Circus Nikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard: a diagram of the hall with seats, address, photo and reviews

Circus Nikulin ... On Tsvetnoy Boulevard there is a building in which children's joy knows no boundaries. Exotic animals, funny clowns - one who has ever seen this extravaganza, is unlikely to forget it.

general information

Circus Nikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard
One of the oldest is the circus of Nikulin on Tsvetnoyboulevard. A photo of a man in whose honor he is named hangs in the hall and in his dressing room. The building itself was built over a hundred years ago. It was specially created for the merchant Danilov for Albert Salamonsky, whose tent at the end of the nineteenth century was already very popular. In October 1880, the circus received its first visitors. They say that his first ruble, received from the sale of tickets, Salamon, having inserted into the frame, was hung at the checkout. This is the circus of Nikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, the scheme of the hall with places in which it helps to orient with the purchase of tickets can take up to two thousand spectators. And then, at the end of the nineteenth century, it had only five rows with chairs, two lodges, a mezzanine, secondary places - wooden unnumbered benches - and a gallery for standing visitors. Then this building was rebuilt more than once, additional areas were added and completed. And today, as then, there are laughter and applause from those who come to the circus of Nikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

How to get there

You can reach it by metro. Heading from the center, it is better to sit in the first car, get off at the station with the same name and pass to the right just two hundred meters. For convenience, the metro has many signs that show how to get to the Nikulin Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. The address of this entertaining institution is indicated not only on tickets, but also on posters. It is not difficult to guess that it is located on the same street - Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 13. You can enter the circus in the center of the building, climbing several steps, and the cash desks are located on each side.

Circus Nikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard photo

A bit of history

A lot of pets went from here to differentarenas of the country. This Romanov and Kotov, Kukso and Popov, the head of the "choir" dogs Boussaev ... It is the circus of Nikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard became the place where his talent Leonid Engibarov began to shine. However, the most famous clowns were the students from his second release - Nikulin and Shuidin.

On the arena of this circus were Durovs andLazarenko, Truzzi with the troupe of his well-trained horses, the jumpers Sosiny, dancer Sur ... Equilibrists Koch, acrobats Okeanos, finally, the famous Kio - this list can continue for a long time.

In 1983, Yuri was entrusted with the management of the circusNikulin. In 1985, on his already outdated arena, the last performance took place. It, in the opinion of many, has become a grandiose event for all spectators. And after the old building was demolished, and two years later the first stone in the foundation of the new modern circus was laid on this place. The capsule was even encased. And already in two years on this place the new building has already risen.

And in December 1996, it was decided to rename it "The Circus of Nikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard." After Yuri Vladimirovich was no more, the director and the continuer of ideas is his son Maxim Yurievich.


Circus Nikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard how to get there

Each program that the circus representsNikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard is a unique show that amazes spectators with spectacular effects, a wealth of essential elements and bewitching sound and music accompaniments. Recently, one of the main arenas of the country presented a new presentation. "Royal Circus" - the so-called program consisting of numbers devoted to exotic subjects.

Acrobats participate in them, gymnasts fly under the dome, jigits amaze with tricky tricks, and a girl, on which several dozen hula hoops, will take viewers on a mirror ball to the fairy-tale world.

Lovers of rooms with animals liketrained bears and yaks, peacocks and raccoons, and of course, dogs and pigeons. But the apogee of this new view is the program, the theme of which is the world of the jungle. People and animals - trainers, lions and tigers - in one cage demonstrate not only the fearlessness and will of man, but also the possibility of his joint existence with wild animals.

Incendiary music, costume ballet - allit accompanies each number, creating an unforgettable impression and emotions for the audience - all that is why Muscovites and guests of the capital come to the circus of Nikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

Hall layout

Circus of Nikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard address

In order to navigate with the purchasetickets, it is necessary to clearly present the inner plan of the circus - how the chairs around the arena are arranged. This is especially true for those who are first going to visit it, as well as for those who book tickets online. Their cost depends on the chosen place. For example, the first two rows - chairs directly at the arena - cost three and a half thousand rubles, the third four - three. Armchairs in the amphitheater will cost a thousand rubles, and on both sides of the forging - the output of artists - in four hundred, five hundred and six hundred rubles from the top down, respectively. In total, the circus of Nikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard can simultaneously accommodate up to two thousand people.


Circus artists of Nikulin are laureates orprize-winners of very many International festivals. They are well known in Paris, Budapest, Monte Carlo. The performances of the troupe and its skills were highly appreciated in Japan and Korea, China and France, England and Australia. The circus organizes performances on any scenic stages, traveling not only across Russia, but all over the planet.

Circus Nikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard scheme of the hall with seats

His troupe includes well-known animal trainersBagdasarovs, equilibrists, trained by Alikhanov, aerial gymnasts Volkovy, Aziz Askaryan - head of the show of monkeys, S. Bogdanov with his air show "Heros" and many other talented circus performers.

Booking tickets

Circus ticket offices work daily, without days off, witheleven days until seven in the evening. Booking tickets by phone in the circus is not provided. Those who for some reason can not personally come to the cashier will be conveniently booked on the Internet by filling out a special form on the website. There you can also see the scheme of the hall and get acquainted with the prices.


Circus Nikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard is equipped with everythingIt is necessary that it can be visited by children and adults with disabilities. For such spectators an elevator is provided, to which you can go through the cash register.

Circus Nikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard scheme of the hall

The duration of performances is one hundred and forty minutes fromtaking into account the intermission. Children under six can go with an accompanying adult with one ticket, but they must sit on their laps. If parents want the child to sit separately, they will have to buy a separate place for him at the full price.

In addition to programs in the stationary arena, CircusNikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard gives an idea of ​​two of his own tents. In addition, he organizes performances at any other stage venues. In the list of services offered by circus there is also the possibility of his artists participating in birthdays and merry children's parties, corporate evenings and New Year's performances.


Full house
Those who have at least once seen the performance on the arena onColor Boulevard, unanimously repeat that the feeling of the holiday did not leave them long enough. Bright and unforgettable impressions, laughter and delight of children - all this, combined with the skill of the artists, attracts not only Muscovites but also those who come to the capital to the circus of Nikulin. Especially many positive reviews about the latest program. The show "The Royal Circus", in the view of the audience, is interesting and very original. It does not get boring for a minute. Many people were amazed by the work of the balancer and gymnasts, and the horse "with wings" aroused enthusiasm among the children.

Costumes, from the bright colors of which it is simply impossible to tear off the eye, bewitching music, light show - you can watch for hours, as evidenced by the reviews.

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