Hersones (Greece): holidays all year round

On the coast of the Aegean Sea, 30 kilometers toEast of Heraklion, is one of the most popular places on the north-eastern coast of Crete - Chersonesos (Greece). To reach this settlement is not difficult, as the new National Road passes through the city, which opened the way for numerous shuttle buses. With the help of them you can get to any city of the island. The nearest airport is located in the city of Heraklion, from where the shuttle buses run to Chersonese, deliver arriving tourists only 30 minutes before the destination.

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Chersonese (Greece) is famous for its chichotels, boutiques, souvenir shops, nightclubs, bars and discos, picturesque taverns and restaurants, which are decorated in a traditional Greek style. There is a small water park in the city, there is a mini golf course. But the main attraction of the city are its beaches. After all, when it is mentioned about Crete, first of all it is a question of beach rest.

A characteristic feature of the island isa variety of landscapes. Here the sandy beaches are literally changed in ten minutes to pebbly or stony beaches. Chersonese (Greece) is no exception. One of the most popular beaches is Star Beach. It is wide enough and well equipped. Here you will find everything you need for a wonderful holiday. There are many nice stony beaches. However, the stone here is so smoothly turned over with water that you can not cut your legs, so you can not buy special shoes.

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In addition to beautiful beaches, Greece (the city of Chersonese)has other attractions, albeit in small numbers. Having a rest in the given settlement, it is recommended to visit an aquarium which will bring a lot of impressions. During a walk around the city, look in the museum Lichnostasis. Another interesting place, worthy of attention, is located near Chersonese - Samaria gorge. In addition, during the holiday offers all sorts of sightseeing trips to cities such as Ayios Nikolaos, Heraklion or Malia.

Fans of outdoor activities are also beautifulrest, choosing for this country such as Greece. Crete, Chersonese in particular, is the center of fun. Life boils here not only during the day, but also at night. All shops without exception, supermarkets and cafes are open until midnight. As for restaurants, most of them close only in the morning. Central street is a favorite place for shoppers. The most popular are two supermarkets: "SELECT" and "SPAR". The first is located very close to the beach of Star Beach.

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Chersonese (Greece) is famous for its hugenumber of car and motorcycle rental points. A vehicle is the best way to view the maximum number of different interesting places, monuments and structures. Especially popular among tourists are quad bikes.

And in conclusion a little about the weather. On the island of Crete, 340 days a year, the sun shines warm and affectionate, and the air temperature averages 30 to 33 degrees Celsius. That's why you can relax here at any time of the year.

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