themselves with the experience of erecting such buildings.

The development of the facade has also become a difficult process. A great variety of architectural solutions was submitted for consideration. In the course of creative searches, the well-known facade of the Palace has now been formed.

state Kremlin palace moscow

In the summer of 1961 outside the KremlinThe State Palace has already been completely finished with Ural white marble, glass and golden anodised aluminum. To decorate the interiors, such materials as red figured Baku tuff, Karbakhtinsky granite, and marble kaolga were used. The walls and the floor are finished using oak, beech, ash, hornbeam and Pacific nut.

October 17, 1961 was solemnly openedThe State Kremlin Palace. The official website reports that on that day a festive concert took place, the program of which included a fragment of the well-known ballet titled "Swan Lake". Also, the audience was pleased with the performances of honored artists.

The central theatrical and concert hall of the wholethe country became the State Kremlin Palace. Moscow began to attract even more tourists, as the long-awaited premieres of the Academic Bolshoi Theater were performed on stage, legendary dance and singing groups performed.

The Kremlin Palace of State for two decades has become a venue for congresses of the CPSU.

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In 2003 there was a grandiosereconstruction - modernized sound and lighting equipment. At present, the Palace in its technical equipment stands on one level with the Royal Shakespeare Theater (Stratford), Carnegie Hall (New York) and the Shrine Auditorium (Los Angeles).

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