"Moskvoretsky" (Krylatskoe) - a park with untouched corners of nature

Few know that on the site of the Krylatskoe areapreviously there was a village. Ivan the Terrible once stayed here several times. The village of Krylatskoe with its neighboring territories in 1960 passed into the line of Moscow, becoming at first part of Kiev, and a few years later - Kuntsevsky district of the capital.

Krylatskoe Park

general information

Territorial boundaries of this administrative division are between Kuntsevo, Strogino, Filevsky Park and Horoshevo-Mnevniki. Since 1995 the district has received the status of an independent district of the capital.

At the end of the nineteenth century,terrain. People came here to rest and swim. In addition, in the park, located here, Surikov's literary circle was going to gather, and under the shadow of a century old oak Sergey Esenin read his works.

Parks in the Krylatskoe area

Today it is a very developed district with a populationabout one hundred thousand people. There are a lot of different objects, including sports. The main streets of the district are the Autumn Boulevard and the Krylatsky Hills. In addition to all the main infrastructure, including the metro, there are places where you can relax. At once several unique natural monuments are famous for Krylatskoe: Moskvoretsky Park, Landscape Landscape with the same name, Serebryany Bor, etc.

Total in this administrative division is aboutthree hundred hectares of territory are occupied by natural monuments, almost completely green, there is even an underground source. Perhaps, the most famous and popular, judging by the reviews, in the Krylatskoe area is the Moskvoretsky park.

Parks in the Krylatskoe area

Especially protected natural area

Over the past few years, the area has stronglytransfigured. Large-scale construction is being carried out everywhere. That is why it is so important for the people of the metropolis to preserve their favorite corner of nature. Krylatskoe was not an exception. Park Moskvoretsky, located in the western part of the capital, is considered a specially protected parochial territory. It consists of twenty-two ecozones, which are separated from each other. Located in a place that indigenous people know as the Krylatsky hills, this park offers residents a fairly extensive infrastructure for recreation.

Unlike other recreation areas of the capital, in"Moskvoretsky" is dominated not so much by forest areas, as by water massifs and meadows, harmoniously combined with shady pine forests, birch and spruce groves. Everywhere there are playgrounds, where new swings and slides, sandpits are installed. In the summer, children are entertained on inflatable attractions, and in winter they roll off numerous slides.

Located in the territory of KrylatskoeThe park offers an extensive infrastructure for lovers of a healthy lifestyle. The entrance to its territory is free. In this surprisingly well-preserved natural corner Muscovites come with pleasure. Here you can meet and families with young children, and the elderly. All of them come to breathe clean air and nourish the forces of Mother Nature, but the youth - just to have fun.

Krylatsky Park address

Muscovites are very fond of this park and therefore tryto protect his wealth. Moreover, many of its corners are not yet affected by civilization, and therefore you can get acquainted with what the nature of this place was once before people began to build a city here.

There are two sources on the territory of the park, one ofwhich is called very original - "Stone cage", as well as a picturesque, artificially created pond, which is full of representatives of the family of ducks. Citizens feed them in any weather, so the birds here feel very comfortable.

Landscape sanctuary

"Krylatsky hills" are on the right bankThe Moscow River. It is here, on the north-western part of the Teplostan Upland, and stretches the area, which is very unusual for the Moscow region. The boundaries of the Krylatsky Hills reserve are in close proximity to the river. It occupies a rather large territory - two hundred hectares, which is an alternation of ravines and gullies.

"Krylatsky hills", although they have "man-made"origin, are considered one of the most picturesque parks of the capital. It was created on the basis of ancient quarries, to which the Moscow Olympics were filled with artificial slopes. However, there is a natural monument on the territory of the park. This is the "Mountainous Country" in miniature, which is known to the indigenous residents of the capital as the Tatarovsky ravine. Here you can find many rare plants and geological formations.

Krylatsky hills

At the foot of the slope the Holy Spring hid, the water of which has an amazing taste and purity. On the "Krylatsky Hills" in the forest, oak, linden, birch, alder and willow predominate.

"Fairy tale"

He, too, is in the Krylatskiy district. The park, whose address appeared recently on the map of this administrative district, is a relatively new concept for similar facilities. At the heart of the "Fairy Tales" is the idea of ​​encouraging children to spend as much time as possible in the open air. The idea of ​​this park is to introduce children to Russian fairy tales and motifs of modern cartoons.

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