Metro "Dmitrovskaya" - an important transport hub of the capital

Moscow ... Metro "Dmitrovskaya" ... Honestly, notYou can often meet the guests of the capital, who visited this station for the purpose of visiting local sights. The thing is that this is not the most popular tourist destination, and the object is more used as a successful transport interchange for local residents and residents of the suburbs.

Section 1. Metro «Dmitrovskaya». General information and history

Metro Dmitrovskaya
Located between the "Savelovskaya" and"Timiryazevskaya", metro station "Dmitrovskaya" is considered an important point Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya line of the Moscow metro. It has been working properly since March 1991.

The architects of the building were two well-known masters - RI Pogrebnoi, VZ Filippov, but two women, N. Korneev and TB Protserova, acted as engineers-designers.

The name of the metro station "Dmitrievskaya" station was received in honor of the immediately located highway of the same name.

Passenger traffic is increasing from year to year, and if in 1999 there were about 38 thousand people daily in 2012, there are already about 43 thousand people in 2012,

Section 2. Metro «Dmitrovskaya». How it looks from the inside

metro station Dmitrovskaya

All interior design is dedicated to one of thethe main themes - the defense of Moscow in 1941. That is why the decor predominantly red color. By the decision of the architect, the platform was laid out with granite of red and black colors during the construction, but the road walls and pylons were decorated with marble of saturated scarlet color. If you approach the escalators and look up, you can not help noticing several cast bas-reliefs of the author F.D. Thebes. All of them are dedicated to the heroic and valiant defense of the capital.

According to the technical characteristics of the metro, "Dmitrovskaya" is considered to be a deep-seated facility. The station was built at a depth of 59 meters.

It is impossible not to note the fact that not all pylonsthe station is currently open. Why? Several versions are proposed at once, the most plausible is connected with the fact that in the immediate vicinity of the station there is a rather complicated geological situation, so further construction is impossible. However, there is another opinion - during the construction of the "Dmitrovskaya" administration simply did not have enough money to purchase the right amount of special fasteners.

The facility does not have ground vestibules at all. None. And the exit to the city is carried out only through underground passages.

Section 3. Metro "Dmitrovskaya". What to see in the vicinity

Moscow metro Dmitrovskaya

Going to the surface, you can find yourself onDmitrov highway or on the platform with the same name, with which suburban electric trains run to Volokolamsk, Dedovsk, Rumyantsevo and Nakhabino, as well as to two stations - Shakhovskaya and Novojerusalimskaya.

Well-known metropolitan attractionsthere is not, however, the area still enjoys great popularity. In the hot summer days, the local park attracts crowds of tourists. Here you can stroll along the shady avenues, quietly read the book, hiding from prying eyes on one of the secluded benches, or refresh yourself by bathing on the beach of the Great Garden Pond.

In his spare time, music lovers will be able to visit the nearby National Theater of Music and Song called "The Golden Ring".

And although there are no large entertainment centers near by, resting, you can wander through a huge number of various shops, refresh yourself or eat tightly in restaurants or bars.

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