Bitsevsky Park: the charm of the forest fairy tale

Bitsevsky Park (forest, forest park) is a well-knownThe territory in the south-west of Moscow, occupying more than 2,200 hectares. The specially protected zone was established in 1992, and the initiators of the reserve organization were inhabitants of the neighborhoods located in the territory of Chertanovo, Zyuzino, Konkovo, etc.

bitsevsky park
The territory that Bitsevsky currently occupiesPark, known to historians and archaeologists since ancient times. In the local forests lived the Finno-Ugric tribes, a little later - Vyatichi, and after them the first villages appeared around the forest on the Bitza River.

Bitsevsky Park: sad notoriety

Unfortunately, the park became widely known to residentsRussia is not so much its archaeological and natural monuments, as the crimes of the Bebitz maniac. Alexander Pichushkin - serial killer and maniac - ruined fifty-one lives. And this is only proven facts.

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Impressed with "exploits" Chikatilo, the murderer decidedto surpass it in "effectiveness". He kept a strict record of his victims: after each murder, he stuck another cage of a special chessboard. He wrote down the names of the dead, led "firing" accounts. At the trial, the murderer declared: he regrets that he did not close all the cells of the chessboard. Moreover, he planned to buy another and continue his crimes. In the days of the serial maniac, Bitsevsky Park, which is the second largest green zone in Moscow, was almost empty: the inhabitants were simply afraid to appear there. However, today the park has again become a popular place for walking, picnics and romantic dates. This is not surprising: the forest zone has a very complex and beautiful landscape. There are rivers, rivers, ringing brooks, almost bottomless ravines and shallow beams, historical burial mounds.

History lovers are attracted by luxurygarden and palace ensembles and complexes, ancient noble estates, other historical monuments. In the park you can have a great time, be alone with nature or imagine yourself the owner of a magnificent old manor. The Bitsevsky park is interesting not only to inhabitants of vicinities: it has great value for nature protection activity.

Moscow. Bitsevsky Park: the objectives of a forest park reserve

Forest park area - a place that carries the most important environmental protection load. His tasks are as follows:

moskva bitsevsky park

  • Protection and monitoring of natural environment, flora and fauna.
  • Preservation of the natural landscape and climate.
  • Development of new methods of environmental protection and their implementation.
  • Ecological education of the population.
  • Restoration of ecological balance and leveling of harmful influences caused by human activity.

To date, the forest park has 13monuments of nature, more than 500 plant species (among which only mosses are more than 75 species). Lilies of the valley and orchids, orchis and a bathing-place, a bathing-place and lichens are all a beautiful Bitsevsky park. The map of the territory shows the habitats of 33 species of mammals, 78 species of birds, many amphibians and reptiles. There are no more crimes in the park: the authorities created all conditions for safe and pleasant rest of citizens.

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