Features of Metro Planernaya

Metro Planernaya - stationTagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line of the Moscow Metro. For the time being, it is considered the ultimate, but in the future everything can change, as Moscow is continuously expanding, the scope of construction work is huge, our government is concentrating all its efforts on improving transport lines both on the ground and under it. And what will be its scale, for example, in thirty years, can only guess. This station is located in the North-Western administrative district, namely in the Northern Tushino district. For passengers it opened on December 30, 1975. At that time the country was headed by LI. Brezhnev, and the Soviet Union still had no problems. Then they could not even imagine that in some twenty years the USSR would fall apart.

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The architect of this station is ML Trenin.The Engineer-Designer was Tatyana Zharova. At the metro station Planernaya is located a total of twenty-six columns, evenly divided into two rows. The step of the columns is 6 meters. The name Planernaya metro was received from the street of the same name, under which the station is located, and the Planernaya street received its name from the Central Aero Club of the USSR. The club has a respectable age - it was opened in 1935, and now it is called the National Aeroclub named after Chkalov. They are engaged in gliding.

For a long time there were arguments about the pronunciationthe name (according to all the rules of the Russian language the station was to be called the Planernaya - from the word glider), but in the end, since the street is called Planernaya, then the metro station was named the same way. Planernaya station is located at a very small depth - only six meters - and belongs to a group of stations with a small deposit. Has one platform.

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If you leave the city from Planernaya metro station, you can get to Planernaya Street, the streets of Heroes-Panfilovites, Vitsis Latsis, Fomicheva and Svoboda.

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The entrance to the station has an oval shape.The stylistic decoration of the room uses natural materials, mainly light marble with a shade of ivory. The travel walls of the Planernaya metro station are decorated with beautiful geometric patterns that resemble the Penrose mosaic made of multi-colored marble. Columns located on both sides of the hall are decorated with white marble, and the floor is covered with absolutely black granite. This sharp contrast of white and black looks very impressive, because from time immemorial the combination of these two colors is considered one of the most stylish and belongs to the category of classical combinations. Thanks to this simple but elegant design, Planernaya metro station is original and interesting.

Planernaya is a very beautiful station in Moscowsubway, which was opened almost thirty-eight years ago and has never changed the name, although in 1992 it was renamed the Metro Brattsevo. Until now, the station looks very good, here nothing shows the traces of an old building. I visit there infrequently, but I remember how last year I had to visit this region, and when I saw this station for the first time, I was struck by the beauty and simplicity of Planernaya.

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