Ol'ginka: sights and entertainments. Olginka for adults and children

Olginka is an incredibly picturesque village, from allsides surrounded by mountains. This is a real paradise for those who prefer to sit around in the home atmosphere active and full of impressions. Arriving here, it's worth to visit all the sights and attractions. Olginka - a small village, but there are plenty of interesting places. Guests are offered hiking tours to the ancient dolmens, river kayak rafting and a lot more interesting. Near the village is a huge number of chic waterfalls with rocky shores, only some can be visited on foot, walking on the forest more often, and to some have to travel by road.

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With a properly planned time, enoughspectacular can be a holiday in Ol'ginka. Attractions and entertainment are found here for every taste and purse. Among tourists, cognitive excursions to the Hot Springs, the Ashe gorge and another thirty-three beautiful waterfalls, on the purity of water and picturesque landscapes comparable with Lake Baikal, are of great demand.

Excursion to the history

In the distant past, Olga used to wear quite anotherthe name is "Tume-kale", in translation meaning "fortress of the Toes". With the onset of 1824, this wonderful village was renamed and named Holguinka in honor of Princess Olga. As a result, everything ended with the erection on the river of the Olga fortress, which is known to many tourists today.

The main asset of these places is the sea. Olginka is famous for its variety of unsurpassed places for swimming.

The main pride of Olginka is the beaches

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On the territory of this amazing place successfullylocated a lot of beautiful beaches with golden sand and azure water. Here you can take great sun baths. In the area near the reservoirs, many sun loungers and other necessary furniture are equipped. With beach rest in the village are connected almost all attractions and entertainment. Ol'ginka is a place where almost uninhabited "wild" beaches and civilized places are combined for general bathing. Central Olginsky beaches, if created specifically for people who love solitude, philosophical reflection and silence.

For a separate monetary reward, eacha holidaymaker can choose a special indoor area with beach furniture and summer cafes, where guests are regularly pampered with shish kebab and other dishes cooked according to home recipes with a soul. Also on the beaches to the smallest detail worked out the leisure activities of holidaymakers. Beach animators regularly hold games and all kinds of entertainment programs designed for children of all ages and adults. Among other things, there are medical centers on the beaches of Ol'ginka where beach patrons will always be provided with medical assistance of any level of complexity.

sightseeing and entertainment in olginka

Pastime on the expanses of the beaches of Olqinkiis not always completely free. This is completely justified, since the level of service on the beaches of this wonderful resort can be compared with the European one. The most good conditions are ready to offer the central beaches of Olginka itself, Tuapse beaches, the beach in the central part of Novomikhailovsky and others. In quiet and uninhabited areas of Ol'ginki there are even beaches provided for comfortable rest of people propagandizing nudism.

Beaches at the hotels

For an additional fee, vacationers canUse the swimming pools that are located on the territory of hotel complexes. Such services are successfully offered by the hotel "Aquamarine", the guest house "Agoy", the hotel "Lermontovo" and other establishments. There is even such an option, when the hotel has its own beach, the rest is worth a lot of money. Despite this fact, this kind of recreation enjoys an unprecedented demand among married couples with young children. It's all about the purity of the beaches and the surrounding area. Also obvious plus of such places of beach rest is the availability of round-the-clock security, thanks to which, vacationers can not be afraid to lose anything from things or, worse still, to lose a child. Another significant advantage is that on the beaches of hotels, free use of sun loungers and other beach furniture is provided.

Recreation by savage

Fans of wild beaches are most often located onabandoned places Olginka, located on the picturesque rocky shores. Often these corners of nature are remote from the central part of the village, but this in no way reduces the popularity of such places among tourists. Ways of recreation, prices for housing and food, the life of indigenous people and much more can be seen first hand by visiting local attractions and entertainment. Olga with open arms is ready to meet guests of different social levels and ages. Older people will surely choose a calm and measured relaxation in the private beach areas, families with children will be pleased with shallow beaches. There will be a refuge and people who love nudism and rest in the style of Robinson Crusoe and Friday, in which there is not the slightest hint of the presence of civilization and comfort.

In addition to the beaches, there are many otherattractive places for tourists, which offers Tuapse (Olginka). Attractions, entertainment in these places are no less fascinating than at more expensive resorts.

Water-entertainment complex "Orbita"

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This magnificent entertainment complexis equipped with all kinds of water attractions, a pool, whose depth is 1.5 meters, and the length is about 37 meters. Also, visitors are offered a small outdoor swimming pool, which has a huge number of gutters and slides for swimming, "kamikaze" and "anaconda" rides. To correct problems with the spine, visitors are offered a whirlpool with intensively flowing warm water jets. There is even a jacuzzi, where to stay - a pleasure. For connoisseurs of an active lifestyle there are attractions and entertainment here. Olga is a favorite place for many who enjoy sports and watch the figure.

On the territory of the water-entertainment complex"Orbit" is a place for those who plan to come close to improving their own muscle frame. To do this, the complex has a set of simulators, a treadmill, an eleptic simulator and other attributes that a real athlete needs or someone who simply follows the shape and observes the physical load.

For golf fans there is also entertainment, as the complex has a miniature golf club.

Water Park "Summer"

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Near the central beach of Ol'ginki is locatedentertaining water complex in the open air - water park "Summer". The variety of slides makes it possible to get great pleasure for children, adults, and even the smallest visitors. Guests at the entrance are greeted by cartoon characters, from which the children come in genuine delight.

The water park does not vary in size, but this does not prevent it from being one of the most visited places in Ol'ginka.

For the youngest visitors there is a swimming pool withanimation. Older children can ride on different slides. Feel the greatness of the raging sea can be in the wave pool. Adults can choose more extreme water rides.

You can have a snack or quench your thirst in the bar and cafes located in the water park.

Tourists who prefer a diverse vacationat reasonable prices, must visit the village of Ol'ginka. Places of interest and entertainment (photos of all interesting places, unfortunately, could not be placed in this article) are numerous here, any traveler will find a lesson for himself.

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