Where to go for the weekend?

Finally, the hard working week came to an end, andbefore many there is a question about where to go on the weekend. I will say at once, you will not find a universal answer to it. The answer will depend on many factors: marital status, the availability of children and, of course, financial opportunities. In this case, each will have its own nuances and problems.

Those who have not yet found their second half, nothas children and has a solid reserve of cash resources, periodically faces the problem of choosing where to go on the weekend. Others should take into account the opinion of the wife (husband) and even children. Probably the easiest way in this situation is for the owners of summer cottages. They do not have such a question at all. If the weekend, then - at the cottage. The earth will not wait. It should be taken care of. Well, the rest should consider the following options:

  1. Go to the recreation center. You can go with family, friends, colleagues or a loved one. The option is suitable in all cases. This is a great opportunity to breathe fresh air, eat shish kebab, chat with nice people, in a word - get a lot of positive emotions. This option is perfect for those who do not know where to go on a weekend from Moscow. In such a voyage you will feel the difference between Moscow air and air at the recreation center where you will come. An additional, no less important factor, is the cost of such a holiday. Perhaps everyone will be able to afford it without exception. The reserve of positive emotions is enough for a very long time.
  2. Do you like hunting or fishing? Weekends are the best time for this type of holiday. The main thing to clarify, what kinds of hunting and fishing are allowed in this period of time, what not to get into an embarrassing situation.
  3. On weekends, you can go to someoneguests, for example, to parents if you live separately. You can visit distant relatives. So you and kinship ties strengthen, and the situation change. Just call in advance, otherwise it's not for nothing that they say that an uninvited guest is worse than a Tatar.
  4. You can arrange a meeting of old friends insome cafe. There are many options: a meeting of former classmates, classmates and so on. The choice is yours. The main thing is to meet someone and, if possible, in another city. I think it will be interesting for you to visit your school friend, who now lives in a neighboring city. During such meetings, time flies by unnoticed.
  5. Where to go for the weekend? Of course, it is worth paying attention to sightseeing tours. If you have the necessary documents (passports and visas), you can go to a two-day tour abroad. This is especially true in winter, when cold frosts are cracking at home, and you are going to meet the sun and heat. For such a holiday it is worthwhile to prepare a certain monetary resource, especially if you decide to spend time very actively. Well, if there are no such documents, then where to go without a visa? You can ride around Russia. I assure you there will be a large number of places where you have not been. You will learn more about the history of your homeland, about its traditions and rituals. If you want, you can go to Belarus. And the country is different, and there is no need for a visa. There are a lot of interesting places: Minsk, Brest, Polotsk, Disna and other Belarusian cities will tell you a lot of interesting things and show a lot of historical and cultural places. You can buy interesting souvenirs for memory.

It is possible to continue indefinitely the list of places whereto go on the weekend. In any case, the choice will remain yours. The main thing is to decide how you would like to spend this period of time (actively, passively, in the circle of friends or alone), and there is a suitable option, it will allow you to have a great rest and gain strength for the upcoming week.

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