Station "Lermontovsky Prospekt". Metro stepped behind MKAD

The station "Lermontovsky Prospekt" took the firstpassengers in the fall of 2013. It came into operation as part of the launch site on the stretch between Zhulebino and Vykhino. For residents of remote areas located in the southeast of the capital, this event was long awaited. The great distance from the center and the apparent mismatch of the public transport infrastructure to the required level greatly complicated the lives of the inhabitants of the vast residential areas on the Moscow outskirts. The station "Lermontovsky Prospekt" is located outside the ring road. In other words, the metro stepped confidently beyond the traditional boundaries of the city and made remote areas of the "castle backwater" part of Moscow. This opens up new prospects for the development of the entire southeast of the capital.

station Lermontovsky avenue

Lermontovsky Prospect metro station: architectural features

The discovery of such an important area for the whole life of the regiontransport communication was expected for a long time and was postponed several times, but today the construction of this radius is already continuing further, in the direction of the region. In a constructive way, the station "Lermontovskiy Prospekt" is a single-vaulted shallow space. The dominant architectural style can be called constructivist minimalism. The interior space is devoid of any excesses, which provides easy access to trains and unhindered access to the city. Decorative interior decoration is present only in the upper part of the arch and on the side platform panels.

metro station Lermontovsky avenue
Exit to the city is carried out on LermontovskyProspect and Khvalynsky Boulevard. With the arrival of the metro line in this area, it has become much more attractive both for investors and for home buyers. Already the very opening of the station "Lermontovsky Prospekt" significantly increased the capitalization of residential real estate objects, which turned out to be in its immediate vicinity. In the area Vykhino-Zhulebino significantly increased housing construction. Realtor structures note an increased interest in the area where the Lermontovsky Prospect station is located. Currently, several large residential complexes are in the design and erection stage. The opening of a new metro station in the most positive way affected the business activity in the area.
opening of the station Lermontovsky Avenue

Prospects for the development of the transport system of the southeast

In the near future, the station "LermontovskyProspect "should become a transfer junction after the commissioning of the new Kozhukhovskaya Line, the design process which lasted a long time and finally was successfully completed. At the moment it is being actively built .The line should enter into operation after 2015. This will be still one main line connecting the city center with the areas of the east and southeast.The starting line of the Kozhukhovskaya line includes nine stations and eight distances between them - from "Aviamotornaya" to "Nekrasovskaya." Kosino station should become the first interchange station of the metro, located behind the Moscow ring road.

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