Pavlovsk park near St. Petersburg

In Pavlovsk - known from the history textbooka suburb of St. Petersburg - is an old landscape park. It is a historical, cultural and landscape-architectural reserve, gradually formed on this land for more than two centuries. Park in Pavlovsk - a characteristic monument of Russian classicism in the field of landscape gardening landscape.

Pavlovsk park

Pavlovsk Park (St. Petersburg). Brief history of its creation

The date of foundation of the park should be considered the spring of 1778of the year. According to the original plan, here was to be located suburban residence of the heir to the throne of Pavel Petrovich, the future Russian Emperor Paul the First. Surrounding the residence was a small regular park. In his arrangement took an active part the wife of the heir Maria Fyodorovna. It is her taste and the future Pavlovsk park is bound by its layout. And the requests of the owners of Pavlovsky (this is the place in the historical documents of the time) were focused on the best achievements in the field of landscape design that could be observed in Europe of the eighteenth century. All monarchic dynasties in Europe of that era paid close attention to landscape art. After the construction began, the creative fantasy of the heir and his wife was played out, and the Pavlovsk park was significantly expanded. Maria Fedorovna supervised the work of the architects, and everything developed according to her will. Heir to the throne preferred to live in Gatchina, so in 1788 he transferred Pavlovskoye to the undivided possession of his wife.

Pavlovsk Park St. Petersburg
After the murder of Paul the First and the accession to the throneThe new emperor Maria Fyodorovna moved to Pavlovskaya definitively. She invested all the energy and energy in the development and arrangement of her yard and the park around it. For this, the best European artists and architects were involved. And the palace and park ensemble entered the epoch of its heyday. For a long time after the death of the Empress Dowager Pavlovsk park attracted attention and was the place where the court public loved to spend time. But gradually interest in him began to fade, and Pavlovsk began to come to desolation. A difficult for this aristocratic suburb of the capital was the Soviet period of history. After the revolution, museum funds were subjected to uncontrolled squandering. But the park suffered most severely during the siege of Leningrad. Pavlovsk was in the zone of German occupation. Many values ​​were looted by the fascists. But Pavlovsky Park and the palace were restored in the postwar period. Although the destruction was catastrophic.
Pavlovsk park operating mode

Pavlovsk park. Operating mode

Today the park has been restored in its original form andAvailable for visitors from 10 am to 6 pm. From May to October, the entrance fee is paid, from November - paid only on weekends. The ticket costs 150 rubles for adults and 80 rubles for children. There is an extensive system of discounts and benefits. On Friday and the first Monday of each month Pavlovsk Park is closed to visitors.

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