Beach "Flagman" (Pirogovo): rest, prices, reviews, how to get

Summer is a time when you want a bright mood,excellent sunburn, soft drinks, sports games in the fresh air, swimming. Absolutely everyone wants to plunge into the atmosphere of this season. There are different options for summer holidays. Some people choose trips to hot countries, for example Turkey, Egypt or Cyprus. Others simply leave for the countries of Europe. However, a lot of people stay at home. There can be many reasons, that is why there are many recreation centers, hotels, rest homes on the territory of Russia. But what about people who are not going to go there? To visit the beaches and places that are more or less close, the benefit of them now in the Russian Federation is very much. Today I would like to talk about "Flagship" (beach). Mytishchi, where this holiday destination is located, is located not far from Moscow. Therefore, it is loved by many tourists.

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Pirogovskoe Reservoir

This reservoir extends from Chiverava toPirogov dam. It is connected to two other reservoirs, on its eastern part a dam is built. This area is an excellent place for lovers of active and extreme type of rest, as here are offered:

  • Jet ski riding;
  • boat trips;
  • water skiing;
  • jumping into the water from the tower and other water sports varieties.

    beach flagship on pirogovskoe reservoir

Also the place is remarkable for yachtsmen. The reservoir itself is built on the territory of the urban-type settlement of Pirogovskoe, in which about 10 thousand people live. In its own way, the charming place has its own interesting history and culture. Here there is a woodworking plant and a power station. On the territory of the Pirogovskoe reservoir there are many recreation centers and beaches, one of which is the beach "Flagman".

Where is

First we'll tell you where the beach is"Flagship", how to get to this beautiful place. You can get there by metro, passing from the station "Medvedkovo" to the station "Mytischi". You can also take a taxi or bus. There is a reservoir behind the forest park. If you are going to go there by car, then you have to first go through the Prospect Mira and turn to Yaroslavl highway. After Mytischi, which is at 94 kilometers, we turn. Then you need to continue driving along the Pirogovskoe highway. Beach "Flagship" in Pirogovo paid, but the prices here are not so high. So, for example, the entrance fee is 50 rubles, parking for a car - 250 rubles, renting a deckchair costs only 30 rubles.

Beach complex

The beach has:

  • own parking;
  • tent complex;
  • football field;
  • a place for beach volleyball;
  • pergolas;
  • scene;
  • area for holidays, events;
  • kitchen;
  • beach area;
  • houses for rest.

The corporate zone is fenced with a banner fence of 3 meters, there is a special entrance. The arched marquee on the quay has an area of ​​200 m2. All territories are maximally well-equipped,daily cleaning is carried out. The beach complex assumes carrying out of magnificent celebrations, celebrations, parties and the big actions. A huge area of ​​the beach "Flagship" can be rented in advance, for this you need to contact the administration one month before the holiday date. Modern equipment, service and rental of necessary equipment make recreation in this place especially comfortable and attractive for tourists.

Services and Services

The beach "Flagman" on the Pirogovskoe reservoir has all the necessary equipment for recreation:

  • grounds for playing football, basketball, volleyball;
  • rent of boats and scooters;
  • complete sets for beach rest: umbrellas, sun beds, fins, glasses.

Also the beach is equipped with shower cabins and changing rooms. It will be fun even for the smallest visitors, as a children's playground and a sandbox are built on its territory.

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Beach "Flagship" - this is the place where they comerest and sunbathe many residents of Moscow. It is so popular because of its location and low prices. The beach occupies most of the Klyazma reservoir, which is located in the territory of Khimki and is very deep, at 5-8 meters, and in some places - up to 11 meters.


There is a lot of entertainment on the beach"Flagship". In addition to bathing and sunbathing, you can do sports such as volleyball, basketball in a specially designated area. For fans of extreme sports there is the opportunity to rent boats, scooters. For people who are keen on fishing, the beach staff will provide all the necessary equipment for an additional fee.

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For the youngest beach attendees on hisThere is a playground and a sandpit. Also, various events for adults and children are often held here. If you want to spend time on the beach with your relatives or with a large team from work, then you can rent a certain part of the beach. Do you want to cook shish kebab in nature? No problem, here you will be provided with all the necessary things: brazier, skewers.


Or you can visit a cafe that is located on thebeach area, try an incredibly delicious shish kebab. By the way, the cafe has a very diverse menu, which includes various dishes of European cuisine, this institution specializes in cooking dishes on fire (lyulya-kebab, pork, beef, chicken). On the beach there are several tents, in which banquets, celebrations, master classes for children are held. For an additional fee, you can arrange your event, the benefit of the area of ​​the tents.

Reviews of tourists

Simple, inexpensive, but at the same timeThe most beautiful holiday is given by the beach "Flagship". Reviews of tourists, both permanent and occasional guests, are mostly positive. Visitors enthusiastically speak about the magnificent nature and beautiful views of the Pirogovskoe reservoir. Also, many celebrate excellent service, convenience, an abundance of services. Tourists especially like the possibility of renting scooters, water skis, boats at very low prices. The beach is a favorite place for family holidays, most visitors are ready to celebrate summer holidays here and entertain children.

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Helpful Tips

A few tips will help you spend your vacation with benefit and comfort, eliminate minor troubles.

  • Since this place is autumn popular, it is better to leave the house early and arrive on the beach no later than 11, otherwise you risk to stay without a place "under the sun".
  • Food and refreshments are better to buy in advance, because the cafe and shop, which are located on the beach, offer them at inflated prices.
  • Do not forget to bring a variety of skin care products and to protect it to protect yourself from exposure to sunlight.
  • Do not stay in the sun for a long time, you can get a sunstroke; be sure to wear a hat.
  • If possible after sun exposure for about half an hour, dip into the water. When in the water, be extremely careful.
  • Do not bathe there, where too much depth.
  • Do not dive into the water in a state of intoxication! Unfortunately, on the territory of some beaches the rescue team does not work and all responsibility for one's own life lies solely with you.

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Follow these simple rules - and you will receive fromYour rest is a maximum of pleasure and will be safe. But do not forget about other people who, like the rest, came to rest. Do not loudly include your music, screaming, littering on the beach, especially leaving glass bottles that are dangerous objects in such a place. Be polite to people, treat them as you want them to treat you. Do not build a fire on the beach and think about the safety of those people who are with you.

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A great place to spend time withtheir close and just friends - "Flagship" (beach). Prices here are relatively small, there is a wide range of services, a large area, a clean beach. In addition, the beach is located near Moscow. If you visit this place once, you will want to come here again and again. Nobody will remain indifferent and will not forget the time spent in nature, near the amazingly beautiful Pirogov reservoir. This once again proves that without going abroad to resorts, you can have a great time at home, relax and gain strength for future work. After all, what we lack today is a time for rest, for knowing ourselves, for spending time with loved ones and loved ones.

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