Crocodile farm (Ekaterinburg): show with Nile crocodiles

Russians are accustomed to consider the crocodile exotichot countries. But for some time now in Russia, namely in the severe Urals, you can see these giant reptiles live and even communicate with them! This opportunity is given to visitors by a crocodile farm (Yekaterinburg).

Amazing reptiles

Crocodiles are referred to the most ancient creatures onearth, because they live on the planet for many millions of years. Scientists even hypothesized that once these reptiles shared their habitat with dinosaurs. This is clearly indicated by the structure of their horrific skull.

Using your mind, trick and possibilitiesorganism, crocodiles survived many cataclysms and survived to the present day. These animals continue their growth throughout their lives, and sometimes among them it is possible to see simply giant individuals.

Crocodile farm (Yekaterinburg)

On hot days, one can observe a picture of howThe crocodile lies with a wide open mouth, thus saving the body from overheating. Birds of small size at this time eat leftovers, stuck between his teeth, but the giant does not touch them, letting them help themselves.

Female reptiles lay eggs on land, and later,three months later, help small crocodiles to appear in the water, transferring them to their mouth. They do it so gently and neatly that no tiny cub can suffer.

Crocodileville - crocodile farm (Ekaterinburg)

The owner of the farm Evgeni Chashchin is keen on reptiles withchildhood. Even then, he kept snakes, iguanas and chameleons. Little by little, and reached the Nile crocodiles. Now the whole family lives on the farm, headed by the very first crocodile Gena, he is now 16 years old. A full collection of animals on the farm has nearly 150 individuals.

This unusual place was even included in the tour of the Urals,and many tourists can visit it. Everything is organized thoughtfully and interestingly. Guests are not only looking for crocodiles and other reptiles in the terrarium, but also shows with these animals. If desired, you can personally feed the crocodile.

Ekaterinburg, crocodile farm: route

Crocodile farm (Ekaterinburg) givesThe opportunity for visitors to observe what is happening in the terrarium from above, from a fenced area. An interesting decision was to make a hatch on the floor of the room in which these fauna representatives are located. The glass dome will be safe, while at the same time giving the opportunity to be in close proximity to reptiles.

Cost of visit

Excursions are well organized, tickets are in advance by registering on the phone. There you can find all the information you need. The crocodile farm in Yekaterinburg is actively visited by tourists. The price of tickets is different. For children, pensioners and invalids, it is 350 rubles, for adults 500. Children under three years are free.

Crocodile farm in Yekaterinburg: price

If someone wants to feed the reptile or make an individual photo with it, you will have to pay extra. Visitors treat this with understanding, because farm maintenance is a costly business.

The feeding process looks like this: you lower a piece of meat down the rope, and the crocodile jumps and grabs it. For such extreme entertainment it is necessary to give a hundred rubles. A professional photo costs 300 rubles, but nobody forbids removing the inhabitants of the farm to your camera for free.

Reviews of the visit to "Crocodileville"

Of course, the guests are amazed at the crocodilefarm (Ekaterinburg), testimonials testify to this. But even more impressive are the sizes of crocodiles and their number, as well as an unforgettable show in which the farm owner himself Yevgeny Chashchin and his brother Nikita participate. They do tricks that make spectators gasp.

Each of the brothers alternately puts his handin the mouth of a crocodile, dragging him by the tail or sitting on his horse. These numbers keep the audience in suspense, and leave the farm they are full of impressions. It was not once without injuries. Right during the presentation, Nikita lost a lot of blood, and on his hand since then, "mark" the marks from crocodile teeth. What to do, the animals have their own reflexes, and we should never forget about their wild origin.

Crocodile farm (Ekaterinburg): reviews

In addition to crocodiles, the crocodile farm(Yekaterinburg) gives an opportunity to personally see skink, boa constrictor, cobra, giurzu, lizards, turtles and exotic spiders. Here operates the principle of a contact zoo, many reptiles can be touched, fed from the hands. The excursion is conducted by a guide, he interestingly tells about all the inhabitants, their nature and habits.

In September 2016, Crocodileville visitedAnastasia Volochkova, who willingly took part in the feeding of reptiles, watched the show and went around the farm as part of the excursion. The celebrity even allowed herself to joke that toothy crocodiles remind her of commentators on her page in Instagram.

How to get on a crocodile farm

If you have already arrived in Ekaterinburg, crocodilethe farm route assumes a simple one. There is "Crocodileville" next to the shopping center "Carnival", in Bebel Street, 17. You can get there by car or metro. The distance from the stations "Dynamo", "Ural" and "Area of ​​1905" is approximately the same.

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