Attractions of Karlovy Vary will charm every traveler

The Czech Republic is famous for its stunninglandscapes, mesmerizing and mysterious forests. The most popular city, of course, are Karlovy Vary. In fact, this is a small area with a population of about 52 thousand people. But, despite this, there is much to see in the place. Attractions of Karlovy Vary come to people from all over the world. Hot springs, galleries, towers, castles, museums - all this can be admired in the city.

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All known Karlovy Vary,whose attractions are immense and unique, are famous for their medical factors. Very often people who have problems with the stomach, liver, intestines and metabolism, come to the spa city to improve their health in special outpatient clinics, sanatoriums, drinking galleries, boarding houses and balneal hospitals. But the main attractions of Karlovy Vary, for which it is worth to come to the Czech Republic, are Loket Castle, Karlovy Vary Colonnade, art gallery and others. Fortunately, the transport system is very well developed in the city, and if you do it yourself, no problems should arise.

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Let's start with the main attractionKarlovy Vary. Loket is a stunning stone castle, built in the Middle Ages and located on the banks of the river Orzhi. Its name was derived from the pond that flows near its base and resembles a human hand. In the past, this was very beneficial for the residents of Loket, as well rescued from "unexpected" guests and all sorts of attacks. In the old days, he was called "the key to the Czech kingdom." Of course, after so much time we see the reconstructed building, but it is as beautiful as it was many years ago. Everyone has the opportunity to go inside and admire the exhibition of porcelain, a book cover, and going down to the basement, look at the gloomy torture chamber and prison.

Places of interest in Karlovy Varydiscuss a long time, we'll talk briefly about each of them. For example, the Karlovy Vary colonnades are famous for their mineral springs. They help protect medicinal waters from pollution and precipitation. The columns spanned 152 meters, thus protecting five sources. Certainly worth a visit to the gallery of the arts, which has been operating since 1953. Today, there you can find both contemporary works of Czech artists, as well as paintings written centuries ago. Connoisseurs of art will be satisfied with their excursion. One of the most beautiful towers of the city is Zamkovaya. Previously, it represented an ancient castle, which was built in 1358. A few decades later, it burned down, and in place of the ruins built a tower, which can be seen in our days.

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Visit the wonderful old Czech townKarlovy Vary. Attractions (photos confirm this) fascinate you at first sight. Plan your excursion in advance, so as not to miss anything interesting. Then you will definitely stay with good memories, colorful pictures and vivid impressions for a whole year.

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